PlayStation 5 Console Design Blew My Mind!

Sony finally released the PlayStation 5 console design and left most people confused or dissatisfied but for me I am really fond of the design. For the longest I think Sony has lacked in the creativity area for their consoles and haven’t taken enough design risk or jumped out of the box. Even the Xbox Series X in my opinion is playing it safe with what is essentially a miniAtx style PC Gaming Case and even though it is somewhat appealing I think the design team could have been a little more creative. So, What exactly have people been saying and what do I really think of the PlayStation5 final design?

What does the PlayStation 5 look like?

PlayStation 5 Final Design for the All Digital and Blueray Edition

Well here goes the PlayStation 5 console design for the All Digital and Blue-ray edition of the PlayStation 5. There have been so many people on the internet that seem dissatisfied with the design or even completely hate it.

“I’m not a huge fan, I don’t hate it out right, it’s just a little two loud for me and it looks very much like some type of an over the top gaming router”

Kevin Kenson

“Initial impressions are not great to how that looks I’ll be honest”

Spawn Wave

“Wow, Wow what is that? What is that? what is that what the heck is that? What is that? Is it wo, It looks like an android! Is so futuristic looking… It has fins… Why does it look like a fan? That is so strange… That is such a weird design!

Wood from Beatemups!

“I think the console looks fine… Like I Said on social media I don’t care if the console looks like a flesh light! If it works properly, has awesome games it could be a replica of my ass cheeks where you put the disk between the butt cheeks, the hairy butt cheeks if it works and plays the 4k Blue-rays just fine and the game play just fine I’ll be OK with it.”

Rich from Reviewtechusa

As you can see for every four opinions, three are negative and those who embraced the design are the minority. The percentage is a gestimate on my part but it definitely seems that way!

The PlayStation 5 memes are a plenty!

I can see it, it does have that structure design… I’ve aslo seen a meme of it as a building (hotel or office) on a beach and yes I can see the resemblance.

Now that is quite hilarious and it’s not far from the truth because the PlayStation 5 is no small console. The console is quite large and we will get into a comparison later in the post.

So, what’s my opinion on the design?

Personally, I like the design and I find it creative. For awhile now PlayStation has been my least favorite design consoles when compared to what Microsoft is putting out and yes also the big VCR looking Xbox one’s original design. I think the design of the PlayStation three was, let me guess disgusting and the PlayStation 4 Pro wasn’t much better.

PlayStation’s design team finally decided to take a risk, think out of the box and be a little creative with the design. Now some people like Kevin Kenson mentioned it looked like a gaming router and it does but one cool looking gaming router in my opinion. Personally, I think it looks like something Alienware would have designed and I think PlayStation’s design team was going for a PC gaming tower look. There is no mystery that consoles have been trying to close the gap between console gaming and PC gaming for years. With the specs of these new consoles they are getting close and both consoles look like PC gaming Towers.

PlayStation 5 Console Design Dislikes…

Now there has to be something that I dislike about the PlayStation 5 final design, right and the answer to that would be yes. First I am not to fond of the points at the top that the white outer shell comes to. it does look a little strange but I’m sure it has something to do with pulling air into the system because the vents that appear to be on the majority of the side of the inner black part of the console.

I do agree with Spawn Wave that the all digital looks more symmetrical and it’s my favorite of the two designs. It would have looked a ton better if the Blue-ray drive could have some how been in the center of the console instead of the outer part. Maybe they could have made the center black part of the console a little bigger on the Blue-ray edition to accommodate the disk drive and possible put it at the top like some smaller PC cases do.

Image from

Now here is my second small but on the other hand big issue with the PlayStation 5 and that is the size. If this comparison from is accurate the PlayStation 5 is massive compared to past PlayStation consoles and it’s competitor the Xbox Series X. How is this going to look near my TV? Will it fit on the shelf of my TV Stand or will it have to go on a computer desk?

Final Thoughts on the PlayStation Five design…

As I said I think the PlayStation 5 console design is creative and striking. It reminds me of something Alienware would have design for their gaming PCs and if it was being released by them I think the overall feelings would be different. Now I do agree the Blue-ray drive hanging out the side is a little off putting and kind of throws the design off but even with that said I still rather love the design. PlayStation has though out of the box with this one and did a good job of making it hard to determine whether this is a console or PC.

I personally commend them for integrating the cooling methods into the design with points at the top that come outward which more then likely pull air into the vents around the outer top black part of the console. If anything the cooling on the PlayStation five is going to be better then it’s predecessor the PlayStation 4!

