A gamer is nothing without a good gaming mouse and with some of the best gaming mice out there being pretty expensive you might find yourself looking for a more affordable alternative. Chances are you started researching or looking for a cheap gaming mouse but don’t want to sacrifice certain feature you would expect in a game mouse and I have put together a list of the top ten affordable gaming mice!


ZhiZhu ET X-08

The ZhiZhu ET X-08 has five adjustable DPI levels, advanced energy saving technology which lasted about six month before I had to replace the battery and it is a wireless gaming mouse. The mouse features 7 buttons with Ultra-precise scroll wheel, is ultra-quiet and low-friction. read full review

Zelotes T90

The Zelotes T90 6 dpi levels, 8 button configuration, built-in removable weights, 1.8M braided-fiber cable for greatest durability and signal accuracy.13 kinds of light mode and the LED light can be turned off if necessary. Long term use without fatigue thanks to the ergonomic design and provides precision stability while gaming. full review soon…

Technet Raptor Gaming Mouse Review Head Image

Tecknet Raptor Prime

If your on a budget and somewhat new to gaming then this affordable gaming mouse is for you. The Tecknet has 500 frame rates per second, 4000 dpi optical gaming sensor and adjustable dpi setting  for precise control. The ergonomic designed curves fit the palm of your hand like a glove providing comfort and control for those long gaming sessions. read full review…



ALLRELI M811Lu Shark Series

The Ergonomic and Symmetrical Design  is perfect for left and right handed Gamer. The mouse has 6 DPI sensitivity modes that is indicated by the led lights on the mouse and 8 programmable buttons. It has a 5ft braided cord and a gold plated usb connector for lasting durability. read full review…


Red Dragon Gaming Mouse Review Head Image

Redragon M902 SAMSARA

A little more pricing then some of the other gaming mice on our list but still pretty affordable compared to some other the high end gaming mice on the market and will perform just as well. The Redragon Samsara has an 8 piece weight tuning set, 16400 DPI programmable laser and 13 programmable buttons. read full review…

E-Blue Mazer II Wireless Gaming MouseE-Blue Mazer II

The mouse features a rubber led scroll wheel, adjustable DPI settings, 2.4G Wireless Transmission Technology and a 3000 Frame rate for precise tracking. The design is inspired by Type-R Aircraft and constructed with right hand gamers in mind. read full review


The Havit felts very comfortable in my hand and provided a great gaming experience. The mouse had a reliable connection  and kept me in the game. There where no drivers need and I was ready for hours of game plug as soon as I plugs the mouse into my computers USB port. read full review




The ergonomic design made the mouse feel comfortable in my hand while playing for a long period of time no matter where I decided to place my fingertips. The easy + and – buttons plus the colored backlights made it a breeze to switch through three DPI settings. The rubberized grip made the mouse feel more stable and less likely to slip during use. read full review…


Liger Gaming Mouse


At first sight this mouse look extremely cool and has a cool name. It has everything a gamer would want at a really low affordable price and doesn’t disappoint. It was easy to switch the DPI setting and get the sensitivity that fit my playing style. The buttons can be programmed but the six buttons present on the mouse where very useful and got the job done. read full review…

Combaterwing Gaming Mouse Review Head ImageCOMBATERWING

This gaming mouse has an eye catching design, 10 programmable buttons and DPI settings up to 4800. It has a lightweight aluminum chassis that made it feel sturdy and easy to maneuver. Mouse is stable and fast. The overall design gave a very comfortable gaming experience and was a perfect fit in my hand. read full review…

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Hey! I’ve been looking for a good mouse but I’ve never shopped for a gaming mouse before. I’ve been getting into League of Legends and I’m just using my normal $40 wireless Microsoft mouse. Which would you recommend for me? I’m not a hardcore gamer, but I want to have something that still performs at least half decent. Thanks!

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

If I had to recommend a gaming mouse from this list I would highly suggest picking up the Redragon M902 Samsara, the build quality is really good, it has 13 programmable buttons which allows you to set-up the mouse to fit the way you play and the price has now be lower to $31.99 which makes it very affordable! The mouse performs very well even under extreme gaming sessions…

Are you right or left handed?

John Rico

This is one of the best list I founded. This top 10 list of affodable mice can help me decide for my next mice my logitech mice is dying already. I’m gonna buy soon since it’s Christmas maybe there are sale and discounts. I always play dota 2 and cs go, do you have any suggestions that is best mice for me? I don’t care about the color, price and brand I just want the performance. And I don’t know much about these stuffs.Thank you

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I tried to put a list together of affordable gaming mice that didn’t sacrifice features… I am really fond of the Redragon M902 Samsara because of it’s build quality, 13 programmable buttons that allow the gamer to set-up the mouse to their style of gameplay and the price is affordable. However, if you are left handed I would take a look at the Allreli M811Lu Shark because of it’s symmetrical design, it has 8 programmable buttons which is plenty and comes with software to set-up the button layout. Either way both gaming mice won’t leave you missing your logitech!


As the title says, these all of these mice are affordable – something of a rarity in today’s market (from my experience)

Again, I do appreciate the work itself, I also liked how you wrote an entire review for every mouse instead of just writing a summary.

For now, I am using a cheap-as-all-hell 3$ mouse, but I might look into these.

Cheers, Vlad!

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I currently use the ZhiZhu ET X-08 for everyday use and sometime a little gaming. However, when it comes to a all nighter I find myself using the Redragon M902 Samsara which is a little more expensive then the other mice on this list but it’s a blast to use and functions extremely well!

Thanks for the comment and when you are ready to purchase a new mouse give the mice on this list a look!


My favorite gaming console up to this day is PC. To me it beats any PS or XBox, but that’s just my personal preference.

I am very glad I ran across your gaming mice post because I am in the market for one, I just upgraded my computer BIG TIME and all I am missing is a good keyboard and a good gaming mouse. Do you have any posts that can tell me what is a good gaming keyboard? if you do please link me the post. Thank you.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I agree my favorite is PC over PlayStation or Xbox…

I hope to be building a new gaming PC in the near future, it is a expensive investment but worth every penny. I did a post entitle “TOP FIVE AFFORDABLE GAMING KEYBOARDS“, take a look and let me know if you have any questions. Good Luck with the upgrade!


Six months of battery life on the ZhiZhu mouse is pretty impressive. Probably one of the best overall on the market.
I personally will not use a non wireless mouse. They are just so much more handy and practical.
I prefer to turn the LED’s off my mouse to ensure that the batteries last longer.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Five months of battery life is impressive and I perfer the LEDs off as well. It looks cool, nice to have the option but no practical to have them turned on!

Marley Dawkins

Love it really good post, all these mice look like some super cool spaceships lol. I really like the ZhiZhu ET X-08 because of the battery length, and i love the Redragon M902 because well its a dragon and who doesn’t want to own a dragon? lol

Keep up the great work Sal, every view is valid no matter how tiny we may think ours is sometimes ay 🙂 great website, bookmarking right now.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Thank you, I’m glad you found the post to be of value and when I am looking at purchasing anything I find that there is no such thing as too many opinions! I look forward to my opinions helping someone make a educated decision and possibly stopping someone from wasting their time as well as hard earned money.

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