we all await the Nintendo Direct to see what is in the future for the Nintendo Switch and every direct could behold some exciting news. February’s Nintendo Direct brought news of a lot of new Nintendo Switch games and it made plenty of people happy including Woods from the Beatemups channel but for me there were only a few games that excited me. Now there is suppose to be an episode of the Nintendo Direct but since my laptop is a snail the video got delay 9 whole days but the video will be up soon so head over there and hit the subscribe button!

What Games Excited me from February Nintendo Direct

There was plenty new Nintendo switch games announced in the February Nintendo Direct but only a few really got me excited. Let’s take a look at some of those games and then dive into the games that didn’t excite me and why?

Super Mario Maker 2

Super Mario Maker 2 box

Super Mario Maker first saw it’s debut on the Nintendo Wii U and like most I didn’t get to play it because I didn’t own a Wii U. Now the game is also on the 3ds and desktop but never got around to picking it up. Super Mario Maker is a side-scrolling platformer and game creation system which allows players to create their own Super Mario Brothers levels. Who doesn’t want to create custom levels in one of the most iconic Nintendo games ever made?

Now Nintendo has announced there will be a sequel and Super Mario Maker 2 looks even better then the first one. There are many new additions in Super Mario Maker 2 and once was the ability to add slopes. There were also new level designs and gameplay features from Super Mario World. Those features were no other then the Cat Suit, transparent warp pipes and different enemies from Super Mario 3d World. Other added features to Super Mario Maker 2 were vertically-scrolling levels,coin-collection level objectives and custom scrolling.

I am excited to get this game in my collection and it will all be new to me since I didn’t play the first one. I am most excited to see the addition of Super Mario Bros 3’s Angry Sun which is my favorite Mario game of all times and the June release date will be far to long of a wait!

Get Playing Day one by Pre-ordering Super Mario Maker 2 on Amazon.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Marvel Ultimate Alliance Nintendo Switch Box

I was excited to hear the announcement of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 because I had a lot of hours invested in the first one on the PlayStation Portable and it’s back at home for me on the Nintendo Switch portable system. There will be a large line-up of Marvel Characters including Captain Marvel, there will be online coop mode and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 release date is set for Summer of this year. My online issue here is not having Nintendo Online which is just not worth my money now and this will keep me from experience Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 coop, o well!

Learn more about the game and pre-order to get it day one!

Yoshi’s Crafted World

Yoshi's Crafted World Nintendo Switch Box

Yoshi’s Crafted World, now here is a game I am really looking forward too! I always get excite to see different Super Mario Brothers characters star in their own game and that is especially true for Yoshi. Yoshi has always been know for jumping high and gulping down his enemies to use them as weapons.

In Yoshi’s Crafted World Kamek and Baby Bowser seek to steal the gem-set stone. In this game Yoshi and friends must find the gem-stones. The player can flip sides, play stages backwards providing a new way to explore and find crafty hidden items. Just like traditional Super Mario games you have different puzzles, challenges and defenses again enemies. There are a ton of unique bosses which you can craft different costumes which have different abilities to defeat those bosses and you can join forces with a friend in coop mode. Yoshi Crafted World is set to release on March 29,2019 and I have had it pre-order before it had an official release date.

Don’t forget to Pre-order Yoshi’s Crafted World and let’s find the gem-stones together!

Grid Auto Sport

Grid AutoSports on the Nintendo Switch

Grid Auto Sport is coming to the Nintendo Switch which is not something that got me extremely excite but I have always loved racing games and have a lot of fun with them. Need for Speed has been my favorite franchise for quite some time but there has been many other racing games I have enjoyed such as Burnout, Mario Kart and Grand Terismo.

So what is Grid Autosport? Grid Auto Sports well its a racing game of course which feature 100 cars, 100 circuit with motion controls, online play, two player local split screen which is getting more scarce now a days, street racing and destruction derby. This sound like a great racing game on the go and it’s set to release


There were alot of RPGs announced in the direct and I think that is why my excitement level was down. These RPGs such as Rune Factory 4 Special, Rune Factory 5 in the distant future and Dragon Quest XII all look like great RPGs with a good story but I am just not into turn base RPGs. However there was one the peak my interest and that was Oninaki. Which by the way I pronounced wrong in my Nintendo Direct episode on the We Deem Channel.

