Moga Power A Bluetooth ControllerWith the mobile gaming seen getting more and more popular we as gamers are all looking to get the console experience on the go. However we find that most wireless bluetooth controllers on the market are too big, too bulky and just don’t fit well in our pockets. The Moga Pocket is Moga’s solution to our issue and is part of the Moga Power A line of wireless Bluetooth controllers. Let see dive into the Moga Pocket’s design, build quality and see if it’s a great option for getting that console gaming experience on our do all smart phones.

Moga Pocket Trigger Button RailDesign & Build Quality

When looking at a device the first thing we notice is it design and then we start to get a feel for it’s build quality. Moga has decided to go with a black finish and orange accents which I find to be very striking. The color scheme is very bold and says I’m ready to game. It has a very small factor design and surprisingly even with it’s small factor design it conforms to your hands. I found it to fits your hand very nicely, has a comfortable feel and feels very secure during game play. There is a little rail at the top where your index finger rest upon right below the cell phone extended arm holder near the trigger buttons and I felt it added extra stability.

Moga Pocket Sliding Direction PadThe Moga Pocket bluetooth controller is made of a sturdy plastic and a rubber back for extra grip. Th controller has a matte black finish in the center and a outer black shinny gloss finish. For the thumb sticks or directional pads they went with DS style design with a rubber top which seems to grip to your thumbs and seem to function well with most games. Most of the buttons on this little pocket gaming controller are made with a rather sturdy clear plastic and have a flat cylinder shape not domed. The buttons have an ear pleasing tactile sound and feel very responsive. The Moga Pocket’s cell phone extender arm is made of the same sturdy plastic as the phone except for the center extending part which is made of a thinner slight flexible plastic and has to sticky rubber padding at the top as well as the bottom to secure your smart phone.

Specs & Features

The Moga Pocket features two DS style analog sticks (directional pads), four action buttons (a,b,x,y), two trigger buttons (r,l), start, select and a pairing button. To save space on this little guy Moga decided not to include a tradition D-pad which is kind of upsetting and during gameplay feels like something is missing but that might just be personal feeling.

The Pocket features a spring load arm to hold your smart phone and held my LG V20 well which has a 5.7″ screen. The pairing button blinks blue while in pairing mode and brinks green once when it is connected to your device. The Moga Pocket takes two triple A batteries, yes you heard me correctly two triple A batteries so there are no rechargeable lithium Ion batteries and no micro usb port because well it’s not needed!

Connectivity & Compatibility

Moga Pivot AppThe Moga Pocket is compatible with Android smart phones and tablets with android 2.3 or higher. Well this is where I had all my issues with the Moga Pocket and believe me it was extremely frustrating. Moga suggest that you download the Moga Pivot app for pairing the device and for best result. I download the Moga Pivot app from the Google Play store, went through the prompt steps to pair the device and this is where it all went down hill. The Moga Pivot app recognized the Pocket, connected but when I went to play Dead Trigger which the app suggested the controller didn’t work and then unpaired. I went back into the Pivot app tried to reconnected and now all of a sudden the Moga Pivot app stated it couldn’t communicate with the Moga Pocket.

Naturally I clicked help with pairing and the app suggest I use the bluetooth on my phone to pair the Pocket. I did just that and search for a bluetooth device. My Lg V20 located the controller and connected. I went back in the Moga Pivot app, tried to connect and the app paired with the controller once again. The controller navigated around the Pivot app with no issues but when I tried to load Cordy it once again didn’t work and unpaired again, err. Now I was pretty angry again but decided to go search the interwebs for help!

During my research I found two solutions, one being to hold the pair button until the controller pairs through the Moga Pivet app and the other was to download a third part solution called the Moga Univeral driver.  One of these solution did work so lets take a look at both and see which one came out on top.

Holding The Pairing Button

The first suggest was to hold the pairing button, turn the controller on while still holding the pairing button, open the Moga Pivet app and click the pair button and don’t let go of the pairing button until the Moga Pivet app has pair the controller. Now the controller does connect but it still doesn’t function with any of the games listed in the app or any game worth playing for that matter.

Moga Universal Driver

The second suggestion was to download the Moga Universal Driver app which you can’t find on the Google Play store anymore and you have to download it from a third party website. At first the app connect to the Moga Pocket and still  function with some emulators but no other game. It wasn’t until I follow a detail list of instruction that I finally after all the fustration and stress did I get the controller to work which meant it was game on!

The Moga Universal Driver Fix

  1. First step is to obviously download the Moga Universal Driver app which I had to search the internet and download it from a third party website. (Click Here to download the APP…)
  2. Find the app in your download folder, click to install and follow any prompts.
  3. Once install open the Moga Universal Driver app and before anything make sure the bluetooth on your smart phone is enable. There is an option in the app for enabling bluetooth…
  4. Once bluetooth is enabled you want to click manage controllers and on the next screen click Add controller. When the app finds your Moga Pocket click on it in the list and click pair. Once paired click the back button to go to the main screen of the App…
  5. Now in the Current Mode, click Configure Virtual Keyboard and on the next screen turn on the Moga Virtual Keyboard. Now hit the back button to return to the previous screen…
  6. Now click select virtual keyboard and when the change keyboard menu pops up click Moga Virtual Keyboard.
  7.  Now before we enable the driver we want to click on manage profiles, create profile and name it. There are several options for mapping the buttons which you can play with the settings but for the most part the default works well. Once you create a profile, select it and hit the back button to return to previous screen.
  8. Finally the last step is to click enable near the enable driver option and the Moga Pocket should now work with most games which are HID compatible.

If your interest to see some of the games I tested and a visual step by step directions for connecting to the Moga Pocket via the Moga Universal Driver app head over to the We Deem channel to check out the Moga Pocket Reviews By This Guy Episode.

What’s In The Box

As consumers we are always interested to see what’s inside of the box and the Moga Pocket comes with everything you will need to start gaming except the most important part the power of Triple A batteries. In the box you will get the Moga Pocket, a carry case, manual and the download code for your free Pac Man game. Nothing to impressive, small package and simple design.

Final Thoughts

The Moga Pocket has a very sleek and unique design. It fits in your pocket and comfortably in your hands. You might miss the tradition D-pad which Moga decided to pass up when designing this controller to save on space due to it’s very slim factor design but the DS style sliding direction sticks work well after you get the controller to work. The Moga Pivot app is useless and you will drive yourself nuts trying to get the controller to work after pairing. The Moga Pocket doesn’t have HID support out the box so the controller will only work with some selected retro emulators until you install the Moga Universal Driver app and then it will open a large library of Android games to play with your Pocket. It’s amazing that the manufacturer couldn’t accomplish this themselves but the developers of the Moga Universal Driver app rectified their shortcomings.

The controller at first was real fustrating, stressful at times and almost made me feel like I waste my money. After finding a solution to the Pockets pairing issue I can definitely recommend this controller for someone looking for a portable gaming controller that fits in their pocket but I would most likely step up to the Moga Hero Power which has an HID option and works outside of the box with any added software!

Don’t forget to check out the Moga Hero Power review and see why it’s the better option!