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PRICE: $23.98

DIMENSIONS: 23.2 x 1.9 x 9.3 inches

WEIGHT: 2.7 pounds



The Tt eSports Commander has been design to game, the gaming keyboard and mouse have a comfortable feel and grip which prolonged game play without early signs of fatigue. The keyboard has tactile switches and a cool metal style trim which gives an appearance of quality.Both the Tt eSports gaming keyboard and mouse are made of high quality plastic so it can take a small beating during gamer rage!

Tt eSports Commander Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

The Tt eSports Commander gaming mouse has a comfortable palm grip and ergonomic design. The mouse has a symetrical design which allows both left and right hand users to game but the back / forward buttons are on the left side of the mouse. Both the keyboard and the mouse has a high quality braided usb cable and matte black finish with blue LED accents.

Tt eSports Command Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Design


Both the Tt eSports Commander gaming keyboard and mouse has a cool blue backlit LED lighting which I was able to adjust the brightness on the keyboard when it become slightly distracting during game play but it does look amazing!

Tt eSports Command Gaming Keyboard Side View

The gaming keyboard has multimedia shortcut key and WASD swapping options which is what I look for when choosing a good keyboard. During game play the tactile keys felt very responsive and seemed to almost improve my whole gaming experience. The keys are concave to form to your fingertips and after playing with the keyboard for a little while it felt as though my actions were getting quicker with every press of the keys.

Tt eSports Command Gaming mouse

The Tt eSports gaming mouse allows for on the fly DPI setting adjustment via the  buttons on top of the mouse and has blue leds like the keyboard which makes them a perfect combinations on game night. There are six non programmable buttons which include the wheel, right, left, back,forward and dpi button.


Both the Tt eSports Commander gaming keyboard and mouse felt very comfortable during game play. While gaming with the combination I felt almost as if I had an advantage over the competition and I never felt cheated while using them. Both have an appealing design and include all the basic features you will need while playing your favorite games. Unfortunately this model only comes in one backlit led and that is blue but there is a model that cost a little more that has multiple LED colors. If your looking for an affordable combination gaming keyboard and mouse then I highly recommend your check out the Tt eSports Commander.