With Android being one of the most used and preferred operating systems for mobile there is no mystery that gaming would make its way onto the platform. Over the years since the introduction of the Android system on September 23, 2008, gaming on the platform has continued to evolve and the hardware it runs on continues to get more powerful. There are many different android tv devices including Smart TVs, media streaming devices, and Micro Gaming Consoles. Today I just want to take a look at one specific Android Tv Micro Gaming Consoles and that is the Nvidia Shield TV!



Simply put the Nvidia Shield TV is the best android tv box for gaming but exactly what is the Nvidia Shield TV and Android TV? Well, let’s start with Android TV which is a version of the Android Operating System design for smartphones and media players. Android TV features a user interface more suitable for media streaming and content layout. The interface layout uses a verticle scrolling row based interface somewhat similar to the interface we come accustomed to on Youtube which makes media content more organized and easier to find. The system supports voice-activated commands and searches across multiple platforms. In a nutshell, it brings all your favorite media platforms together and organizes into one simple device.

Nvidia Shield TV with Shield RemoteAND THE NVIDIA SHIELD TV…?

By now we all might have had a Smart Phone equipped with Android OS, so you have watch youtube, Netflix, surfed the web and shopping on your cell phone.  There is one other thing Android continues to do well and that is gaming. Have you ever been playing a game on your Android Smart Phone and felt it would be a much better experience on a console? Well I know I have… Here is where the Nvidia Shield TV comes into play, an Android TV Box that is capable of so much more than media streaming and Android gaming. To find out what that so much more is we have to understand the company behind the Nvidia Shield TV and its inner workings!


Well, Nvidia of course! Nvidia is a company that designs graphics processing units for computers and even currently the Nintendo switch. Nvidia is also known for making system on chips for the mobile computing and automotive markets.



To understand why the Nvidia Shield Tv is the still the best in 2019 we have to take a look at the Nvidia Shield Specs and its internals. The Nvidia Shield TV is equipped with the NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor 256-core Maxwell GPU which is also in our loved Nintendo Switch and it’s not a mystery why the Nvidia Shield TV is one best android tv boxes for gaming. The device has 3GB of ram which is pretty good for a mobile Android device and contains 16GB of storage. I know 16GB of storage is nothing for a gaming device and they took away the sd card slot which is a bummer but external storage can be added via the USB. The Shield is outputting at 4k 60fps and High Dynamic Range. The Nvidia Shield Specs are definitely impressive and fully capable of Nintendo Switch level gaming.


The Nvidia Shield is capable of playing android games but that doesn’t set it aside from all the other Android TV devices and mobile Smartphones on the market. The question remains what makes the Nvidia Shield TV the best android tv box for gaming and the answer is Nvidia Geforce Now. Nvidia Geforce is Nvidia video game streaming service which is my opinion is amazing and gamers can benefit in two ways.

Windstream Internet Connection

My Personal Windstream Wifi Internet Connection…


If you’re in the same boat as me and don’t have a high-end gaming pc you will benefit the most from having an Nvidia Shield. Geforce Now allows the Nvidia Shield to play current gen pc or console games from Nvidia’s servers without the need of a gaming PC and it only cost $150 to $200 which is far cheaper than paying $1500 to $2000 on a decent gaming pc. Just keep in mind you will need a really good internet connection for the best experience and if your internet connection is mediocre your going to have studdering as well as constant server disconnects. I myself have Windstream and as you can see in the photo it isn’t that fast. Now this is over the OS provided WiFi router but it will play decently with slight studdering if no one else is on the WiFi.


Individuals looking for a way to test out a game before purchasing or just don’t want to take up space by downloading or installing a game can benefit from Geforce Now and just play the game over Nvidia’s servers. There is a large roster of games and several different genres so there is something for every type of gamer.


The Nvidia Shield Tv also allows for video game streaming from your gaming pc, so if you have a gaming pc in your bedroom or household office and want the capability of playing those games in another room of the house the Shield TV can stream from your gaming PC. Streaming games from your Pc to the Shield TV is one benefit that most Android TV boxes don’t have…


There has been plenty of Android TV devices on the market in the past and there are plenty of cheaper Chinese Android TV devices currently on the market but none compare to the Nvidia Shield Specs. In the past, we have seen the Ouya and the Forge TV which were both unfortunately failed. There is a list of reasons why these Android TV devices failed but one is simply was bad quality control. Either way, both the Ouya and Forge TV paved the way for the Nvidia Shield TV. We have also seen plenty of Chinese devices popping up but they just don’t compare to the specs of the Nvidia Shield TV and even though they are fully capable of android gaming they lack Nvidia Geforce Now. I think because of Nvidia’s partnership with Nintendo and creating the GPU chips in the Nintendo Switch we seen the Birth of the Nvidia Shield TV. Maybe we will see a real competitor to the Nvidia Shield Tv this year but so far it is still king and there hasn’t been anything even close.

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Seun Afotanju

Awesome nvidia TV for a better gaming experience I happen to be a game lover or rather a game freak I love playing video  games one feature I will certainly enjoy more on this new nvidia TV is the ability to test out a game before purchasing or just don’t want to take up space by downloading, installing, can benefit from Geforce Now and just play the game over Nvidia’s servers. In on word AWESOME! 

