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Now we have mentions gaming mice, gaming keyboards, gaming headsets but what about video game controllers. I know traditionally PC gamer prefer a really good gaming keyboard and it’s been that why for many years but there are a select few of us that appreciate a good gaming controller. Ok proceed with the hate comments down below, “Playing on a console then”, “Anyone who wants a gaming controller is not a true pc gamer”, etc… Well I not sure these would be the comments but for me someone games are better played with a controller and I’m sure there are gamers out there that would agree!

Let’s dive into some of the “TOP FIVE AFFORDABLE GAMING CONTROLLER UNDER $60” and see what the market has to offer. As always my tiny point of view encourages you to leave any questions or personally opinions of any of the controllers mention in this post at the bottom of the page. Thank you and I hope you find this list to be helpful in your final decision!

Mad Catz C.T.R.L.R Gaming ControllerMAD CATZ C.T.R.L.R

Mad Catz has been around since 1989,  it’s an american company and will bring most gamers great childhood memories.  The Mad Catz C.T.R.L.R as most controllers in this list is setup just like the xbox one and 360 controller and why is that because in my opinion is one of the best controllers design to date. The C.T.R.L.R comes in a glossy black, white or red finish and is pretty light weight. The gaming controller has Multiplatform compatibility which allows me to utilize the controller during gameplay on my laptop, my Samsung tablet, android tv and my LG V20.

There are 3 gaming modes which are GameSmart mode for android gaming, Mouse Mode which obviously acts as your tradition computer mouse and Pc Mode which brings the game play to your Personal Computer. The Mad Catz C.T.R.L.R comes equip with built-in media buttons which includes pause, play, forward and volume controls which makes this controller very versatile. The gaming controller comes with PC software which I was able to set-up game specific profiles with keyboard and mouse commands assign to control specific buttons. FULL REVIEW SOON or CHECK IT OUT ON AMAZON NOW!

Xbox One Windows Gaming ControllerXBOX One Controller

Microsoft took what works an made minor tweaks to make an even better controller and it still is one of the best ergonomic gaming controllers to date. The wireless xbox one controller is compatible with Window 7, 8.1, Windows 10 and of course Xbox One but even though it isn’t design for android there are some tutorials on the Youtube to pair with the google OS.

The Xbox one controller has twice the range as the xbox 360 controller, bluetooth enabled, comes with a usb cable and comes in a variety of colors. The controller uses two AA batteries or a chargeable power pack which are both sold separately. There is even custom button mapping which allows the gamer to set buttons to their style of game play and who doesn’t like the option to customize. For those gamers participate in console and PC games like me the Xbox One Wireless controller is the perfect option. FULL REVIEW SOON or CHECK IT OUT ON AMAZON NOW!

Steam Wireless Gaming ControllerSTEAM CONTROLLER

The Steam Bluetooth gaming controller is by far the most unique controller on this list both in design and function. If your a gamer who gets a lot of your games on your PC from steam chances are you have heard of Steam wireless gaming controller and even if you don’t own it the controller is mostly likely on your list to purchase but for whatever reason you haven’t bit the bullet yet! The Steam controller has a gloss black finish and plenty of skins to purchase on ebay or amazon to customize the look of the controller.

The button layout is different from most modern gaming controllers with dual trackpads, dual stage triggers, back grip buttons and full customization button mapping. The Steam controller trackpads allow for 1:1 absolute positioning via virtual controls similar to a trackball or steering wheel. Dual-stage triggers are both analog or digital which I experience precise aim and fire while playing FPS games. I want to almost say the Steam wireless gaming controller made me a better FPS play and believe me I am horible when it comes to those types of games. Overall the Steam controller is versitle and a new level of gaming all together. FULL REVIEW SOON or CHECK IT OUT ON AMAZON NOW!

Steel Series Stratus XL Bluetooth Gaming ControllerSTEEL SERIES STRATUS XL

The Steel Series has always produced controllers with striking design and the Steel Series Stratus XL is no different. The controller has a matte black finish, glossy buttons and a similar button layout to the PS4 controller. The stratus XL has an ergonomic design which I found to fit perfectly in my hands and remains comfortable during hours of gameplay.

The controller has home and back buttons for easy navigation on android.  The controller is compatible with Android 3.1+, Windows 7+, and all the major VR headsets. Most gamers are going to be looking to use this controller with steam and I found it works well with Steam Big Picture mode. The bluetooth connection which can be determine by the four LEDs on the front top of the controller remain strong and responsive the whole time I was immersed in the game. FULL REVIEW SOON or CHECK IT OUT ON AMAZON NOW!

Nvidia Shield Wireless Gaming ControllerNVIDIA SHIELD WIRELESS CONTROLLER

The Nvidia Shield Wireless Controller is the official controller of the Nvidia Shield Tablet and the Shield TV which will be showcase on the We Deem Channel in the near future. The new polygon design of the controller is extremely cool looking and in my opinion ten notches above the original design but in newer models I personally would redesign that silver center part of the controller which I believe is an eye soar and takes away from the cool factor of the overall design. The controller’s layout is exactly how the Steel Series Stratus XL is but Nvidia placed their media buttons at the bottom of the controller for easier thumb access since they will be conveniently placed on the analog sticks most of the time.

