Moga Pro PowerNow the Moga Pro Power is an up-sized version of the Moga Hero Power and gives you a closer feel to a full-size gaming controller. It has all the controls the Hero Power has but at an increased size and was design with users with big hands in mind. Just like the Moga Hero Power, the pro power needs no software to pair to your device, switch it to b mode and you’re ready to game on! This is by far my favorite Moga controller out of the four and slowly realize why as we get into the design and function of the Moga Pro Power.

Design & Build Quality

Now, this is where we start to touch base on why this is my favorite out the four Moga Bluetooth controllers and it is most definitely a personal preference. At first glance, the Moga Pro Power has a very stunning design with its matte and gloss black finish with orange accents. The gloss black finish collects plenty of fingerprints and surface scratches. However, when you hold it in your hand you realize it has some weight to it and I know most people look for a lightweight design to limited any discomfort after long gaming sessions but for me most of the time weight means quality. Now all of the weight seems to be in the handles of the controller where your fingers are placed so it is still pretty lightweight and feels comfortable to hold.

All of the buttons except for the start, select and batter status button are made of the same sturdy plastic as the rest of the controller’s housing. The full-size analog sticks feel pretty similar to the analogs stick you would get on an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 controller. The sticks have a tactile sound when clicks down, roll very smoothly and have a rubber tip that is concave as they should be.

The D-pad is a tradition D-pad that is concave which makes it easy to rock back and forth to actuate each direction. The action buttons have a bold orange font, pill shape and have that beautiful tactile sound. The trigger buttons have a short throw but spring back into place as fast as you can press them and the bumper buttons can be pressed with little effort so there should, in theory, be no discomfort after long usage.

The Xtender arm seems to hold a 6inch phone, has the same silicone sticky pads on the top and bottom which to a really good job of securing your smartphone. The Moga Boost port and micro USB charging port are located on the top of the Moga Pro Power Bluetooth controller. In my opinion, this is the ideal location for these ports because the Moga Hero Power‘s micro USB charging port is located on the bottom and this can get in the way if charging while playing.

Specs & Features

The Moga Pro Power features the same player indicator L.E.D.s that it’s smaller counterpart does and has little dots near the L.E.D.s to indicate which player the user is. The Bluetooth controller has two analog sticks, a D-pad, four action buttons, battery indicator button with L.E.D. light, R1, R2, L1, L2, start and select.

The wireless controller also includes a toggle switch for A and B modes which will be used the most for HID supported games. The Moga Pro Power has a 2200 mAH internal Lithium-Ion battery used to charge your smartphone and the power the controller.  It has a micro USB for charging the controller which takes about four or five hours to charge and can last about 24 hours if Moga boost is turned off. Moga Boost technology can keep you in the game longer by charging your smartphone or tablet during use and it charges your phone to about 50% which is 10% more than the Moga Hero Power.


Well, nothing much to note here but the Moga Pro Power supports Android 2 or Higher smartphone and tablet devices. Sorry guys this controller does not support iOS users which is a bummer for those hope to purchase it for some iPhone and IPad gaming. Now Moga Makes no claims of this controller working on Windows so I had to try but steam wouldn’t recognize the controller and I decide to search for a possible program which I came across zeemouse. Now I watch a video on the software and the video creator did get the controller to work as a mouse but didn’t show any gameplay. I couldn’t download the software and Google claimed the website had harmful material so I decided to stay away for now!

What’s In The Box

The Moga Pro Power includes, of course, the Bluetooth controller, tablet stand, 8-inch MOGA Boost cable, 3-foot micro-B USB charge cable, and instruction manual.

Final Thoughts

The Moga Pro Power is an amazing Bluetooth controller and in my opinion is one of the best out of the Moga Power A line. It has a solid structure and striking design. The gaming controller includes all the controls needed to play modern android games and still works well playing retro games with the included tradition d-pad. The Moga Pro Power keeps you in the game via Moga’s Boost technology and has an indicator light to keep track of multiple players while using more than one Moga controller. The most important thing to note is the controller works right out of the box and doesn’t need any third party apps like the Moga Pocket!