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PRICE:  $18.99 Sale $13.59



There are all the basic feature you would look for in a gaming mouse and for the price it doesn’t disappoint. Advance energy saving chip which puts the mouse in sleep mode and wakes up when a button is clicked on the mouse. There is a three mode power switch, on, off and on with led lights. The mouse is very quite during use and you can almost here nothing when you click the buttons. The ZhiZhu ET x-08 allows the user to switch between 5 DPI settings(800,1200,1600, 200,2400) with a maximun DPI of 2400.The mouse needs no drivers, it’s plug and play ready to use right out the box. The wireless 2.4g technology has a distance of up 30 feet and the mouse is compatible with up 8 operation systems. There are seven non-programmable buttons, right click, left click, scroll wheel, up DPI, Down DPI, side back and forward buttons.



This mouse has proven itself ever since I purchased it about 5 months ago, it arrived in a pretty cool case and I was able to start using the mouse straight out the box. It takes two AA batteries and once I plugs the wireless dongle into my laptop it was detected right away.

The mouse was responsive and fast. I was able to switch through the DPI setting by clicking the up arrow or down arrow buttons on the center of the mouse. The Zhi Zhu has a matte finish which made the mouse feel secure and the ergonomic design snug fit in my hand.

There is no software so you can program the buttons or the LEDS which makes this gaming mouse simple at best but sometimes all we need is simplicity. It has three different power modes on, off and on/LEDS which allows you to have the mouse of with the cool LEDS. If I didn’t touch the mouse in about 10 minutes or so the power would enter sleep more to preserve battery life and when I click the left button it would instantly awake.


Overall the Zhi Zhu X08 is made of decent quality, has a very appealing design and has all the basic buttons you would look for in a affordable gaming mouse. The mouse is very simple and basic but for the price tag it gives you more bang for your buck. If your like me and looking for something other then a standard mouse for your laptop take a look at the cheap gaming mouse Zhi Zhu x08.