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

It definitely is Awesome… The best feature on Nvidia Shield TV is Geforce now and as long as you have a good internet connection you will have a really good experience! Have fun…


Hmmm, this is very interesting.  Im not going to lie I have never heard of NVIDIA before but it does seem interesting.  I think I am going to look a little deeper into this as my grandson has been asking for a gaming system and this actually looks affordable.So could you tell me the type of games this system actually plays.  I know you  said android games but would like some examples.Dale

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

The Nvidia Shield plays many different android games that are compatible with Android TV such as Rayman Legends, Asphalt 8 which is a racing game similar to Need for Speed and also Dead Trigger which is similar to left for dead in a way. However, the highlight to the Shield is it plays new gen Pc games through their streaming service Geforce Now!


As I am an Android user, I’ve always wanted to own of of these Android console TV. Your review has given me the chance to even know more about it. This device not having a counterpart shows how sophisticated it can be. I’ve always loved gaming with my Android device, I feel this will help with the graphics. The combination of Nintendo and Nvidia will be so amazing, as we seen Nintendo has come a very long way since when I was a child. Thank you for this review

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

No problem, it took me a while to get one and I am happy to finally have one. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase… Before the Nvidia Shield, I had the forge tv from razor and that was a big let down!

Dave Sweney

Great post on the NVIDIA Shield TV Device and why it remains the top of the line model and choice for a viable alternative to a much more expensive gaming machine that most people like me will not or do not want to invest in. This review is the most thorough of all I have looked at so far as I research this device for a possible purchase.

It also has provided a lot more detail and hands-on experiences by the reviewer than what I have found so far. It gives me a good insight into what I can expect with the device. The specs are top-of-the-line, it is a top of the line model, and enjoys a really good reputation. 

This Android device will allow me to tap into the big screen and help me enjoy the games more at a reasonable cost. It seems like as the review states, this is the device to go with. I like also the fact that they have partnered with Nintendo, the well-known gamer product company. No doubt remains on my part, now, I am ready to buy. Thanks!

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

You definitely won’t be disappointed… The Nvidia Shield TV is an affordable micro-console that brings PC gaming to those who don’t have a gaming PC but want to enjoy current Gen games and it makes it possible through Geforce Now.

Personally can’t wait to see if there will be a new edition in 2019…

enrique vanegas

Thank you for sharing with us ¨NVIDIA SHIELD TV STILL THE BEST IN 2019?. I´m not going to sing to the choir, because my answer is YES!.It´s still  the best in 2019.What I would like is your opinion if you agree with me that it´s better to bundle. You can buy the NVIDIA Shield TV for just $177, which comes with the console and the media remote and that´s it. But really , if you´re interested  in getting the most out of the Shield  and all it can do, I think one is better off  going with the Smart Home or Gaming bundles which include a SmartThings Link dongle or NVIDIA gaming controller respectively. I´m not trying to sell you anything, nor I´m earning a commission. Besides it´s against the rules. My interest is whether it makes sense to you or not.It´s the same argument as to whether  you need the extra storage or not. Deciding to go with the 16 GB NVIDIA shield TV or to opt for the more expensive NVIDIA Shield TV Pro that comes with a whopping 500 GB. It will ultimately come down how you consume media in 2019. For those who have a massive collection of movies and TV shows stashed away on an external drive, you might want to migrate it all over to the Shield and have it all accessible. But if you´re the type, like me, who relies on Netflix and Amazon Prime, and other streaming  services for the majority of your home entertainment in 2019, the 16 GB version will do just fine. What´s your opinion?

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I agree to a certain extent… The Nvidia Shield Tv is more gear towards the gamer then the movie buff. Now don’t get me wrong Android Tv devices are fully capable of both and that is its purpose to put all your entertainment into one device. However, the Nvidia Shield Tv is much more than streaming content it is also for gaming and more important for streaming high-end pc gaming titles. 

Now, this is where I agree with getting the Pro model for more storage but it’s going to be bulkier and I believe it is a mechanical hard drive so it will load content a little slower than having let’s say a solid state drive. The Pro model also comes with the controller which you can also get the 16gb models with the controller for a little bit more money but there are better options out there such as using an Xbox one controller on the shield which I think most people would prefer. I did a video on 8 different Bluetooth Controllers for the Nvidia Shield TV which you can check out on the We Deem Channel.

Eitherway, if your looking for a device that has media streaming and Pc gaming in one device it is no mystery there is only one answer to the question what is the best android tv box? (Nvidia Shield TV!)

Arun Balu Kumar

Hello people, can u guys suggest me about Nvidia working in India. Please revert back asap.


Are you asking if the Nvidia Shield works in India?


Everything on Nvidia shield will work in India, except GeForce Now as it’s limited to US and Europe as of now. You can try to get it work using a VPN. There are shield specific games in play store. All Android games are not compatible with shield as some games need specific sensors which are available only on phones.


This is all true, there are some android games that will not work on something like the Nvidia Shield TV because it runs on a different version of Android which is Android TV and these games do need cellphone sensors or the touch screen. That is definitely a bummer that Geforce Now doesn’t work in india because it is a pretty good video game streaming service. What streaming services do you have in India as far as video games?

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