Oninaki isn’t up for pre-order yet but it releases Summer 2019

As soon as its up for pre-order I will provide a link so don’t forget to bookmark this page or join me on twitter,facebook,instagram or tumblr for further updates.

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In Oninaki you assume the role of Kagachi a Watcher and defeat Demons while saving their soles. All Demons have a unique set of weapons and skills which you can switch between in real time to defeat other Demons. Kagachi can move between the living and dead world.

The game features an Action roleplaying battle system with real-time shifting between Demon classes… It is a story of life, reincarnation which spans the Living World and the afterlife.

Hell Blade Senua’s Sacrifice

Hell Blade Senua’s Sacrifice is now coming to the Nintendo Switch and hopefully its as good as the other ports to the Switch. Hell Blade was original a PlayStation Exclusive but Ninja Theory has decided to make bring it to both the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox one. I have never played it before but have seen a video or two on the game and it looks really amazing.

Senua’s Sacrifice is set in the Viking times and its main character is a broken Celtic warrior who set forth on a scary vision quest into a Viking Hell to fight for her dead lovers soul. If you enjoyed DMC: Devil May Cry, Heavenly Sword or Enslaved: Odyssey to the West then here is another amazing from Ninja Theory with a phycologic mind bleep and its now portable.

The game releases in the Spring of this year but if you can’t wait you can pick it up on the Playstation 4.

Daemon X Machina

Daemon X Machina on the Nintendo Switch

Mech games are always fun and Daemon X Machina‘s gameplay looks like it might be one of the best Mech games ever made and I can’t wait to play the Demo which I downloaded today.

Daemon X Machina will be featured on an episode of We Play so don’t forget to subscribe to the We Deem Channel!

In the game you get to command an Arsenal Mech and battle enemies.The players abilities can be upgraded and their appearances can be customized to your liking. After you deal enough damage to down your enemies mech, you can use their body parts as a weapon against them and seal their fate. This is a four-player coop mode and it sounds like a ton of fun.

Daemon X Machina demo is on the Eshop now and it is up for pre-order on Amazon now!

Astral Chain

Nintendo saved the best for last and it came by surprise. Astral Chain looks amazing and prior to the February Nintendo Direct I heard no news of Astral Chain but it looks like an Amazing game. The game takes place in what they call the Ark, a multi-cultural city which has been seen in other poplar video games and movies.

The character in the game is part of a police special task force that fights against a mysterious alien creature that emerged from a gate that opens from another dimension and this no easy task. There are two playable characters in the game, one male and another female (resident evil much…). The character you don’t choose fights side by side with you and is your fellow Neuron member. To defeat the alien creatures from another dimension a weapon was created call the legion… Read more soon…

The battle system in this game is freaking cool and the combos are flashy!

Can’t wait till they release a demo so I can really get a feel for other amazing the combat system is… Either way Pre-orders are up on Amazon and I am definitely inline!


There were some updates and revive announced during the Nintendo Direct that peaks my interest. The first set of updates was for Starlink battle for Atlas and this is a game that unfortunately I haven’t played but look at every time I go into Target. There are a new series of missions where Pippy, Falco and slippy must hunt down Star Wolf’s Lutenit.

There was some cool updates announced for Captain Toad Treasure Tracker and here’s another game I just haven’t picked up yet. All courses in the game will now support two player coop, paid downloadable content consist of 18 new challenges and five new courses. All updates and downloadable content is available now on the eShop.

There was a quick announcement of future update coming for Super Smash Bros Ultimate which for now will remain nameless but they did let us know that the joker from persona will be a new character and there are six new amiibos.

A revive of Zelda Link’s Awakening was coming to the Nintendo Switch and being a really big Zelda fan I am super excited. This game was released on the Nintendo Gameboy about 26 years ago and is arguably one of the most loved games in the Zelda series. The game began as a port of the Super Nintendo’s “The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and then eventually became it’s own original game. It is one of few games in the series that doesn’t take place in the land of Hyrule or feature that Princess Zelda everyone thinks link is and there are no Triforce relic. We can all discuss the game further on Twitter or my Facebook page but either way they are remaking or creating a re-imagining of the game and I can’t wait to relive this great Zelda game in 2019.

