Smart watches have a following and there are many to chose from but for the most part all watches are capable of the same thing. I think before one starts to think of buying a smart watch they need to ask themselves are couple of important decision making questions:

  • Why do I need a smart watch?
  • What do I need my watch to do?
  • Can I live without one?


When smart watches started to surface I had no interest in them, they were expensive and why should I pay a hefty $200 – $400 price tag or more just because I might be too lazy to pull my phone out of my pocket. Then my feeling started to change when I got a Samsung note 4 with a wallet case and yes it brought on the lazy factor. Now no that doesn’t sound like a lot of work but I started to think of the concept of taking my phone out of my pocket, unlatching the wallet case, hitting the button to wake the screen and then swiping my thumb on the bio metric fingerprint scanner or typing in a password verses looking at the watch that automatic shows me the notification without touching any buttons.


When I finally made the decision that having a smart watch would make my life much easier and speed up the process of reading text messages or seeing who is calling I had to then make the decision of what device matched my needs. TherMan Thinkinge are so many smart watches on the market, sony smart watch, pebble watch,lg smart watch, more popular apple
smart watch and samsung galaxy smart watch. All these options where excellent options for someone who was looking for loads of features and willing to cough up the $200 to $400 price tags. However, I was looking for a watch that was capable of much similar tasks and was affordable. This is when I started looking at the Chinese market and different Chinese smart devices.


Now I knew I wanted very basic features and an afforable price so my online research brought me to take a look at Chinese smart watches. I know what your saying right now “Chinese products are made of poor quality” and this is what I thought at first as well but start looking around most products even the quality ones are built in china. Chinese watches such as the GT08 smart watch or the u8 smart watch could bring you a simple way to read text messages, see who is calling and view other notifications without having to take your phone out of my pocket all for as low as $15.


Quality and functionality of the device was a concern of mine but when you started seeing price tag such as $15 – $50 for your basic Chinese smart watches you might decide it’s worth the risk. Now you probably asking “Well did it pan out” and it most definitely did. I purchase the GT08 and the $30 price tag left me impressed. The GT08 smart watch had a similar look and feel to the apple smart watch without the ability to download the fancy apps. The build quality was surprising and I found it to be rather well constructed. Keep in mind these devices will not be build as well as the high end smart watches but built well for the price.


U8 & GT08 Smart Watches

If your anything like me you are looking for a simple smart watch, something that has the ability to read/write text message, see who is calling without going through the process of removing your cell phone from your pocket and to see what notification you have received. The GT08 smart watch does that in the most simplest way possible and does it quite well. Most basic non-android wear Chinese smart phones can receive notification, receive phone calls, view your contacts, missed calls, incoming calls, going out call logs, read and write text messages via Bluetooth. Some watches have some other cools features such as remotely taking a picture through your cell phone camera, take pictures from the watch, taking call on the watch with a build in speaker, stop watch, voice recorder and even watches such as the GT88 Chinese smart watch has a heart monitor on the back which is very similar to the apple smart watch. However, if you looking for a watch with the ability to download apps, read emails and conduct social media posting you are going to want to take a look at the more expensive Chinese smart watches with android wear or the high end smart watches mention above.


If you looking for a smart watch to conducted simple task such read text messages, respond to text messages, see who calling, and receive other notification without taking out your cell phone I would suggest taking a look at the Chinese market. For an really low price you can get a bluetooth smart watch such as the GT08 that does what a smart watch was design to do receive notification and to be perfectly honest for the price they work pretty well. If your interested in learning more about the GT08 or GT88 smart watch please click here for the review.

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Hey there, I was also originally put off by the hefty price tag of the iwatch, even samsung smart watch felt a little pricey.

I am always an analog watch kind of guy, I prefer the good Seiko movement than something digital. I always like to see my second hand of the watch ticking/sweeping :D, but I do realize that smart watch can bring about a lot of convenience into the day to day tasking.

Guess it’s time to expand my watch collections!

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I felt the same way at first but then I realize how convenient it would be to flip my wrist and see a text message instead of having to pull my phone out of my pocket. Yes it sound lazy but when you think about it convenience is there because essentially we become lazy from time to time and want to make our lives easier!

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