So you have chosen an afforable gaming mouse and now your looking for an afforable gaming keyboard but which one should you choose. As awasys your looking to stay within a budget but still seek quality and a well designed keyboard. Below we will take a look a five affordable gaming keyboards that look amazing and function great. Below is what I believe to be some of the best gaming keyboards under $50 and if your have any question about any keyboards in this list or have some suggestion of your own please leave them in the comments below. Don’t forget to check out the full reviews of each keyboard…

Redragon Asura k501 gaming keyboard headerREDRAGON ASURA K501

Being able to program keys is alway a plus and it gives us gamers a sense of control. The Redragon Asura K501 gaming keyboard has 8 programmable macro keys, 7 backlight colors and 116 standard keys. The macro recording made it easy for me to program my favorite spell combo during a world of warcraft session and the win key will never be a problem again! Read Full Review

Auawak Genius Zeus Gaming Keyboard HeaderAUAWAK GENIUS ZEUS

Let’s me first say that the Auawak Genius Zeus is an amazing looking gaming keyboard for the $40 price tag and comes with some great features.  It’s rainbow backlit is stunning and was mesmorizing in the dark for me. During gameplay actions where quick thanks to the real-time quick response, I could press multiple keys and didn’t seem to experience any signal failure. While use the Auawak Genius Zeus I did spill my ice tea but because the keyboard is Spill-resistant it suffer no damage and my heart didn’t skip a beat. Read Full Review

BlueFinger Gaming Keyboard HeaderBLUEFINGER

The Bluefinger’s crack pattern kind of reminds me of the Liger Gaming Mouse I showcase in the “Top 10 Affordable Gaming Mice” post and it does look really cool in the dark while lit. There are three different colors, blue, red and purple that can be change by pressing a button combination. The keyboard didn’t slid or shift during game play thanks to the Anti-skid technology and even though others have had problems with keys being unresponsive I didn’t experience this so far. Read Full Review


The Tt eSPORTS COMMANDER gaming keyboard has a mechanic look with sharp edges and metal accents. Commander has a tactile feel, handy multimedia and shortcut keys. The keyboard is only back lit in one color which is red and has a 1000 Hz polling rate. The Tt eSports Commander has an amazing price tag of $26.99 especially since it is a gaming keyboard and gaming mouse combination. Read Full Review

Merdia Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo HeaderMerdia

Taking the title for the most expensive gaming keyboard on this list is the Merdia gaming keyboard and mouse combination. The keyboard has 7 backlight colors which are changable, 12 set multi-media keys, a brightness adjust mode and is water resistant as well. The combo includes a gaming mouse with 4 different DPI setting, 6 buttons and 7 led colors as well. Read Full Review

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Are these gaming keyboards, just for gaming and media and music?
Product review have me really interested if I would be able to use these game boards for projects for my genetic testing and famous research. I would like to know more about these awesome keyboards with the mouses. I would like to know if there is other places than Amazon to purchase them from?

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

The keyboards in this list are for gaming and normal computer functions. There are plenty of places on the internet to purchase these but other then Amazon I would recommend Ebay, there will be plenty of options and you might even find something your feel fits your needs more then the keyboards list in the TOP Five Affordable Gaming Keyboards!






Hopefully you will find what your are looking for with the links, they will bring up and ebay search with everything related or similar to the particular keyboard and some other options.

Thank you for the comment and if you need any other advise please don’t hesitate to ask. Don’t forget to follow the we deem channel via the social media buttons at the top of the My Tiny Point of View Website to keep up to date on new content and to contact me with any questions!


Nice roundup and I am currently looking for a new keyboard for my PC. Are any of these low track keyboards? As I like keyboards that resemble laptop keyboards. I have just gone back to World of Warcraft playing and am finding that my current keyboard makes a racket and you really have to bash the keys these days to record your keystrokes

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

None of the keyboards in this list are similar to the new laptop keyboards but all are pretty responsive and you wouldn’t need to bash the keys. The gaming keyboards above are made a quality and function well despite the price.


I like this list. It could help me when I start searching for my computer parts for my next build. I’m trying to show people how to build a budget PC. In your honest opinion, which would you recommend on this list as the best of the best? Or do you have another option?


If I had to pick the best gaming keyboard on this list for a budget PC build I would have to choose the AUAWAK GENIUS ZEUS even at it’s $39.99 price tag it is still pretty affordable, has a clean simple design, easy to access multimedia buttons and even with the rainbow(which can be switch off) LEDS it still looks like a standard PC keyboard. Thanks for the comment and hopefully my opinion will help with the budget build! I’d like to see it when your done…


This is awesome. I’m personally one to go for more extreme gaming accessories, but I guess I’m the kind of tech geek that’s a go big or go home kinda guy you know what I mean? Anyway, I’m going to bookmark this page because I think that they might make a good Christmas gift (for me)

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I’m a tech geek as well and also like the extreme gaming accessories but there is room in my heart for the more affordable. Sometimes the more affordable accessories will surprise you and prove itself worthy!

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