Tt eSPORTS CRONOS Gaming Headset Header

PRODUCT: Tt eSports Cronos

PRICE: $67.47

DIMENSIONS:11 x 9 x 2 inches

WEIGHT: 1.4 pounds


Anyone who is a true gamer should recognize the Tt eSports name when it comes to gaming headsets and pc gaming accessories in general. The Tt eSports brand was found by a Taiwan company called Thermaltake which also established an American Headquarters in California at about the same time and others will know them for computer cases. Tt eSports brand has done a really good job of making some of the best gaming headsets and there’s a reason why the Tt eSports Cronos made the “TOP FIVE AFFORDABLE GAMING HEADSETS UNDER $70“.


Let’s do something a little different then normal for My Tiny Point Of View and discuss the overall design of the Tt eSports Cronos packaging. At first glance the box looks very striking and appeals to the eyes. The front of the box sports a large picture of the headset itself with a background of neon sound waves and the cronos name in bold white.

Tt eSports Cronos Gaming Headset Box

The Tt eSport Cronos headset seems to be a sturdy build and constructed of pretty decent materials. The headband does adjust and has a three section cushion for extra comfort. The ear cups have a comfortable foam padding and the they swivel to the side for easy storage or laying flat on your gaming desk.

Tt eSports Cronos Flat Swivel

The boom mic looks stiff at first glance but it bends to get the right position during gameplay but just like the headset it is very study. The mic on this version of the headset set it aside from the Tt eSport Cronos that goes for a cheap price with it’s thin wired mic which tucks away for listening to music on the go.

Tt eSports Cronos Side By Side

The Cronos gaming headset is branded with the battle dragon in several different places and the logos on the outside lights up during use. I must say the battle dragon logo looks like the royal seal of a Japanese army and truly looks like the gamer wearing the headset is ready for war.


The Tt eSports Cronos comes with 40mm drivers in each ear cups and is pc a swell as mobile ready. The headset comes with 3.5mm jack cable, micro usb pc cable, stereo cables for headset and mic. The headset also comes with a usb cable for power to the headset which powers the leds and an inline controller on the wire with volume rocker as well as mic controls.

Tt eSports Cronos Wires And Connects

The headset has leds around the outside of the ear cups and light up Tt eSports Battle Dragon logo which makes the headset look pretty bad ass in my opinion. During gameplay the sound quality was amazing,everyone in multiplayer could hear me loud and clear so the microphone is of great quality. The cable is braided and as we have heard before I am a really big fan of this feature because it give it that little extra touch of quality.


As far as the sound quality, microphone quality and the overall build quality of the Tt eSports Cronos gaming headset I must say for the price everything was great quality. This was everything I look for in a gaming headset and I had a blast using it for gaming and listening to music as well. Now I did take this along with me on a walk listening to music and the quality was great but I did bring some attention to myself because the mic unfortunately isn’t detachable. If your looking for a quality gaming headset at an affordable price that deserves to be on a list of the best gaming headset and going to use it more for pc gaming or don’t mind having a mic that does detach while using it for mobile music then check out the Tt eSports Cronos Gaming Headset.