New Chinese Nintendo Switch Joy Cons are Actually Good!

A week ago I posted a video on the We Deem Channel featuring another pair of Chinese Nintendo Switch Joy Cons and this time something surprised me. All the Chinese Joy Cons have been different in design, size, functions and form factor but this time the look almost official. Let’s dive in further!

Design & Build Quality

Now here is were this brand of Chinese Nintendo Switch Joy Cons are different from the rest because the form factor looks pretty similar to the official Nintendo Switch Joy Cons and it could be a possibility that they either used the same mold as the originals. The thickness appears to be the same, the width and length appear to be the exact same size.

Now the buttons are different in size and style. Personally, I like the design of the button on this fake Nintendo Switch Joycons set more then the button style on the official Joy-cons. However, the function and feel of the button are not as good but we will get to that later.

Let’s not forget the design of the analog sticks and at first glance if looks like they used the same sticks that are in the official Joy Cons but upon further inspection you can tell that are different in the way they are constructed and feel.

Well what about the design of the housing it looks interesting and unique from any other joy con we have seen. Most of the housing is a flat black and gloss sheen which matches the transparent buttons and there is a cool line design which I think makes the joy cons pop!

Specs & Function

Here is where these Chinese Nintendo Switch Joy Cons are lacking and it is a little bit of a disappointment because they are pretty close to the real thing. There is no vibration which some of the Chinese Joy Cons I have reviewed in the past did have and there is no gyroscope which means games like Mario Party is not worth playing.

Now unlike the past Chinese Joy Cons and the official Nintendo Switch Joy Cons these don’t have a built in lithium Ion battery so they can’t be used when detached from the Nintendo Switch which is a let down.

Other then those shortcomings the Joy Cons have everything else you would need to play most games in handheld mode, actions buttons, two analog sticks, separate button d-pad (which I don’t understand since the joy-cons can be used off the switch), capture button, home button,L,ZL,R and ZR.

O, wait no I lied I almost forgot there is no SL or SR buttons on the controller and no indicator light for power.


How does this Nintendo Switch Joy Con set function during gameplay? For the most part really well with some little issues here and there. The buttons don’t have the same membrane as the Official joy cons and the buttons have a short throw but didn’t seem to effect the gameplay. The analog sticks don’t feel as well made as the officials, kind of feels a little loose and not as planted. You get more feedback when pressing down from the official analog sticks then the ones on the fake Nintendo Switch Joy Cons and I think the same can be said for the rest of the buttons.

But wait, What about Joy Con Drift?

Well so far after a week of using the Chinese Nintendo Switch Joy Cons I haven’t experience any drift but to be honest I haven’t experience any drift issues on my official Joy Cons and all the other buttons seem to be responsive with no issues as well!

Finally Thoughts

These new Chinese Nintendo Switch Joy Cons from Aliexpress aren’t perfect and they lack some of the important functions of the official Switch Joy Cons but they have the same form factor as the officials and the overall design has that cool factor. Now they don’t work unless they are drawing power from the Switch, don’t have vibration and don’t have gyroscope technology so certain games are out of the picture but most games don’t require those features. Overall if your looking for cheap joy cons, don’t want to spend Nintendo’s Switch Accessories prices and plan on playing the Switch in dock mode they are a great option.

Diy Plans for the Future!

These New Chinese Nintendo Switch Joy Con set from Aliexpress as I said look like they were designed from the Nintendo Switch Joy Cons official mold and this got the wheels turning. I am curious to see what the inners look like and can I fit or add the official joy cons rumble motor as well as the gyroscope in its housing. If your interested in making this Diy experiment happen let me know in the comments below or in the comments below the featured video on the We Deem Channel!