Redragon Asura k501 gaming keyboard header


PRICE: $32.97

DIMENSIONS: 19.7 x 8.3 x 1.2 inches

WEIGHT: 1.8 ounces



Redragon is recognized across the world for manufacturing high quality keyboards for almost always under the $50 price tag. Most of their keyboard are design in a black and red color scheme. The Redragon Asura  K501 comes in a black color scheme with red accented buttons on all sides and has sharps edges that appear to have a space ship feel. The redragon asura’s housing is made of decent quality plastic and feels very sturdy.

Redragon Asura k501 Gaming Keyboard

The ASURA gaming keyboard  has a 6ft nylon braided usb cable which always adds a touch of quality, makes it less likely to tangle and I as well as many other gamers are a huge fan of.

Redragon Asura k501 Gaming Keyboard Braided Usb Cable


The Redragon Asura k501 has 7 led colors and you are able to adjust the brightness. There are 104 standard keys, 12 multimedia keys and 32 conflict-free keys which made it usable for every day normal computing task. There are 8 programmable buttons which I didn’t need any software to program and 2 input speed buttons. In the past I have had issues with accidentally clicking the window key and we all know how much of a pain that can be but with this keyboard it can be disabled.

Redragon Asura k501 gaming Keyboard colors

This gaming keyboard has interchangeable arrow keys and “WASD” keys. While I am pretty used to using the WASD keys, it is nice to have the option and I’m sure there are some gamers out there that do use the arrow keys, so thank you Redragon for making this an option.

Redragon Asura k501 Gaming Keyboard WASD Arrow Switch


The Redragon Asura k501 is definitely worthy of being a contender in the “TOP FIVE AFFORDABLE GAMING KEYBOARDS”, it’s at a great low price and doesn’t sacrifice quality. One con that could turn some gamers away is the LED lighting on the keyboard can’t be switch off and the keyboard controls the color being displayed. If you decide to pick add the Redragon Asura k501 to your gaming setup I would also consider getting one of Redragon’s gaming mice as well and I recommend the Redragon M902 Samsara gaming mouse.

Hope this review was helpful and if you have any question please feel free to comment on the bottom of  “TOP FIVE AFFORDABLE GAMING KEYBOARDS” post. Don’t forget to check out the Redragon Asura k501 gaming keyboard and the Redragon M902 Samsara gaming mouse on Amazon.