Retro-Bit Res Plus Review

You might associate the Retro Bit name with the Retro Duo and Super Retro Trio. Retro Bit is one of two popular companies that are working hard to keep retro gaming alive and retro gamers in the game. We as retro-gamers know as time goes on our beloved retro hardware will fail, it’s inevitable, so we are in search for a way to continue to play our retro video game collection and retro-bit continues to show us the way. Just recently Retro-bit has released the Res Plus, a HD Nes Clone console and I must say it’s freakin’ awesome! Let’s take a look at the Res Plus build quality, how it functions during gameplay and what comes included in the box.

Retro-Bit Res Plus-What's in the BoxWhat’s In The Box

The Retro-Bit console comes with two controllers, a HDMI cord, USB wire and a power brick. Two controllers are something that is very rare and it is nice to see Retro-Bit has included two controllers which make it easy to invite your friend over to some retro-gaming right out the box!

Retro-Bit Res Plus ConsoleDesign & Build Quality

To be honest there is nothing special about the Retro bit Res Plus design or build quality and I must say that is not where the Freakin’ Awesome reaction comes from. The Res Plus is built like any other Chinese clone or Multi-Game plug n’ play console out there.

It’s built of a lightweight plastic which seems pretty sturdy but very flimsy around the cartridge slot and also felt very familiar to cheaper Chinese gaming consoles.

Retro bit decided to go with a red and black color scheme which I think looks pretty sleek. The Res Plus has a very fifties electronic design with the overall upside town trapezoid shape in the front of the console and the red outside Retro_bit Res Plus Nes Clone Controlleraround the outside. In the end, it is a very simple design, nothing eye-catching and I would have to say at times I found myself bored just staring at it.

The Res Plus controller has the same rectangle design the original Nintendo Entertainment System controller had, the d-pad has a traditional design but not an exact match to the original NES controller and the action buttons has the original dome shape but they are diagonal instead of horizontal. The start and select button are made of a rubber that feels pretty familiar to the original controller.

Features & Specs

The Retro Bit Res Plus features a top loading cartridge slot like the Nintendo Top Loader, a spring-loaded Retro-Bit Res Plus Console Portsreset button, two original Nintendo NES controller ports and a slide on/off power button instead of the original push button on the NES.

The Res Plus has a video-output of 720p, features composite Audio / Video out for old CRT TVs if you’re looking for that authentic retro gaming experience as well as HDMI out if your looking to play your NES games on a newer HD TV and is powered by a Micro USB cable.

The Res Plus controller features the original Nintendo NES connector unlike the Chinese Nintendo classic console clone that was featured in an episode of Review By This Guy on the We Deem Channel, a traditional four-directional D-pad, diagonal convex action buttons opposed to the original horizontal buttons on the original NES controller and rubberized start and select buttons which they decided to position at the top of the controller?


Now I know there are people on both sides of the fence when it comes to clones consoles, some are in favor and others just are completely against. Gameplay is what causes this divide and it mainly because with most clone console there is frame rate issues as well as audio issues.

With the Retro Bit Res Plus I didn’t see too many issues and at times almost felt like I was playing on the original Nintendo. I choose three different games to play and in my opinion, all three games play just fine on the Res Plus.

The first game was Double Dragons, frame rate and audio seemed just fine. Now I did notice a weird err sound, which I could only describe as the sound you would hear if one of your audio cables weren’t situated right or starting to go out but I notice this sound on the Hyperkin Retron HD so maybe it’s the game itself or maybe it is an emulation issue. Unfortunately I don’t have an original Nintendo to test the game future but hopefully, I will in the near future…

The second game was The Simpsons: Bart Vs. Space Mutants and at first I thought the audio was a little sped-up but it seems to be the same way when I watched some gameplay videos on Youtube. During gameplay, it felt like I was getting an authentic Nintendo NES experience but I will say I realized since I never played the game I suck.

The last game I played was, well guess! Yes, it had to be Zelda and I relived a game that brought me countless amount of joy in my childhood. The game played flawlessly, it was just as I remembered, the framerate and the audio seemed on point. Nothing seemed off and as I said before if I didn’t know any better I would have thought I was five again playing the game again for the first time on my original Nintendo Entertainment System!

Final Thoughts

The Res Plus kind of failed in the design department in my opinion but made up for it in actual gameplay and emulation. All three games that I played worked flawlessly and there were no noticeable frame rate issues that made a bad gaming experience. For the most part, I felt as though I was playing on an original Nintendo and had a blast reliving some of the games from my childhood. The Res Plus features original NES controller ports so you can experience playing your favorite NES games in HD with the original Nintendo controller or choose to use the include Retro Bit controller which are almost an exact copy to the original.  At the end of the day, the Retro Bit Res Plus allows you to play your original Nintendo games on your HD TV and experience them in a whole new way!