The Chinese market is flooded with clones and imitation gaming consoles or handhelds. We all know china to be the bootleg capital of the world and there are plenty of affordable devices but are they all worth your money. Well from time to time as I have said before you can find some “GEMS” and I found one in the GB Boy Colour.

The GB Boy Colour is a Game Boy color clone from a company called KongFeng that was features on an episode of “Reviews By This Guy” on the We Deem Channel and I can’t say enough good things about it. This is one of those devices that doesn’t suck and it does exactly what it was design to do, Play Gameboy games!



The GB Boy Colour for the most part is pretty similar to the design of the original Gameboy Color except it is slightly larger with dimension being 6.1 x 5.1 x 1.6 inches and weighing 7.2 ounces. The original GameBoy Color’s dimension where 2.95 in x 1.06 in x 5.24 in and a weight of 7.1 ounces.


The GB Boy Colour is made of a hard plastic and comes in six colors (Crystal Green, Crystal Blue, Crystal Purple, Yellow, Blue, & Green) The button layout is the same as the Gameboy Color, you have your D pad, B Button, A button, Select and Start. Now there are some people who perfer the D pad on the original and I can see why but the one on the GB Boy Colour didn’t bother me one bit. Overall the buttons had a great feel during gameplay with very little travel and no lag.



The GB Boy Colour features a 2.7 inch screen and it’s back lit unlike the original GameBoy Color which you had to purchase an external light called the “Worm Light”. The GB Boy Colour has a resolution of 160 by 144 pixels and supports up to 56 colors.

GB Boy Colour Screen & Ports

The GB Boy Colour takes 2 double AA and gives up to 20 hours of enjoyable retro gaming. It also has several ports which are similar to the Gameboy color which are the 3v DC which apparently is the same charger for the old Nokia phones, headphone jack, game link(which can hook two GB Boy Colors for Multiplayer games) and a volume rocker.

GB Boy Colour Game Screen

KongFeng claims there is 188 games on the system but in reality there are only 66 with the rest being repeats and in my experience you will find this with almost all Chinese retro consoles. Now I sure there is a way to get into the system, delete the repeats and install your own roms but I haven’t found anything on the internet yet. Despite the repeats the GB Boy Color plays original GameBoy cartridges which gives you a large library to choose from. I have heard of there being issues with some games such as pokemon but they are still playable and for the most part they are only minor. There as some games that appear to have a sped-up frame rate and flicker from time to time but overall if didn’t effect gameplay for me.


Overall the GB Boy Color is one of the best Gameboy Clones I have ever used and the closest thing to it. The design of the handheld brings back fond memories and if I didn’t know better I would almost feel like I was holding a Gameboy Color.  The sound quality is decent, the system is responsive and the gameplay experience is on point. Most games play as intended but some have minor issues and the screen is backlit which makes gaming in dark areas a blast. Now I have test the link port yet but I will in the near future and add an update. I believe the overall selling point of the GB Boy Colour is the capability of playing original Gameboy cartridges which opens a large gaming library for the system and I wish more retro gaming consoles adapted this ability.

GB Boy Colour Cartridge Slot

I think my one of two issues is the console doesn’t have the ability to save your progress if your playing roms like a tradition emulator does and it can become annoying to have to start from the beginning but this is a personal pet peeve which if you grew up during this error it is something your use to anyway. The second con is their being no way for plugging it into a usb port and installing more roms or reflashing the rom chip. The GB Boy Colour is definitely something I recommend taking a look at if your into playing classic retro games and looking for clone that plays your original Gameboy cartridge collection. [CHECK IT OUT ON AMAZON OR EBAY]

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Vertical Veloxity

You said that this is a clone that doesn’t suck. Quote of the month at least. lol. You must be a real gamer to have come by this one. I have no idea what is going on in the game world these days.

I have not seen a Gameboy in so long. But it is great that you are sharing your knowledge with others who are big gamers. I was just about to ask you how you could purchase it.

I see you can get it from Amazon or Ebay . Sweet.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I purchased mine from the wish app but it can be purchased on ebay and amazon. I found it to be the best Gameboy clone yet! However there is a new handheld coming out from Retrobit called the Super retro boy which plays gameboy color, gameboy and gameboy advance games!


This is just what I need! I love gameboy as the games are classic and very easy to play. I love smart phone games to but I find the touchscreen interface does not give a great feeling while playing games. Not to mention it will drain my phone’s battery life too.

By the way, these gameboy are shipped from China? May I know the price of these?

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

They are shipped from China, Philippines, or Thailand as well as some US sellers, I paid $45 on the wish app but I have found some on ebay for around $25 and Amazon for about $65 so you’ll have to do some shopping around for the best price!

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