There has been many times where I have question how to what to do when you first get a device how that uses Lithium Ion batteries as a power source and how to maintain them. On Reviews By This Guy we showcase plenty of devices that use rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries and that has been the standard now a days for many mobile or handheld devices. Over the years I have heard many different many different opinions and never had solid facts. Some have told me to complete deplete the battery and then fully charge it (don’t). Others have said to charge the device out the box and then use it. Let’s go over what I have learned about maintaining a lithium ion battery and how to prolong it’s life?

How To Charge A New Battery

There have been many times where I have heard to charge your new battery for about 12 hours and in some cases I have even heard 16 to 24 hours but this is not necessary with Lithium Ion batteries. Lithium Ion Batteries are live from the factory, should only be charged until 100% and will be at their best capacity after about 5 cycles.

Are You Using The Right Charger

With so many after market and cell phone chargers being produced in china we something find ourselves using chargers we are unaware will cause harm to the Lithium Ion Battery or even the device itself. When charging your device it is best practice to use the charger provided by the manufacturer and if you are unable to obtain one from the manufacturer because they are in production anymore a high quality alternative charger should be used in it place. Avoid over charging, especially with a low quality charger which can be bad for lithium ion batteries and may cause the battery to explode. Just be mindful of what you are purchases and using on your device because saving some pennies now might cost your more in the long run.

Keep the Battery or Device out of high/Low Temperatures

One of the most important things to remember while maintaining a lithium ion battery correctly is to keep the batter or device out of really cold and warm temperatures. Cold weather can deplete the battery power and really hot temperature can cause your battery to explode.

Avoid Completely Depleting The Battery Before Charging

This is something that is very important when trying to prolong the life of your lithium ion battery and that is to avoid waiting for your device to completely die before charging. I suggest frequent charges and not letting the battery percentage fall below 25%. After awhile of allowing the lithium ion battery to completely die will leave the battery with less and less charge capacity.

Try To Avoid Not Charging The Battery For Long Periods

You want to avoid storing the battery for long periods of time without charging it because this can severely lessen the charge capacity as well. If however you have to store the battery for a few months or more charge the lithium ion battery between 30 to around 70% of capacity and this will depend on how long you will be storing the battery. Now of course you will want to take the device or battery out of storage and charge again because the battery will deplete over time! My suggestion is to try an avoid storing the battery or device and make good use of it.

Final Word

It is really important to get the lithium ion battery to last as long as we can, especially when the manufacturer has decide to go with a hardwired battery instead of one that can be easily bought and replaced by the user. If you follow the above suggestion you can prolong a lithium ion battery life and avoid negatively charging or affecting the battery or device. My last suggestion would be to avoid any contact with metal or using a battery that has become hot after charging. If you have any questions or suggestion on maintaining a lithium ion battery please leave a comment down before…


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I have always been curious as to what the right way to charge lithium ion batteries is. I can say that I have left my iPod in the car on cold nights for just a few hours, and that has contributed to it not being able to hold a charge for long.

What about lightening chargers? it seems nowadays that most stores only sell lightning chargers, which seems to take away from the batteries lifespan.

Awesome article, this cleared up a lot of questions that seem to go back and forth when googling it. Everyone’s opinion seems to differ, but you sound very reputable.
Thank you!

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Thank you!

I have done plenty of research because for the longest time I have been confused by the many different opinions or sudo facts. In my opinion I have obviously seen the best and safest results from the manufactures chargers.

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