Final Thoughts

These are the titles from the February Nintendo Direct that peaked my interest and brought me a ton of excitement. Now overall I guess I was a little more excited then I made it appear in my video but not all titles excited me and one of the reasons for that was there were a lot of RPGs. Personally I have never been into turn-base RPGs and since the direct had a lot of those titles and some titles I just have no interest in playing again on the Nintendo Switch my excitement level was a little low. Either way I still want to discuss some of the other new Nintendo Switch games announced that didn’t make the above list in another post so don’t forgot to bookmark this site or join the social media of your choice and I will post that link.

Before leaving don’t forget to let me know which games if any excited you from the Nintendo Direct or why you just weren’t excited at all.

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Hello, thanks for the write up. I like the marvel ultimate alliance 3. I actually play this game a lot on my PlayStation and phone, I’m so excited to hear that it’s final coming on Nintendo switch. I will also like to try out grid auto sport, because I enjoy car racing games. Those are the games that really caught my attention among the February releases. I’m looking forward to the the Pokemon RPG, any pointers to when it will be released?

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

There is no solid release date on Pokemon RPG but there are hints toward late this year and if I had to guess I would go with November!


Great Content and InformationThanks for this concise and thorough article.

I could remember the days of Super mario nintendo; I am amazed seeing the advanced technology in super mario maker 2. I have also played Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and I must confirm that the game is interesting and unique.

Thanks for the eye opener; I am going to do some purchases on other games anytime soon

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Glad to here Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 was good… I have played the past games in the series but not the third one yet, so I look forward to it and appreciate your opinion on the game. There are plenty of games on the Nintendo Switch worth checking out and I would love to hear what you are playing in the future so don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and check out the We Deem Channel for more great gaming / tech content.

Lok Which

I have played super Mario and it is interesting seeing an advanced version of it then I should something more interesting. I have also played ultimate version on my PlayStation. Sincerely I have been wanting to replace my games but thanks for this eye opener. I will purchase the new games I see here now . Thanks for sharing this information.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Glad to help… Super Mario is still an iconic character today and Mario Odyssey was a great game. The Mario Maker 2 looks really good as well…


Wow! You indeed got some exciting list right there! I’d say I got excited with the Astral Chain. I like it in a way that, at your discretion, you can take on enemies alongside your Legion simultaneously, split up your target focus to handle multiple encounters, or let it fight alone while you sit back from afar.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Astral Chain is definitely the game I was most excited for and I think it is mostly because of the battle system. Love the description, you made my desire to play the game more intense!


I had a bad experience with link’s awakening as a kid. I had so many complaints about the design like how going through the overworld was unnecessarily tedious. So a remake might make me try it out again. But I may wait for a review to see if certain glaring problems were ironed out first before buying. As for my other interest, if Mario Maker 2 ends up in my hands quickly enough, I might be able to join the active community for that stuff. Oh I can’t wait for that.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I hear you on the Link’s Awakening and remakes are the developers time to fix issues from the previous version the game! Didn’t play the first Mario Maker so I am excited to get this game in my hands and if there is a way to upload your created levels online for other players to play threw that might be a reason to get Nintendo Online but they really need to fix their service to make it worth it.


The video game is a widely popular item in the current computer age. Many people enjoy playing video games, especially children. The article discussed in detail about the various games of Nintendo, which is really interesting. I liked Yoshi’s Crafted World game among these. I think it will be more enjoyable both me and my child to play. The challenge of finding hidden gem-stones that will make the game charming. Thanks for writing such an impressive topic. I will be waiting till March 29 eagerly for Yoshi’s Crafted World.With warm regards,Ranao.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I have played the Yoshi’s Crafted World Demo and the game is really good. It has definitely bumped up the list of Nintendo Switch games for 2019 that I am excited for. There is going to be a We Play Episode on the Demo so Don’t forget to Subscribe to the We Deem Channel on Youtube if you’re interested in seeing more about the game!

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