The Nintendo Switch has sold more than 52 million units in just over three years, but you might have notice ever since the Covid-19 pandemic started it is getting harder and harder to find a Nintendo Switch at the standard $299 retail pricetag.

During the virus pandemic Nintendo has had a hard time sourcing parts from Malaysia which in return has made it a challenge for them to keep up with production and this is why you are seeing the console sold out no matter where you turn.

There are empty shelves at Target, Best Buy and Walmart. With every bad situation comes the scalpers and scalpers are charging twice the asking price on online shopping retailers such as ebay as well as Amazon.

I must have got lucky when I got my girlfriend’s Nintendo Switch lite from Target because we are experience shortages there as well!

It’s the Snes Classic All Over Again!

This is exactly what happen with the Snes Classic and the Nes Classic. Scalpers took advantage of the classic console’s limited supply and lack of production. The prices for the Snes Classic were about triple the original retail price and sometime even four times those prices.

On eBay the Nintendo Switch has been going for sometimes double the retail $299 retail price, currently I found one for $200 over asking price and for some people that might not be such a big deal but for others who don’t wants to pay that much over retail it’s not an option.


What’s The Reason For The Shortage & Price Hike?

Well we are all aware of the current situation with the Covid-19 virus and most places around the world are either shutdown completely or business is extremely scaled back all around the world. Nintendo apparently sources parts from Malasia and production is down there because of the virus.

Even though, Nintendo is still producing Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite consoles they are sold out in most major retailers but why is that? It seems that there are a large amount of Nintendo Switches online but at large price hikes and this is because of a bot.

What is a bot?

For those who might not be familiar with a bot it is a program which is designed to automate a certain task such as watch the online market and purchase Nintendo Switches as soon as they are back in stock. This is exactly what is happening, scalpers are using a bot that keeps on eye out and purchase a bunch of Nintendo Switches as soon as they hit the online market.

When Will Nintendo Produce More Nintendo Switch Systems?

Now Nintendo has made a Statement last month claiming that more systems are on the way but the question is when? Here’s what Nintendo has to say: “Nintendo Switch hardware is selling out at various retail locations in the US, but more systems are on the way. We Apologize for any inconvenience.”

Now there is an expected restock date of as soon as next month and apparently as soon as the switch returns to shelves it’s is said to be in greater numbers than ever before. Nintendo is talking numbers as large as 22 million Nintendo Switch Systems which would include the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. Of course this projection isn’t written in stone but I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Where To Buy The Nintendo Switch?

Well that is the question on most Nintendo Switch seekers in the present time and currently as of today I have found certain places to pick up a Nintendo Switch. Now most of the listing items are for a Nintendo Switch Lite so if you are in the market for the portable only version this is great Nintendo Switch News for you!





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It sucks that during a time when a console like the Nintendo Switch would come very in handy, you cannot get one.

I was thinking of purchasing a switch for a long time now and it was because of the lock down that I finally decided to go and purchase the console. It is pity I couldn’t get my hands on one for an affordable price. Hopefully next month like they said.

Thanks for the information! It answered a lot of questions.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I purchased the Nintendo Switch for my Girlfriend right when target got some in stock online and I am happy I did. the Nintendo Switch has helped here with anxiety and stress of being home. She plays here Nintendo Switch lite a lot and it calms here down so for anyone who judges adults for playing video games I tell them it obviously has a purpose in an adults life.


Very interesting knowing how in a pandemic that people claim to have no money, they still find a way to purchase what they want. My little cousin has had his for the last year and a half and it’s been a current distraction for him during this whole situation. It’s important to keep our minds busy because otherwise our mental health might deteriorate and we don’t want that. If we have the money and opportunity to purchase something that will bring us happiness than why not aim for it? Also, the one you found on eBay was completely new or was it used?

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I agree… The said a lot of people were saving their stimulus and not stimulating the economy but I don’t see where they are getting their numbers because for the longest my FedEx truck was stuffed and I was leaving out with 230 to 250 stops. It was worse then the holiday season….

Either way, the ebay listing I found were mainly new but there were some used!


so this is the reason why I couldn’t find the Nintendo switch for a recent birthday gif!. It seems as though COVID has ravaged every industry including the gaming world. And of course if there is shortage every industry will hike the price, like people are not already dealing with enough during quarantine.  Do you have any recommendations for games to go along with this for at 15 teen year old?