The controller’s battery life seems to last as long as my heart was content and according to Nvidia it lasts about 60+ hours thanks to advanced bluetooth technology. The Shield controller does have dual vibration giving the gamer action feedback and giving off an immersive experience. It comes equipped with a mic jack as all gaming controllers should which allows for google voice search. The Nvidia Shield Controller is the most expensive gaming controller on the list coming in at the $60 mark but it is well worth tehe money. FULL REVIEW SOON or CHECK IT OUT ON AMAZON NOW!


Xbox 360 Wired Controller for WindowsXBOX 360 WIRED CONTROLLER

The Xbox 360 wired controller for Windows delivers a similar gaming experience from the 360 to your PC… If you are an Xbox 360 console gamer and looking to transition to a high-end gaming Windows PC this controller will most definitely make the transition easy. The controller is compatible with Windows 8+ and Xbox 360 consoles. The controller has a compact design and provides one of the most comfortable gaming experiences. This is where it all started, one of the most ergonomics controllers ever designed and if your looking around that statement is proven by the many gaming controllers that mimic it’s design as well as button layout.

The controller can be found in a variety of colors but the most common would be the matte black finish and standard Xbox 360 controller color schemed buttons (red,green,blue and yellow). The analog sticks are place in the most comfortable and continent place for your thumbs. The bumper and trigger button are located within perfect reach of your index fingers. If your looking for a controller that works across all Microsoft platforms, a controller that offers a great gaming experience and feels comfortable after long gameplay at an affordable price then take a look at the Wire Xbox 360 controller. CHECK IT OUT ON AMAZON NOW!

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Hey there,
Lucky me I found this site. I’ve been trying to get another wireless XBOX One controller at a very good price and the info you’re providing is great. I’m also thinking about getting a Steam controller, I play a lot of games on Steam and having a controller for it has got to be super cool.
Thanks for sharing this post pal!

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I’m glad I could help… The steam controller has the cool factor in design and functionality. The dual track pads are definitely something unique and suprisingly they work well during gameplay!


Very interesting article on gaming controllers under 60.00, that does sound very high priced to me but I am not familiar with gaming controllers?

How would I choose the best gaming system for me, I know nothing about them but i haven been seriously looking but I dont want to spend so much money on a gaming system which i will not enjoy playing and get my moneys worth?

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

It all depends on what your looking for… A console? Gaming PC? Android TV? What type of gaming are you looking to get into?

Pete Carrier

Hey Salvatore,

Thanks for the article. I’ve been in the market for a controller for myPC. I wasn’t sure which one to buy until I came across your site. I bought the Nvidia Shield Wireless Controller from Amazon. I just received it yesterday and I love it. Even though it was the most expensive controller out of the five, I couldn’t be happier.

Thanks again,

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I’m glad to here you purchased the Nvidia Shield Wireless controller, it is the most expensive on the list but priced at $60 it still is pretty affordable and a fantastic gaming controller!


Hi, I have to generally agree that PC gaming is not about controllers, but yeah Some games just demand one. Football/Soccer games, for instance, are just better on a pad!

While some may think $60 is a lot to spend on a controller I have tried cheap controllers in the past and they tend to be junk. A poor controller ruins the gaming experience so its well worth spending a bit more to get a good, recommended controller

Great Article, thanks.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I too have tried cheaper controllers, they are junk and do make for a bad gaming experience! All the controllers on this list is well worth your money, will give you an enjoyable gaming experience and are from trusted manufactures.

Thanks for comment!


I was thinking of getting one of these for my daughter, who is a gamer. Have you personally tried all of these controllers? I’d like to know which one you think would hold up the best. A lot of controllers wear out in under a year and she seems to go through them fast.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I have used all the controllers on the list, they are all made of good quality materials and should stand the test of time. However some of the materials are going to wear after a year of use especially in the hands of a hardcore gamer! If I had to choose one I would go with the Xbox One controller, I have never had a xbox 360 or xbox one controller fail on me, it’s very confortable, arguably one of the best controller layouts and the only issues I ever had is the rubbers on the stick wear but that is inevitable.

Geek Hibrid

That steam controller looks pretty dope. Is there any PS4 controllers that are under 60 too?

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

There are a few different after market controllers for the Playstation 4 such as the Alloet Game Pad which you can check out here and it’s going for 45.99 but I have yet to use any after market controllers for the ps4 so I couldn’t give you my honest opinion on the quality or how it functions. However not sure you need to go after market because the standard oem black controller from sony is going for 44.99 on Amazon right now and the other colors are under $60 as well. I suggest just picking up an official Playstation 4 controller, they are fairly affordable if you look around and specifically designed for the PLaystation 4.

Thank you for commenting, hope this helps and if you have any other question please feel free to ask!



Wow really good info on controllers, I have to say that I am a ps4 fan but no one makes better controllers than Microsoft with the xbox one control, the design accommodates the hand perfectly with the buttons on just the right place. definitely the best control around in my opinion.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Microsoft xbox controller has been the best design controller, best button analog stick layout and the ergonomic design makes for a really comfortable controller over long game sessions. This is why plenty of other controller manufactuers have mimiced it’s design because it just works and works well!


Hi there, Great post!
I have a PS4 and that’s the only gaming system I own. I usually don’t go out the way to spend money on a controller. I just use what comes with the package deal I purchase but after reading your post, I might consider buying the Steel Series Stratus XL. I like everything it offers even the design and the matte color. Once again, great article!

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Thank you for reading! The Steel Series Stratus XL is a great controller, it has minor flaws and plenty of great qualities at a great price!

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