Xbox 360 Wired ControllerWe are in the Year 2018 and the Xbox 360 controller is still relevant to today. The design is widely emulated and the Xbox One controller is built upon its success. The 360 controller has a really comfortable ergonomic design, the buttons are layout just right, the analog sticks are in just the right spot and the controller overall conforms to your hands. When I was writing “Gaming Controllers Under $30 That Don’t Suck” and “Top Five Gaming Controllers Under $60” naturally the Microsoft Xbox 360 controller was going to make the list. I decided to make the Xbox 360 wired controller an honorable mentions on the under $60 list and it made the list of controllers under $30 that don’t suck. Let’s take a look at the Xbox 360 wired controller and why it is still relevant in the Year 2018.

Xbox 360 Design & Build Quality

The Xbox 360 whether wireless or wired has always be made of a great quality plastic especially if you have a Microsoft branded controller and the buttons have a quality construction. The 360 wired controller has one of the best ergonomic designs ever made and it is one of the reasons it is the most emulated controller out there. The controller’s design just feels comfortable and forces your fingers into the right position for a long gaming section.


The Xbox 360 wired controller features a USB cord which varies in length depending on the manufacturer and allows you to use the controller on your Xbox 360 or Windows Pc. The controller has four actions buttons which have become the standard to PC and home console gaming controllers. It has a standard D-pad, two analog sticks which I prefer their position on the controller more than where the PlayStation analog sticks are, there is a start, select which are standard, two bumper and trigger buttons.

The Year 2018 And The Xbox 360 Controller Still Holds Strong!

In the year 2018, the Xbox 360 controller is still relevant and you ask WHY? Well, the Xbox 360 controller hands done has the best ergonomic design and it just still works well will modern as well as retro gaming. The Xbox 360 controller is comfortable and just games well. The only controller that beats it is the Xbox One controller and that essentially is an Xbox 360 controller redesigned.

Final Thoughts

If you find yourself looking for a controller for PC gaming and you are on a strict budget I would look at the wire Xbox 360 controller. The 360 wired controller has a great ergonomic design, its comfortable during long gaming sections, the controller is made of a great quality plastic and has stood the test of time. In the year 2018, it is still the best gaming controller for modern Pc or console gaming and can even be utilized in our beloved retro videos games.

Keep in mind that the Microsoft branded controller still goes for $49.99 brand new but if you look for a third party Xbox 360 controller such as AfterGlow you can definitely get it for under $30!