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Where do I start? There are plenty of good Nintendo Switch games for a 15 year old…

Mario Odyssey

Legend of Zelda Breathe of the Wild

Mario Party

Kirby Star Allies

Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze

The list goes on!



It is a sad fact that once a serious tragedy occurs that the vultures  come out. They know that Nintendo  is struggling to supply quite  understandably but they must fill the gap in the market with their artificially inflated prices. I do not understand to why don’t  people  wait,  as eventually the product will come back on the market. In that way you will get the product at a reasonable  price and the vultures will get nothing. Patience is a virtue  and must be practice at these hard times. Do you think it will last a long time, where the product is not available?



Salvatore Jenkins Jr

No I’m sure Nintendo Will come through!


Oh wow…guess my husband was extremely lucky when he got the kids a Nintendo Switch this past April. We’ve been holding out on them. He was able to snag one up at the base commissary. I should sell it and make more money…just kidding, my kids will be furious!

These devices are in hot demand now that kids are stuck at home. But it was just the same when Xbox or the Wii first came out – those were selling like hotcakes and at ridiculous prices on Ebay.


True the Xbox and the Wii were selling pretty good when they launched. Now the Wii at first was very popular and then it dropped down. This situation is however very different due to the lack in production because of the difficulty Nintendo is having sourcing parts.


Oh wow…guess my husband was extremely lucky when he got the kids a Nintendo Switch this past April. We’ve been holding out on them. He was able to snag one up at the base commissary. I should sell it and make more money…just kidding, my kids will be furious!

These devices are in hot demand now that kids are stuck at home. But it was just the same when Xbox or the Wii first came out – those were selling like hotcakes and at ridiculous prices on Ebay.

Posted comment on your site as well. Thanks for the gaming info!

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Curious as to how many people did sell their Nintendo Switch, lol!


Hello Sal! This is such an in-depth review accompanied with so many great details on the Nintendo Switch. We are also experiencing the same issue here in my country, and it’s true that everyone is trying to get their hands on gaming equipment / devices as everyone is now stuck at home. My friends are just talking about this yesterday. I will be sure to send this over to them. I love that you have included so many beneficial points in your article that have actually answered all my questions on this topic. Its clear that you have a good understanding and knowledge on this, good job done! 

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Thank you I tried… Just looking to help fellow gamers and others who might be trying to get into Nintendo Switch gaming!

Brian Nulf

This is terrible news, I hate when people price gouge, especially in times of crisis. Do the think that Nintendo will allow the scalpers to scoop up the next batch if regular Nintendo switches? I don’t really want the lite version, and I couldn’t pay almost double retail, that is crazy. My kids and I both want the full version, but you are right, it is impossible to find, at least in my area. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long before it’s attainable at retail cost. Thank you for your post, I always wondered how there can ne a shortage of something yet people have stockpiles to sell for easy more than it’s worth. 

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I can’t stand it either… I get wanting to make a little bit of money but the amount of money they throw on top of the retail price. I think in the beginning the scalpers are still going to try and grab them but Nintendo claims they are making enough to end the shortage.


so thoughtful of you to put up such an amazing review on the Nintendo switch….. I’ve never really been a gamer but I could tell that the lack of it could be as a result of much demand they are pretty order games one could get from Nintendo company and I highly recommend them if necessary… thanks for sharing such an intriguing review

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

No problem… I am glad you found it interesting even though you are not a gamer! Should give it a try, it can release stress and anxiety.


If bots are buying up all the Nintendo Switches online, and hiking up the prices, then it sounds as though our best option is to buy in physical stores when they become available. But then the tricky thing is to know when they’re in stock. That’s something that you could really usefully do here on your site, which is to alert gamers when the console is available again. I think this issue of shortage of components and production capacity is going to affect an awful lot of industries and we’ll be seeing higher prices on lots of things. Thanks for the post, it was interesting. 

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

The best bet is to purchase in stores when they become available again and there are alot of industries dealing with shortages.

Unfortunately, there are industries getting back to work but I personally think we might see another closer in the future so we haven’t seen that last of this just yet!


