For a while, I was afraid that Nintendo was nearing its end and was going to end up losing the console wars just like our beloved Sega. I am sure many other people shared this fear during Wii U’s beginning was released and wasn’t sure if Nintendo would continue to be around in the future of home console gaming. Nintendo has always been successful in the handheld market and in my opinion, the DS was the only thing keeping Mario from being released on multiple systems.

Nintendo Wii U ConsoleNow the Wii U had a great concept with the tablet controller if your boyfriend, girlfriend or child wanted to watch tv you could still play your Wii U via the tablet controller and there were games that utilized the controller for certain task such as shooting in Zombie U but the controller was limited to the confines of your home.  Now the Wii U ultimately failed due to the lack of third-party titles and even when third-party titles such as Watch Dog released on the Wii U it was months after its competitors. The system was also underpowered at release compared to it competitors and kind of sealed it faith. I, unfortunately, didn’t own the Wii U and would still like to purchase one in 2018 but it is the very reason why I was afraid that Nintendo would meet its end!

Nintendo SwitchBut Wait Nintendo Is Still In The Game?

When Nintendo announced that the Nintendo Nx they have been working on since October 2016 was going to be the Nintendo Switch and it was going to be a home console you could take on the go I made a video on the We Deem Channel stated I believe this was what the Wii U should have been. Nintendo has the technology and concept starring them in the face the whole time. The Nintendo Switch was a tablet base console that could be inserted into a dock and played on an HD tv. If you’re in the middle of a game and have to leave for whatever reason you now have the option to take your Nintendo console from its dock to continue gaming wherever you’re at.

Most people thought Nintendo was out of its mind and the Nintendo Switch was going to be another failure. I myself loved the concept and thought this was just what Nintendo needed to get themselves back in the game! Even boggy2988 ranted about it just being a tablet at first and RGT 85 also had concerned before the console was release but later changed his mind. Needless to say most people with any issues or no faith in what the switch will become had there mind blown when the Nintendo Switch was released and the year of 2017 was an amazing year for Nintendo’s new console that ultimate in my opinion single-handedly save Nintendo!

Nintendo Switch in 2017

Nintendo released the Switch on March 3, 2017, and within the first month, the console sold 3 million units. In 2017 Nintendo sold 10 million Nintendo Switch consoles in under a year which outsold the entire sales of the Wii U and at this point, it makes the Switch the fastest selling console in Nintendo’s history. Now, these sales have been said to be due to two main games on the System which are Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey. Now we all remember Breath of the Wild was on the Wii U but most people such as myself never got to play the game because we didn’t own a Wii U and mostly because the Wii U was, unfortunately, a failure.

Last year we saw plenty from Nintendo without any real warning and have been surprised many times out of left field as we seen with their introduction to Labo. There have been many great ports such as Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (new characters, new tracks, dlc included and a battle mode), Doom (an amazing port from panic button which includes all the DLC), Skyrim, Resident Evil Revelations Collection (unfortunately Revelation 1 is physical & 2 is digital), Rime, Ittle Dew 2, Splatoon 2, Pokken Tournament DX, PayDay 2, Sonic Forces, Dragon Quest Builders and many others great ports.

The Nintendo also release some new games for the Nintendo Switch such Mario + Rabbits Kingdom Battle which is a tactical turn-based adventure game and Mario Odyssey a fantastic open world Mario game which was one of two games that sold the Switch in 2017. Let’s not forget the Nintendo eShop which in 2017 there were over 200 games alone released in digital.

Nintendo Switch & GamesThe Nintendo Switch in 2018

As we can see 2017 was a successful year for the Nintendo Switch and there were plenty of reasons why you should have picked one up. For someone just learning about the Nintendo Switch or someone who is still on the fence about purchasing the Switch, you might find yourself wondering what is in store for 2018. Well, three months in and there has already been some great releases.

Just to name a few your had Bayonetta, Bayonetta , Rocket League Collector’s Edition, Portal Knights, Wonder Boy: The Dragons Trap which was also a Limited Run Release on the PlayStation 4, The Longest Five Minutes, Lumo which has been released for the PS Vita as well as PS 4, Sine Mora Ex which is an amazing Shmup, and many other great game options release to the Nintendo eShop.

Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games in 2018

There have already been some great games released for the Nintendo Switch which make really good reasons to get on Amazon or run out to your local retailer a pick-up a Switch. 2018 has been already perceived as going to be an even better year for Nintendo new console and Nintendo has made predictions that they will sell 20 million units this year.

There is a long list of great games coming out for the switch which I myself have pre-ordered through Amazon Prime and look forward to diving into the great gameplay they offer. Games Such as Kirby Star Allies which I have played the demo and absolutely love. Games like Kirby Star Allies instantly bring me back to my childhood and feed my passion for retro video games. Hyrule Warriors and Donkey Kong freeze releasing in May. Other Games coming to the switch are Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, Penny Punching Prince, Blade Stranger, Wolfenstein 2, Ys VIII which is a great RPG series you should remember from the Turbo Grafx era, Dark Souls Remastered and the one game I am really looking forward to is Metro Prime 4 which has yet to get a release date!

