As a video game collector, there is nothing more important than the physical release and this is the exact thing that sets us aside from gamers. Sure we can download some of our favorite retro games from our childhood but there is no better feeling than holding the physical copy and experience it on the original hardware. Many times I have found myself playing a digital release of a game and couldn’t help but I had a physical copy of the game in my collection. There is one company Limited Run Games that stands out from the rest that is bringing digital games to the physical world and it is a collectors dream come true!

What Is Limited Run Games?

Most people by now know what Limited Run Games is but for the sake of this article let’s dive into what they are and how they are pushing gamers to dust off there Playstation Vita? Limited Run Games is a company fighting against an all-digital future by working with many different game developers to bring their digital games into the physical world on both the PlayStation 4 and yes the PlayStation Vita. The company was founded by Josh Fairhurst and Douglas Bogart in 2015. Their physical releases are, well as the name states produced in limited quantity with a limited number in the Limited Run Collection and have attracted many video game collectors.

Limited Run Game CollectionSo Many Limited Run Games

Limited Run Games has been hard at work pushing digital games into the physical world and there are so many great games now in mine as well as many other’s game collection. There are 106 Limited Run games produced, I will discuss some of my favorites but if you’re interested in a whole list and learning about some of the collector’s edition check out the Limited Run website.

Breach & Clear Deadline GameplayLimited Run Games first release was Beach & Clear Deadline a post-apocalypse real-time tactics action role-playing video game developed by Mighty Rabbit Studios and Gun Media. This is, unfortunately, a Limited Run release I didn’t get my hands on because I was unaware of Limited Run’s existence until I saw Metal Jesus Rocks video on the company. Not sure if I will ever get my hands on a physical copy of this game because due to the collectability and limited quantity which hike up the prices on eBay.

OddWorld New N Tasty GameplayAnother release I wasn’t aware of when it was released was OddWorld: New n’ Tasty which was a remake of the platformer OddWorld: Abe’s Oddysee that originally released on the PlayStation One. The game is beautifully remastered, colors are vibrant and gameplay is just like I remember down to Abe’s signature fart. As a child, I had hours of fun playing Abe’s Oddysee and was excited to hear I could experience a remake on the PlayStation Vita but of course, it was sold out. I wanted the game so bad I paid about $90 on eBay and that is an option if you’re interested in owning a physical release of the game. You can also download a digital copy of OddWorld new n tasty Wii U, PlayStation 4, Vita, and Xbox One.

Soldner X-2 Final Prototype GameplayThere are  a ton of really good RPGs which is coming out of the mouth of someone who has never really been into turn-based RPGs, there is Soldner X-2 Final Prototype which is a great Shoot’em Up which has seven colorful levels, plenty of hidden bonuses which adds replayability, and an adrenaline pumping soundtrack.

If you’re into platformers like me Limited Run provides plenty of options such as Stealth Inc: A clone in the dark, Volume, Lone Survivor, and plenty of adventures games such as theOceanHorn PS Vita Gameplay Zelda Clone OceanHorn which I, unfortunately, didn’t get because my internet was acting up. I did download OceanHorn on my PS Vita, the little bit I played was Amazing and brought me back to all the great memories I have of playing Zelda.

Limited Run is putting together a great package from original cases, to original insets and physical media whether it be on a Playstation 4 DVD or a PlayStation Vita Game Card. There are also collector cards Limited Run gives with every game which adds an extra collectible element and they are really professional looking.

Limited Run Game Collectible Card Binder

So Little Time!

Now, unfortunately, I haven’t been following Limited Run since they started so it has lead me to play catch up and spend a little more for a game I wanted on eBay but it was well worth it. I have built up a pretty large collection of Limited Run Games but why are they still in the plastic? I have been having a hard time finding the time to break the seal and get playin’! My current job has been sucking up way to much of my time and the little time I do have left I have been trying to post of Reviews By This Guy as well as create content on the We Deem Channel. I do plan on breaking the seal of all the games I showcase in the video upbove and featuring them on an episode of We Play so do subscribe to the We Deem Channel if your interested in learning more about the many Limited Run Games I own.

What’s Next For Limited Run Games

I am really excited because Limited Run Games as announced they will be releasing physical copies of digital Nintendo Switch games and there are plenty of games on the Nintendo eShop that I have yet to play. The only game I have played from the eShop  is Sonic Mania and I would love to see a physical release of this game on the Nintendo Switch but I doubt very much that would be a Limited Run physical release. Let me know in the comments down below what you think of Limited Run Games releasing games for the Nintendo switch!

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What a great idea. It seems there is a built-in market for these classic games. Do you know which games they may be releasing in the future? Is the resale value of the game affected if you break the seal?

It looks like all of their games get sold out. If someone knew these games well, they could make a little money by buying the game and then selling it for a higher price when it sells out.

Please keep us informed about future releases.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Limited Run Games is always releasing new games and I try to keep on top of it. The games do sell out and there is a big resell market on Ebay for them, I have seen some of the games sell for anywhere from $70 to $100 and also purchased a game or two that I wanted for far more then the original price $25 to $60. Breaking the seal always brings down the games value but in the end for most gamers it’s all about playing, after all that’s what games are meant for!

Limited Run is releasing Sky Force Anniversary and Croixleur Sigma on January 26th. I am really looking forward to Sky Force which is a Shoot ’em Up that was on Android that I wanted to play but I wanted to experience it on a console so I didn’t download it on my cell phone and now I can with the Limited Run release of the game!

I personally only purchase games I will play, not really into pursuing a full Limited Run Games collection but it is definitely a thing and many collectors do.

You can always check on new releases by heading over to Limited Run Games’ Website!

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