Most PC gamers know MSI to produce great performing motherboards, graphics cards, amazing gaming laptops and other well-designed gaming hardware. However, up to now, they have neglected to produce any console-style gaming controllers but those days have come to an end with MSI’s introduction to the MSI Force GC30 and the MSI Force GC20.

MSI Force GC30 & G20 Gaming Controllers


MSI Force GC30 Xbox 360 controller ComparrisonWhen you first take a look at the MSI force series controllers you might notice they took design cues from the Microsoft Xbox 360 controller and yes, yes they did. The MSI GC30 and GC20 look exactly like the Xbox 360 gaming controllers. The design is slightly different but the shape is the same, with the same button layout, same analog stick placement and the same placement for the d-pad as well as the menu option buttons.

The GC30 and GC20 are very similar with the color scheme being their only differences. The GC30 has red accents for the base of the analog sticks, red accent around the d-pad and the actions buttons have the same yellow, blue, green, red color scheme as the Xbox 360 controller. The GC20 has no colors accents and red letter action buttons.

The Trigger and bumper buttons seem to have a rigged design which could add extra stability will little to no slippage. On the left and right of the controller are rubber grips for extra stability.


The MSI force has the same features you would expect to see on the Xbox 360 controller with slight differences. The force series features dual analog sticks, a d-pad, four actions buttons (x,y, a,b), two trigger buttons, two bumper buttons, power button, back and start buttons.

MSI claims the Force GC series controllers provide smooth movement with the advance analog sticks and the trigger

buttons are precise with up to 256-level acceleration simulation which gamers

will benefit from mostly in racing games.

MSI Force Interchangeable D-pads

The D-pad is replaceable with magnetic covers allowing you to switch for your preferred gaming style which I found interesting and believe this has never been done before. As you would expect from most modern console-style gaming controllers their are dual vibrations motors to provide haptic feedback which should enhance the gaming experience and provide an extra outer gaming input.

Last but not least the Force series controller are both wireless and wired. You can switch between both via a micro USB cable or wireless dongle.


Both MSI Force controllers are supposed to be compatible with windows, android, and popular gaming consoles. I myself, can’t help but think which consoles these controllers will be compatible with and how well will they function during gameplay.

What might be included in the box?

Both MSI Force controllers come with two interchangeable D-pads, USB dongle, a 2m USB cable, a 30 cm OTG cable for Android and of course the controller itself.

Final Thoughts

All the information featured in this article was found on the MSI website, the force series has not been released yet and I have yet to get my hand on one. The MSI Force GC30 and GC20 seem like well-designed controller but appear to be tech we already have. MSI has done really good with the design and made a good decision going with a design that has proven itself to be one of the best ergonomic controllers ever made. The interchangeable d-pad is definitely a cool and useful feature. MSI might have taken current technology and enhanced it but I am left with one question why this over the Xbox 360 or Xbox one controllers? I guess gamers will have to wait until this hits the market and I get my hands on it to make my final assessment to determine why MSI over the competition!

Let me know what you think of MSI getting into the console-style gaming controller market and what think of the MSI Force series gaming controllers.

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Awesome, I’ve been waiting to find a good controller for PC gaming. I always feel like the lack of a good controller for the PC always kept me away from entering the platform. I’m terrible at the conventional “Wasd” control scheme. This controller looks cool and definitely took from the xbox 360 controller. Hopefully it functions as well too!

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I’m sure the MSI controllers will function as well as the Xbox 360 controller, MSI has proven to make good performing well built gaming hardware and Im sure the force controllers will be no different. Can’t wait to get my hands on them and see what they are all about!

Tony Quinn

Yeah I mean it looks really cool but, I can’t imagine it functioning too differently to the Xbox One and 360 controllers either. Making me think, what’s the actual point? Even if it does work slightly better than the Xbox One and 360 controllers I doubt it will be worth the undoubtedly high price tag!

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I am going to have to agree with you, MSI hardware and accessories have never been cheap or affordable so I couldn’t see it being worth the price tag either but only time will tell I guess! 

Either way when they release and I get my hands on one I will definitely do a hands on review to determine whether it’s worth picking up over the Xbox controllers that are in my opinion one of, if not the best gaming controller design for a console.

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