Didn’t touch much on the color above but I like the color scheme that they went with but I have always been partial to white consoles and I think the two tone color scheme will stand out on my TV stand amongst all my consoles. It will be interesting to see what special editions they release and what they will looks like. I have already seen someone on Instragram design a Spider Man one and it looked amazing.

New PlayStation 5 Release Date

After reading this you might be asking you shelf when is the official New PlayStation 5 release date and unfortunately there is no specific PlayStation 5 release date but Sony announced it will be Holiday 2020 so if I had to get sometime around October or November to gain hype and allow people of change to get a hold of one for the Christmas Holiday.

Let me know below what you think of the PlayStation 5 Final design below… Like? Dislike? What do you like or dislike about it? Fan of the Xbox One Series X more?

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Stratos K

No matter what design they made there would always be people that would dislike it. You cannot avoid that. Yes the PS5 does have a bit more innovative looks than the other generations but i think it’s just the first reaction now. As time goes by it will grow into most people and we will not be talking about it so much. 

Even with Xbox more conservative design I have heard some very bad comments like it looks like a fridge and things like that. You can never please everyone with console design unfortunately. In my opinion they did good to try something different and one thing I adore about it is the white color. I was bored to death after three generations of having all black. White makes it looks far more premium and slick.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

That is true there will always be someone who doesn’t like the design of the console and over time it will grow on most people. I agree white does look premium and slick!

Iheanacho David

This is actually one review i have been waiting to see. I can’t wait to get my own. The design actually looks different from the regular playstation designs.I go also go with your dislikes about the new design. The new pad looks cool too its a little bit more curvy now just like that of xbox. Nive review

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Thanks I too like the new design of the controller and personally the design of the console as I said above is striking. It was about time Sony tried something new!


Hello there! thanks for this awesome review. Great job!

I think the PlayStation5 design is cool. The curved slim shape is reminiscent of a router more than a game console and it is a significant contrast to the Xbox Series cube-like shape. The PS5  will also be usable horizontally and not have to stand vertically to work.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Personally, I can’t wait to see what they do with the slim version of the console in years to come!


I was wondering when the PS5 would come out, it’s been some time since number 4 already! This is pretty sleak though, I like it. Funny memes but I don’t think there is much to complain about. It looks pretty cool and definitely more unique than all the others who came before it. This playstation clearly had a lot of effort going into making it look good.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I agree I think the PlayStation design team set forth a lot of effort and creativity in this design!


And now I’m intrigued! Thanks for the great information.

I usually wait for my adult kids to provide their thoughts on gaming systems. After all, they are the ones who will be using them, for the most part. And they do very intense research on the upcoming systems.

However, with this new design of the PS5, I might just jump in and buy one for one of the boys for Christmas this year as a surprise, and then have a chance to see it in use, too. I really like the sleek design look this one has. 

Do you think they will sell out at Christmas time this year? I know manufacturers often plan to create the hype, then limit the number available to keep it going through holiday sales.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Not sure, I guess it will depend on the price and what bundles they might sell during the holiday. Would be interesting to see which console sells the most units, Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5!


I must stay that I also quite like the design of Sony’s new Playstation 5. It certainly looks better than the previous versions, and it was a risk for them to go out of the box and try something totally different.

I haven’t actually tried it yet as since lockdown hasn’t seen any models in store to try on, but if it is an improvement on the old system in more than a few ways, I might think of upgrading from the version 3 that I have.

What is your favorite feature that the new one has that the old ones don’t?

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I think my favorite feature of the PS5 is the dual Sense Controller and the ability to feel different terrain!


Play station 5 this really something I just go my brothers play station 4 and now 5 is out I swear this people are really Working and I must sayi like the design and can’t wait for it tb e be out as it would make I nice Christmas present for the boys.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Would make a really good gift, someone will be happy…


Cool post. Actually I think the new PlayStation 5 looks totally cool. I am assuming the wings or whatever they are provide a cooling system or are just there to add a more futuristic look. I mean look at gaming chairs, they look cool but I am just as comfortable in a regular chair. Are far as the overall specs goes, is it a better system as far as game play? That would be what I would be most interested in. You covered the PlayStation 5 well along with some videos that can give a more in-depth  look at the machine. I do remember when the PlayStation first came out and I thought it was amazing playing Need For Speed back 20 years ago about. I am a dinosaur player, still playing Doom. Great read! I’ll look forward tp more!

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I still love classic pc games myself!


I did not know about the new possible release of PlayStation 5.  The design is going to be different from the previous PlayStation 4.  I have been playing on the Xbox and with this new design that looks cool, will have to consider purchasing the new PlayStation 5 when it is released. Have to conduct some more research to find out if they are going to be limited quality released, so can be on Preorder list.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

It will be a huge and difficult decision on which to console I get first. Also will I get it on release or wait till all the kinks a worked out!


