Up till now I have talked discussed affordable gaming keyboards, gaming mice, headsets and gaming controllers but wait what about the hardware needed to play the most important thing, games! Now most of us know when it comes to a gaming desktop your best bet is to build one from scratch if you want to best bang for your buck but this, for the most part, is impossible when it comes to a mobile solution so purchasing a pre-built gaming laptop is the only way to go. You might find yourself questioning which laptop will be powerful enough to power present gaming and give you the best gaming experience? In order to answer that question, you first need to know what specs to look for…


Obviously, when it comes to technology the more the better, it’s more so true when thinking about the right laptop for gaming and it’s important to get it right the first time because most laptop components can’t be upgraded. The two most important elements when thinking about a gaming laptop is the processor and graphic card. Now, as far as processors I would go with an Intel Core i7 processor and at least 2GB for the graphics card. A 1TB hard drive would be your starting point and 12GB of ram or more. Now when it comes to gaming pixel screen resolution is important if you want a crisp picture and you’re going to want to make sure the laptop your looking at is 1920 x 1080 or once again more is better.

Now that your know what to look for let’s take a look at the “SIX GAMING LAPTOPS THAT ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY!”

Alienware 13 R3 Gaming Laptop

Alienware 13 R3

Well naturally a Alienware gaming laptop had to hit this list and the Alienware 13 R3 is the most portable gaming laptop out of the six but does have the least impressive specs. The Alienware 13 R3 has a 13.3 inch 1,66 x 766 px TN-QHD 2,560 x 1440 OLED touch screen and 180GB to 512GB SSD which isn’t a whole lot of storage for games but this can always be upgraded in the future if need be. It has either a intel Core I5 or I7 which if I was you I would of course stick to the recommended specs for a gaming laptop and get the I7. The Alienware 13 R3 has either 8GB or 16GB and a Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 graphic card which has become widely associated with gaming in the gaming community. the R3 is definitely an affordable gaming laptop for those gamers on a budget… Full Review Soon…

Lenovo Idea Pad


The Lenovo Y700 FHD is more the equipped for any graphic design software you throw at it and won’t hold you back during even the most intense design sessions. The Y700 Lenovo laptop has an Intel Core I7 quad-core processor, a NVidia GeForce 960M graphics card and a decent 8GB or 12GB of ram. Now the laptop comes with a 1TB hard drive or a 256GB solid-state drive which I would either upgrade or purchase a larger external. Full Review Soon…

 Dell XPS 15


The Dell XPS 15 XPS9560 is a 4k laptop with an Intel Core i7 processor with 16GB of Ram, 1TB solid state drive and a 4GB NVidia Geforce GTX 1050 graphics card. The 4k Ultra HD has a resolution of 3840 by 2160, it’s touch display with 6 million more pixels than full HD and 3 more million then a MacBook Pro which will make all the colors of the color wheel pop. Full Review Soon…

Asus Rog Stix


The Asus Rog Strick GL553VD 7th Generation with it’s LED keyboard is a gamers laptop but the best laptop for graphic design because of it’s powerful Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor, 4GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card, 16GB of Ram and 1TB hard drive. It has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, 93% sRGB and 72% AdobeRGB scale. Full Review Soon…

Razer Blade Gaming Laptop

Razer Blade

The Razer Blade at first glance looks similar to a MacBook Pro in design and can in most cases be considered it rival. The Blade has a battery life of 7 and a half hours. It has a 2.6GHz Intel Core I7-6700HQ processor and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5 VRAM Graphics Card. The Razor Blade is packing 16GB of ram, a 256GB to 1TB SSD  and a LED backlit multi-touch 14-inch FHD 1920 by 1080 px QHD screen. The Razer Blade is plenty laptop for gaming and comes in close at a standard price for a MacBook Pro with similar specs.Full Review Soon…

Apple Mac Book Pro


Ok, now all the gamers are standing around with their jaws dropped and just waiting to write their hateful comments. However, believe it or not ever since Mac started using Intel iCore processors in their laptops they are now powerful enough for gaming. Now it’s always been said that PC is king when it comes to the gaming community but it’s time to give the Mac Book Pro some room to grow in the gaming world and with the addition of an Intel processor I don’t think they will have any issues.

