8Bitdo Nes 30 Pro Wireless Controller

Manufacturer: 8bitdo

Technology: Bluetooth

Price: $42.99

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Design & Build Quality

The 8Bitdo Nes30 pro controller has a modern design, while still resembling the retro Nintendo controller but it 8Bitdo Nes 30 Pro Wireless Controller Diagonalhas a more rounded design which fits nicely in the hands and led lights around the left and right sides of the controller. The controller has some weight to it and is made of a sturdy plastic so it feels like it could take some minor abuse.

The action buttons, shoulder buttons, trigger buttons, d-pad and the analog sticks are made of the same sturdy plastic. The start and select are made of rubber which is also featured on the top of the analog sticks for extra grip. The D-pad is concave which fits your thumb really nicely and the actions buttons have a rounded pill shape. To keep a slim factor 8bitdo decided to layout the R1,R2,L1 and L2 in a horizontal position across the top of the controller. On the top of the controller is where 8bitdo has put the micro usb port and in my opinion this is the ideal placing for the charging port.

Specs & Features

8Bitdo Nes 30 Pro Wireless Controller Top ViewThe 8bitdo Nes30 Pro wireless controller is one of very few portable controllers with a full size controller button layout including a tradition d-pad, start, select, four action buttons, analog sticks, R1,R2,L1,L2, a power button and mode button. The buttons are very stiff and have a short throw.

The analog sticks are responsive and are clickable buttons as well. The start and select buttons have a very familiar feel and I could say they almost feel just like the original retro nintendo controller.

The controller has led lights around the left and right side to indicate power. The leds will also indicate power with blue, yellow for pairing or the need for charging by changing red. The Nes 30 features a power,home,back and pairing buttons I didn’t discuss above.

Pairing Modes

Now by default the controller will boot into Android mode when you first hold the power button in, but if your looking for XInput, D-input or iCade modes you have to press the appropriate combination of buttons such to get iCade your hold the power button and press A. The modes and other features of the controller can be found in the manual.

8Bitdo Nes 30 Pro Wireless Controller Modes Chart


8Bitdo claims the controller is compatible with Android, Apple iOS, Windows and MacOs. Now I couldn’t test the device on any Apple devices because I currently don’t own any but I did test in on Android and Windows. I tested the controller on my Lg V20 which has android 6.0 and the controller connected with any issues but that wasn’t the case with windows. When I tried to connect it to my Lenovo ThinkPad E555 via bluetooth it was a no go but I have had issues connecting other bluetooth controllers to this laptop in the past and I’m not entirely sure it’s a issue with the Nes30 pro.


When I connect the controller via USB cable it seem to work perfectly fine with a nintendo emulator and I had to program the buttons a couple of times but it works on steam. I used the controller in Sundered and all buttons seems to function except the d-pad but I believe it was the game itself because the D-pad worked in the steam menu system.

Lastly I did happen to read in the manual that the Nes30 Pro is compatible with the Wii but I have tested it yet but when I do I will definitely leave an update.

What’s In The Box

We all like to know what’s in the box before we purchase something, is everything you will need to use the controller in the box and is there any extra goodies. When you purchase a 8bitdo Nes30 Pro within the box is well the Nes30 pro of course, Micro USB charging cable, anniversary keychain and some with come bundled with Exclusive Dynamic Labs 8Bitdo Carrying Case.



Anyone who grew up in the 8 bit Nintendo era will feel a sense of nostalgia when looking at the 8Bitdo Nes30 Pro for the first time and will appreciate the modern controls 8bitdo has included. The controller is made of pretty sturdy plastic and functioned fairly well during gameplay. The controller definitely has a small factor design so for someone with larger hands you might find playing with this controller to be a little awkward and find your hard click unwanted buttons. While play games of a fast pace I found my hand would tense up alittle bit and at times became uncomfortable. 8bitdo has also announced the controller is now compatible with the Nintendo Switch which I have not tested yet because I have not purchased the switch but when I do I will be testing and if it work well then this is an even bigger reason for adding the 8Bitdo Nes30 Pro controller to your collection. The controller does make a nice addition to my collection and I’ll probably use it for playing some android games but as for PC games on steam most likely I will be using a full size gaming controller.