Hi there! this is an amazing and honest review you have got here. Before now, I have been wondering why its hard to find a Nintendo Switch at the standard retail pricetag, I never knew I will come across a review on it some day. Now I understand the damage which the pandemic  has cost Nintendo Switch.

Thank you!

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Glad to shed some light on the situation!


My stepson was looking for a Nintendo switch and he has been battling to find a reasonably priced one. I am going to show him this article as on the link you have served there are various sources that he can choose from. Thank you for this.

I am sure this article is going to come to the rescue for a lot of gaming addicts out there, especially at a time like this. We are still mostly in lockdown so you can’t get any here either. Would you recommend buying a second hand one, or is it safer to stick to new ones, especially online?

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

If you can find a used one for a reasonable price and from a high rated seller I say why not. I have sold used consoles in the past and they were all in good condition because I am a collector. I try to take care of my systems and you should probably look for someone that is the same. Ask questions and know what you are buying. Read the description thoroughly and try not to impulse buy because that has been my mistake in the past!


Thank you for this info! I have to admit that I am not a fan of games and consoles, but I’ve always preferred Nintendo for a bunch of reasons – maybe because I’m a fan of great business models, and Nintendo is a great one, so this affects my judgment when I have to take a decision about my purchases 🙂 so thank you so much for this article!

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

No problem… I have been a big fan of Nintendo since I was a child… My favorite console is the nes and then the gamecube! They have made mistakes in the past but always try to rectify them… Although the eshop is still a mess and their online service is still horrible!


nintendo switch has been a very good entertaining video game that was very normal in price to afford,i experienced fun from video game and it helped me easily communicate and associate with people in my new located arena,because people love the content on the video game.fun making is the reason for entertainment but my question, can some one make money through it secondly can someone exceed to the highest level.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

There are many ways to make money gaming and if your interested I wrote a post dedicated to that very subject entitled  “How To Earn Money Playing Games? Video games that is!


I adore how Nintendo makes gaming feel differently than PlayStation or Xbox. You can have expanded gaming experience having Nintendo switch and another console at once. 

I am telling it from my own experience. I borrowed the Nintendo switch for a few months. I have Playstation but sometimes prefer to grab Nintendo switch instead. When “big” consoles getting boring the smaller ones help you out! 

After returning the borrowed Nintendo switch I was planning to buy my own. But there was an article that Nintendo planning to release Nintendo switch pro (or something similar). I waited and I regret it. 

Thanks for your links. It seems that you still can buy cheaper Nintendo that many places suggest. I will consider buying!

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I was hoping for the Nintendo Switch Pro for quite some time now but I think it was all just hype or the media jumping the gun. At some point I think Nintendo will have to release a upgraded version of the Nintendo Switch to stay in the game and somewhat relevant but I don’t think we will see it when the series X or PS5 release!


You are absolutely right! Before covid-19, I used to see people play Nintendo Switch in the subway all the time. I would have thought that all the essential items have a price increased, but I guess we stay at home more we gotta find a new hobby right, so it is all about supply and demand all over again. No wonder it is double in price. Hopefully, they can resume their production soon. 

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Pretty sure Nintendo will!


I do not know anything about the technology behind Nintendo game consoles but I sure do love my super Nintendo in the early  2000’s. I  have lots of memories from that era and up till now am still a huge fan of Nintendo and gaming in general. Whenever my little nephews and nieces are playing games I can’t help it but join in with them and we have lots of fun in the end. I think I should get some Nintendo consoles for the family as gifts, I hope the price drops pretty soon though. 

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I too have fond memories of the Super Nintendo… For more the Snes is their favorite Nintendo console of all time!


Thank you for helping us locate a switch for a needy soul in our family.  We had not been able to locate one.  The people who saw an opportunity and grabbed what was available are now making some money.  It is hard to begrudge those with the foresight to get ready.  

We have been searching as the time goes on and social distancing is continuing.  This is a more difficult assignment for some that for others. So the search for the Nintendo Switch started.  Will we be able to find one for what we are willing to pay?  With a winning product and the high demand, why would they not produce more of the Switch products? Your article seemed to indicate this one might be the only one they will make, even with progress in the technology. However will worry about that later, thanks for your help locating a place to get this elusive Switch for our family. 