This is definitely a major design change from its previous versions. Personally, I don’t really care much about design as long as I see major improvements in my gaming experience. If I were to give an opinion though, I say it’s good to change how a product looks after having been “conservative” for many years. Plus every time there are design changes, a percentage of users is inevitably dissatisfied. Design aside, I am eager to try the new PS5.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I agree! I believe the change is good and the design is something new and not as conventional as the Xbox series X!


Hi there and thanks for the great review.  I think the design looks rather cool.  My main concern is how will the device perform, so I sort of agree with Rich @ Reviewtechusa, but I don’t think I would ask him for design ideas 😉

I for one don’t keep up with the latest in gaming consoles.  My last purchase was a WII U for my son.  I guess I’m one of those PC based gamers.

Any idea what the price is going to be when it is released?



Salvatore Jenkins Jr

The price is up in the air but most are leaning toward $499 for the PlayStation 5 with Blueray and $399 for the All digital.


Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. The high-end models of the gaming console stood out from its competitors and had an edge. It reminds me of various other gadgets, but mostly an internet router. For me, the new sophisticated design is much better than the X-Box’s ‘boring’ look. 

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I completely agree with the Xbox’s boring look!


I too really enjoy this new design. It’s not boring anymore like I saw it with the previous ones. And I can only agree – creative, striking, commendable. The color scheme I like as well. On that note, I will have to look up that Spider Man one.

I loved the point there at the end. Was this something released by Alienware everyone would be losing their shit in a positive sense. Praising it, hailing it, loving it. It would be a completely different set of opinions and feedback. But since it’s Playstation, I guess people kind of expect it to be very simplistic and plain. Which at least the way I see it, they no longer want to be.

Awesome post. Cheers.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I believe they stepped the bar up a notch and took the design to great heights!


I am with you, I really like PlayStation 5’s design. And I hated the design for PS3 and PS4 didn’t impress me. It seems they have been getting better and better. I have read that these white wings sticking out are for pulling air into the system. And I commend them for that decision. Waiting for the release date.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I am waiting as well, just hoping the air flow is better and it doesn’t end up being a loud as the PS4!


Hello there,

Thank you for this awesome review. I have been waiting for something like this and here you are giving a go a head for it. I love the design , the white color and everything.I will try to see where I can put the ps4 as this is now in thing. Ans I also play station doesn’t release something like the PS5sooner before I enjoy this one.

Great article.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

There are plenty of reasons to still enjoy the PlayStation 4 and ton of great games. More then likely I won’t be getting the PS5 on launch so my PS4 will still get love!


I cannot say enough of the beauty of this play station 5. The fact that they revamp everything about it and that really blew my mind about it and thats great to see. Seriously, I love this and thanks so much for sharing here. I actually watched the live stream and thats great to see. Thumbs up for your post

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Thank you and I agree despite popular opinion!


I swear when this was released the sheer number of memes that were made from it was hilarious. My favourite was the Dragonball Z one where the PS5 is Cell’s head hahahaha but yeah its definable much more visually appealing than the new Xbox. Seems Microsoft were a little bit low on creativity.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I didn’t see the Dragon Ball Z one but that sounds hilarious!

John Keldon

This new PlayStation 5 Console design does look weird. To me it looks like something NASA would create, except it doesn’t fly. The more I look at it, the more I find it interesting. Maybe that was the point all along, to fall for this new game machine outer looks as the first appeal. I also like the Memes that people come up with. That was funny, especially the one with the Pope. Ha! Ha!

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I think it is definitely an interesting design and it’s design is functional as well.


The fact that the hype was way too much for the consoles actually got me very optimistic towards it and I couldn’t believe that I watched  the live stream of the event. However, I would say that I was exactly mind blown because this is just way beyond what I had expected and the design actually killed it for me. It is just simply a leap into the future and what we should expect with time. Honestly, I really like what I saw and I already pre-ordered one for myself. Thanks

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I’d have to agree, while most ridiculed the design I embrace it and believe it is definitely what the PlayStation need something different from what we what we are use to.


I’ve read a lot about the new PlayStation 5 and it’s been a kind of mixed feedback, I think it is cool with the upgrades they’ve adjusted into it and I also like the design, it’s very beautiful. One of the things I really like about it is the cooling system that they improved, I usually don’t like how my PlayStation 4 get hot and shuts down cos of heat. Thanks for their amazing review.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

My PS4 sounds like a Jet engine sometimes so I am happy to see the new cooling system!

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