Nintendo Switch& Joy-consWhy Should I Own a Nintendo Switch?

Well, I think the reasons are pretty obvious but let’s sum up what we have discovered about the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid system that can be played on a home HD tv but when released from its dock it becomes portable and you can continue your game on the go which means the gaming never stops. If that wasn’t a good enough reason alone to own a Nintendo Switch, the game releases alone should be a good selling point and there are some great A titles finally on a Nintendo console. Playing the amazing first-person shooter Doom on the go, Wolfenstein 2, Pay Day, and open world Skyrim. Let’s not forget Nintendo Exclusives such as Mario Odyssey, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze which most of us didn’t get to play because we didn’t own a Wii U. At this point, I am left with one question You Don’t Have A Nintendo Switch Yet?


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I’ve always felt like Nintendo makes ‘kiddie’ game consoles (such as the Wii). What separates the Nintendo Switch from being one of those consoles? I’ve seen it in places like Fry’s Electronics but never got around to actually playing around on one (I’m a PC gamer anyways).

Thanks for your response!

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Nintendo has always been geared toward kids, I myself have always enjoyed that but Nintendo is working hard to step-up there game and have release titles you would only see on the Xbox or PlayStation. Big A rated titles like Doom, Skyrim (although this is one of those title far better on the PC), La Noire, and Wolfenstein 2!

I find myself to be both, there are games I like playing on console and others that I prefer on PC. Pc gaming opens up a completely different world when it comes to gaming and there are so many benefits to pc gaming that you don’t get with console gaming.


This is amazing Sal. I never even knew there was a new Nintendo Console or that is was even that popular. I must be getting old. lol. I had heard something about a new Zelda though I didn’t know it had a console attached. I can’t really find it but you may have listed it but how much is the console anyway?

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

The review is coming soon… However, the Nintendo Switch has a retail price of $299 but here and there you can find sales and deals to get the system cheaper! I’m not getting any younger myself, five more years and I’m 40!

Tony Spagnolia

I grew up with the super Nintendo so I have always been a huge fan. I had every system up until the Wii U which I decided to skip due to the lack of games and overall awkward controller. I do want the Switch just got Zelda and Mario Odyssey alone but have been waiting for the price to come down from $299. When do you think the system will have a sale?

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I skipped the Wii U too that what I loved the fact that they are porting games from it’s library to the switch. Not sure when there will be a Nintendo Switch sale due to the fact it is selling very well and Nintendo doesn’t have to convince anyone to buy it. However, if you keep an eye on ebay or amazon they every once and awhile who there own sales which you can apply to the Switch.

Either way definitely a must have… If interested check out my video on the accessories I have for the nintendo switch, might be of interested to a future switch owner! 


When I hear the name Nintendo, I think of those nostalgic days. The days I owned the hand held donkey kong and played Mario in the arcades.

I am satisfied with Xbox and I had a good run playing God of War on PlayStation. But I am really in need of one these Nintendo Switch consoles.

I believe that some games have multiplayer modes, which allows another person to join you at anytime! Is this right?

I made a pact this year, for birthday in August, I am shopping one if these.

Awesome post.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

The Nintendo Switch does have the capability for multiplayer in games such Doom, Splatoon 2, Mario Kart and Super Bomber Man R. Great System and I think most will definitely be entertained for hours!


Great review you have made. I’m still thinking about if I should buy a Nintendo switch for my kids. They do have a PlayStation today and it’s being used a lot.
Anyway, with a Nintendo switch, we could bring that one with us when we are on the move, like driving long distance or sailing with our boat (they always get bored after a couple of hours on the sea…)

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

The Nintendo Switch is perfect for that… It is the best of both works, Nintendo Home Console and a portable handheld. The gaming never has to stop because you left the house!


The nintendo switch is really what the Wii U should have been. I agree with you in that the Wii U was a great concept, it was just implemented wrong. Nintendo has really redeemed themselves with the switch and also the promise of better games coming out. I think the jury is still out though on the whether nintendo will lose the console battle or not. Even with this most recent success, they are still behind in the market when compared to other major players.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

That is true they are behind the market but I think they are going to corner a different market… Nintendo can’t compete with PS4 or Xbox One but I don’t think they set out to. What does the Nintendo Switch do that the others don’t? The gaming doesn’t have to stop because you had to leave your house, why not take your console games on the go and that I think will keep Nintendo successful!


Personally, I prefer playing xbox one but I would probably consider buying one just so I could play Mario and Zelda games that and the fact that is a portable console as well which is pretty cool all in itself, in my opinion, it’s like a bigger version of the PlayStation portable. Thanks for commenting and have a good night.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

it is like a PlayStation portable, I will agree there… Only it will not be murdered and the console has been successful so far!

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