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

No problem and glad you found one even in this time of limited quantity!

Juan Duran

Reading this kind of articles make me anxious, although I already have a Switch (since day 1). It is amazing that Nintendo has been dealing with shortages with the classic mini consoles and now the Switch, but I get it, it’s a killer product, everyone wants one, especially during times like these.

And you are doing a great job with that list of Switches for sale at a decent price. It disgusts me when people just resells them at almost double the original cost, as they did with amiibos.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Yea I agree… I wanted to get into collecting Amiibos but I started when the prices started going up and I just could bit the bullet there I have two many expensive collecting habits as it is!


Good article about the impact of the Covid-19 situation and the availability of Nintendo Game Consoles. Little did I know about the bots. I didn´t think bots could do that, but that information explains a lot about the lack of consoles and high prices. Sad to read that people are taking advantage of people to such a degree as this.

Good and informative article

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

It is pretty sad that people are taking advantage of a bad situation but I guess this happens in business more then we realize!


Wow I had no idea that Nintendo switches were running low, let alone that the prices were going up. I bought mine several years ago, and am glad I did because I really enjoy playing it.

Are you in the progressive of trying to buy one right now, or do you already own one?

Also what would you say is your favorite game for the console right now, plus are games going up in price as well or no?

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I already own one and I bought my girlfriend a lite before they went scarce. There are plenty of good games for the Nintendo Switch, Kirby All Star Allies, Mario Odyssey, Doom is there and many more. Games aren’t really going up but Nintendo title seem to hold there value and never go down really!


Hi Sal,

Thanks for this post, I found it very informative. I was aware bout bots, but I had never even considered tat they would be used for buying products for resale. Now I realise why it has been so difficult to get hold of a Nintendo Switch for my cousin’s birthday present.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Honestly, I never thought about bots being used for this as well until this situation!


Hello there, I do appreciate your post and the excellent video presentation which has caused me to suddenly become a fan of Nintendo Switch Lite but at the same time so scared. The prices are really skyrocketing. It is obvious that scalpers ask much higher prices due to the shortage in supply that is unable to meet up with the present demand for these products. And as a result, whenever there is little production, the scalpers quickly rush for them and then leverage the Nintendo switch products at even three times the purchase price. Can it also be that the higher prices and shortage of these products may be due to the difficulty in transportation assuming production coincides with demand or the difficulty in getting the raw materials for making these products?

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I’m sure transporting the products during the covid-19 pandemic is an issue as well seeing where Nintendo sources parts from Malaysia…


Hello there thanks for the review it was really helpful. Well no doubt nintendo has one of the best switches as far as gaming is concerned. As the time when the switches were produced, they made a lot of sales. But then I think their switches are too cost and I believe that is why they stopped producing because they started losing customers to Playstation. 

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Not entirely sure they lost customers to PlayStation… Honestly Nintendo is in it’s own league and it’s not really trying to compete with the big boys. The graphic are far superior on the Xbox and PlayStation but Nintendo has a niche.

What if you wanted to cotinue your game when you went out, well now you can with the Nintendo Switch hybrid system! They are porting bigger titles to the switch like doom, Bioshock, wolfenstien, ect to a portable system and they are doing a good job. Now you can play these games on the go, yes at lower res. but in handheld mode can’t really tell the difference and it still looks pretty good in Docked mode. The concept alone sells Nintendo Switches!

Thanks for the comment, makes for a really good conversation and possibly a future post!

Sheddy Ovb

Heloo over there, I want to say a big thanks to you for sharing this interesting and informative piece on the topic titled, where buas the Nintendo switch gone. I basically stumbled on your site which I really found interesting. Its filled with so much educating and quality content. I will definitely visit your site some other time.

Best regards!

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

glad to here it was valuable… I just wanted to provide some listings and insight on the limited quantity of Nintendo Switches on the Market!


Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. I was researching online, about the scarcity of Nintendo Switch System, I was directed to this article. Having gone through the various points highlighted in this article, I have had answers to my questions so far.  Nevertheless, I wished that more of their products be made available in the market

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Nintendo claims they will have some soon!

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