It is time to complete the set, you have chosen an affordable gaming mouse, you have chosen an affordable gaming keyboard and now it is time to chose an affordable gaming headset under $70. All your gaming accessories are important but sound is what immerses you in the game, it’s what brings the game alive and you need a great sounding headset but let’s try not to break the bank.

Below are what I believe to be the TOP FIVE AFFORDABLE GAMING HEADSETS currently that are under $70… Let me know what you thinks and if there are any headset your believe are a good buy for under $70 that should not go unmentioned please let us know in the comments below!

HyperX Cloud Core Gaming HeadsetHyperX Cloud Core

The HyperX Cloud Core has memory ear pads and a soft padded headband for extra comfort during long gameplay. The headset is compatible with PC, Mac, Wii U, Xbox One and PS4 which makes it very versatile. With crystal clear sound, bass reproduction and detachable microphone the HyperX Cloud Core is an extremely well performing gaming headset for under $70. READ FULL REVIEW…

Logitech G430 Gaming HeadsetLOGITECH G430

The Logitech G430 has 7.1 Dolby surround sound which felt like I was surrounded by all elements in the game. The headset felt very light weight and the sport cloth ear cups had a soft comfortable touch. The mic seemed to reduce background noise and picked up clear voice audio for an uninterrupted gaming experience. READ FULL REVIEW…


Kotion Each 2200 Gaming Headset HeaderKOTION EACH G2200

Kotion Each surround sound professional gaming headset comes equip with stunning led lights and built-in remote control (vibration,LED controls and volume control). Gaming sound was very clear and had me feeling as though I was right in the game. The headset has a braided wire which always adds a little touch of quality and a adjustable mic. Read Full Review

Cougar Immersa Gaming Headset HeaderCougar Immersa

Ultra lightweight design, leather like head strap and flexible structure allows for extended periods of game play without experiencing any discomfort. This headset’s connection allowed me to use it on my pc, phone, and tablet. The mic is retractable and when I felt it was in the way I could easily shift it up or down. Let’s not forget about the high quality sound, crystal clear and game intensive. Read Full Review…



Well I really like the Tt eSPORTS line so I had to through in one of their headsets and the Ts eSPORTS Cronos is an amazing headset at a mid range price. The headset has a 3 sectioned headband with Lycra Fabric which feels very comfortable on the top of your head and protects your from the hard plastic construction. This Cronos has a battle dragon LED lighting during use and an adjustable boom mic. Read Full Review

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Anh Nguyen

Hey there,

Thanks for sharing these headsets with us. I’ve been looking for a good headphone for my laptop, not necessarily just for playing games, but these look really interesting and of quality.

I wonder which one is your most recommended? The HyperX Cloud Core?

Thanks for sharing!


Salvatore Jenkins Jr

If your looking for a quality headset at a reasonable price then I would most definitely recommend the HyperX Cloud Core!

John Rico

Hey there! I really like your top 5 gaming headsets under $70. I’m really amazed of how our technology develops. I remember back then that good quality headsets are worth $100 and above. After I read your article I was fascinated that there are pretty good gaming headsets that are $70 and under. Thank you for sharing this information.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I’m glad you found the Top Five Affordable Gaming Headsets Under $70 topic to be informative and these are five really good gaming headsets for the price.

Thanks for the comment! If you ever have any questions when your in search of a new headset don’t hesitate to ask, bookmark the site or follow me on one of the social medias of your choice.


Oh boy, headsets.
I have a nasty history with those, with them tending to break or malfunction for unknown reasons.

Not that it matters, I am more of a speakers kind of guy anyway.

The thing I liked most about your top five is how you got an actual review ready for every single one of these headsets, that’s really cool.
Definitely something I’ll have to look into in the future.

Cheers, Vlad!

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I tried not to just mention my top five choice, I want viewers who are looking for a new headset to know why I have chose these headsets as the top five affordable and point out their qualities. When I search for a new accessory such as a mouse, headset or keyboard I am looking for not only specs but how it performs and most importantly the build quality because I don’t want to purchase something that is going to break within a matter of weeks!

If you ever have any questions when your in search of a new headset don’t hesitate to ask, bookmark the site or follow me on one of the social medias of your choice.

Joseph Mo

Hey there man,
I saw this post and I was glued to the screen.
I enjoy playing games a lot! I usually play call of duty and hook up with my friends and network.
I had a pair of headsets some time back but they got spoilt.
These look really nice, I have to get me one

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

All five are great gaming headsets, the prices are affordable and the features you get for the price are a good selling point for me at least.

There are different things I like about all the headsets, for instance the Cougar Immersa has a very professional and high quality look.

The Kotion Each G2200 has the best looking built-in control with led lights, volume control, microphone and headphone sound mute.

Logitech is a brand everyone knows even non-gamers and the G430 packed amazing technology into what I will call a sleeper without charging a ridiculous price.

HyperX manage to take what was great about their two best gaming headsets and put it into the HyperX Cloud Core at a more affordable price point.Something Else worth mentioning the Core comes with a detachable mic which will come in handy for those who use the headset for listening to music and don’t want to bring attention to themselves while walking the streets listening to their favorite beats.

You’ll find that on all of my recommended gaming accessory lists I have accessories from Tt eSports because they make an affordable product without sacrificing functionality and quality.

Thanks for the comment, I’m glad I could shed some light on some of the great affordable gaming headsets on the market and if you need any advice when purchasing a new headset please don’t hesitate to contact me. Bookmark the site and follow me on the social media of your choice at the top of the My Tiny Point Of View website!


I’ve been using the Mad Catz (yes, Jaw Dawgz!) F.R.E.Q.7 Gaming Headset for at least 4 years now. I used to listen to them every day at work, in an open-office environment, taking them off and on many times per day. I really put them to the test.

I know Mad Catz doesn’t have the best rep in the industry but these cans just keep going and going. They sound great, they look weird, and the part-metal construction is very durable.

I think they stopped making this model quite a while ago — could probably find a cheap pair somewhere. If you can deal with a wire, it’s a fantastic gaming headset for (probably) under $70.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I have used Mad Catz gaming accessories before and I think it is a hit or miss with their products but I have used their gaming controllers. I have to look to see if they make any newer headsets and see how they hold up against the headsets in this list. Thanks for the recommendation, I am always looking to check other options out…


I’ve currently got an old Razer headset that I can plug into my computer to use when gaming, but I’ve been thinking about getting a new one recently since the one that I have starts to hurt my ears after several hours of wearing it straight.

Which one of these would you say feels the most comfortable during long gaming sessions? I think I read that I need to find a headset that has a deeper part for the ears.

It would also be nice to get a new one that I could use with my PS4.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Out of the five gaming headsets if I had to choose which one was the most comfortable after long gaming sessions I would have to choose the Cougar Immersa which have 100mm ear pads which covers the ears quite comfortably and I believe they have deeper ear pocket!

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