Moga Pro Wireless ControllerNow it time to get to the big dog in the Moga Playground, the Moga Pro Bluetooth controller and this is where you will get that full console gaming controller experience. If you’re looking for a full-size controller for gaming on your Nvidia Shield Tv or Android Tablet then the Moga Pro just might be what you’re looking for. This is the only controller in the Moga Power A Android line that is designed with rubber grips on the handles and light up action buttons which is cool but the Moga Pro Power is still my favorite! Interested to find out why? Keep reading…

Design & Build Quality

The Moga Pro is made of a pretty sturdy plastic but is very lightweight and for most gamers this is ideal for comfort during long gaming sessions. For me, I like to feel some weight because for me most of the time weight mean quality and gives me the feeling I’m holding something which is well constructed. It has the signature Moga black and orange color scheme with gloss black for the smartphone holder.

Moga’s Pro controller has blackout action buttons and as I said above rubber ridge grips on either side for extra stability which does make the controller feel more secure during gameplay. The controller if anything does feel comfortable in the hand and during gaming I didn’t feel any noticeable discomfort or pain.

The D-pad has a slop design with the four points being the high point which makes it easy for, rock back and fourth use without taking your thumb off the pad which I really like this design. The Thumbsticks have a rubber top which is concave and during gameplay, my thumbs didn’t slip once!

Features & Specs

The Moga Pro features two full-size analog sticks, four action buttons which light up, two triggers, two bumper buttons, pairing button, start and select. Now one thing this controller features that the other three Moga Android controllers don’t feature is a button on the back for powering the LEDs within the action buttons but it does lack Moga boost technology which is a great feature to charge your smartphone during gameplay and for me after being offered this option it a handy must have. The Moga Pro

The Moga Pro also lacks the battery life indicator features on the Moga Hero Power and the Moga Pro Power. It also doesn’t have the player indicator lights features on those controllers either but this isn’t a game changer and I guess I can live without it.

The Moga Pro features two silicone rubber pads that secure your smartphone within what Moga is calling the Moga Arm and has a micro USB connector at the top for charging the device. The Moga Pro is powered by a () Lithium-Ion battery which Moga Claims can last up to 12 to 15 hours.


The Moga Pro is compatible with Android 2.3 and higher. Moga suggests using their Moga Pivot app but my suggestion is to stay away from it because it is pretty useless and I was able to connect the controller via Bluetooth to my Lg V20 with any problems. It would be nice if the controller was compatible with Windows and Mac but unfortunately, it’s not. I was almost certain there would be some sort of hack or software that would allow for gaming with the Moga Pro on those platforms but all I could come up with was zeemouse which I couldn’t find anywhere to download it.

What’s In The Box

Contained within the box are the Moga Pro Bluetooth controller, USB Charging Cable, and a tablet stand. The gaming controller also comes with a free code to download Nova 3 which is a good FPS on Android which I highly recommend you play if you haven’t already!

Final Thoughts

Well, what do I think of the Moga Pro? If you looking for a lightweight full-size gaming controller with all the essential controls and rubber grips for extra comfort then it’s a great choice. The Moga Pro function really well during gameplay with no noticeable lag, connects right out the box without the need for software and feel great in the hand due to its soft touch plastic. It doesn’t have the Moga Boost technology which is a handy add-on and there is no indicator light for the different players which might be a useful feature if you plan on gaming on an Android Tv such as Nvidia Shield Tv with multiple gaming controllers.

Now for the bad news, even though the Moga Pro would make a great choice if you’re looking for a good full-size Bluetooth controller for your Android device you can’t seem to find it anywhere brand new so your only option is to pick it up used which might not be an issue for some games!