The Apple MacBook Pro is powered by a 2.6GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor and Intel HD Graphic 530 graphics card. The MacBook Pro has a 16GB RAM and 256GB solid-state drive. It has a 15.4-inch display, screen resolution of 2880 x 1800 pixels and 25% more RGB color gamut. This is by far the most expensive on the list with the Dell XPS 15 following but well worth the money for its internal power and build quality. Full Review Soon…


There are my picks for the “SIX GAMING LAPTOPS THAT I FEEL IS WORTH EVERY PENNY”, they meet the recommended specs which will give you a great gaming experience in 2017 and well into 2018. I tried to keep these laptops at a reasonable price without sacrificing power and still keep them in the realm of gaming!

The laptops showcased in this list are not cheap by no means but anyone who has been gaming for awhile or even just getting into will shortly realize that gaming isn’t cheap and if you want the best gaming experience you will most likely be spending some hard earn cash!

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these are quite impressive machines. if I had to pick, my first choice would be Alienware (core i7)because it’s popular in gaming community and also well built, except the hard drive is too small;
2nd choice: Razer blade, because it’s well balanced, except for the screen with lower resolution;
3rd choice is Dell that’s a well built machine also.
unfortunately I’m not a gamer. My daily activities don’t allow me to be

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Those are all great choices and Alienware would be the most popular within the gaming community. I hear you on the daily activities not allowing for much gaming but because I missed it so much I am trying to get back into it and make time! 

As I get back into I am having a blast testing, reviewing and sharing my opinion to the rest of the world. Thanks for stopping buy and if you ever decide to get back into gaming or just play here and there I am always here to answer any question or suggest the right hardware for the job!


I am not a tech geek, but your article is useful to me. I do Future and Option Trading. My laptop always has 7-8 Windows which will run out RAM if graphic card and RAM are not high-end enough. When there is a bullet trend comes, your computer and internet speed will be the key point for the trader. In this case, if your display has lag and you will lose big money, so trader’s laptop will be at least gaming laptop level.

It looks like they are all your unique select. I have 2 questions, 1. Why there is no pricing info? 2. Where can I buy laptops listed in your article?

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Thanks, I am glad you found the article useful and it is important to have a gaming level laptop for other uses such as trading…

I want my viewers to understand the ins and outs of each laptop. I am currently working on full reviews of all six laptops which will be up soon and include all the pricing information as well as the best place to purchase each laptop!

Ephraim Gerstein

When it comes to computers, I’m an Apple guy all the way (in fact I’m typing this comment on an iPad Pro); so I would be highly inclined to go with the MacBook Pro. However, my one concern is compatibility with the games. Would having a MacBook Pro limit my ability to play any games, or participate in any MMOG’s that the other gaming laptops that you featured would otherwise open me up to? Is there any significant disadvantage to owning an Apple product, just because it’s an Apple product, in terms of gaming?

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I like to first say sorry for the delay and thank you for the comment!

Back in the day, gaming was a pc thing and gaming on a Mac was an issue. However, ever since Apple started using Intel processors in their computers those days are over and gaming is definitely a Mac thing as well! If your into Steam it is supported on Mac and most games now a days will run perfectly find on a Mac. 

At the end of the Day most gamers will gravitate to the PC for their gaming and I understand but all I’m saying is don’t count the Mac Book Pro out!

Jacob Schilling

Hello. I have an Asus G750, got it way back in 2014. It has gotten a bit old, however. Hasn’t been exercising as much, and as a result, it’s not handling the video games like it used to. It’s a bit out of shape.

I do like your suggestions. I myself am planning on soon transferring to a built pc.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I will be building a custom gaming PC soon, I think it is the best way to go if you are tech savvy but for those who aren’t and looking for a great mobile gaming machine these six laptops are a great option! 

Good Luck with the build, I would be interested to see how it turned out and what components you decided to go with. Do considered following the We Deem Google Plus page and letting me know all the details.


Nice info on which gaming laptops to start our further research on. So many products out there and too busy to go shopping so I really appreciate this post.

I used to play online and offline games a lot back in the day but real life takes over sometimes and busy we got to go lol.

But I’d like to add how important it is to step away from all the hard we we do each day and jump on to an entertaining game on a good fast gaming laptop now and then.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Stepping away from work and blowing off some steam is definitely needed from time to time. Gaming is a great way to take the edge off!

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