Moga Hero PowerNow we are on the right path Moga! The Moga Hero Power is a step up from Moga’s Pocket controller which forced me and other users to search for other means outside of the Moga pivot app to get the controller to function properly. There is no third party software needed to pair the Moga Hero Power to your smartphone or tablet, switch it into b mode and you’re ready to game on. Why wasn’t the Moga Pocket this simple?

Design & Build Quality

The Moga Hero Power has Moga’s signature black and orange color scheme. Now, this gaming controller feels more solid than the Pocket design and conforms to your hand just a little bit more. It has a slim and portable design with a more tradition controller shape which conforms to your hands, unlike the Moga Pocket. It’s made of a sturdy plastic, it has a gloss finish on the face of the controller and a matte black finish all around. The gloss finish does scratch easily and takes on a lot of fingerprints as you would expect but still kind of a bummer. The extender arm is made of the same sturdy plastic as the rest of the Bluetooth controller with the same flex arm as the pocket and no doubt-ably every Moga controller. It has the same sticky rubber pads for secure your phone in place on the top and bottom of the extender arm. The buttons and controls have a tactile feel and sound which gives you a sense of responsiveness except for the trigger buttons (R2,L2) which feel kind of spongy.

Specs & Features

The Moga Hero Power features four action buttons (X,Y,A,B), two PS Vita like analog sticks, start, select, R1,R2,L1,L2, battery button and O’ thank God a tradition D-pad. If you’re asking yourself “Why is he so excited about a D-pad”, well it’s because Moga decided to not include a D-pad on their Moga Pocket and I get it was to save space but I myself as a retro video game enthusiast need that D-pad.

Moga Hero Power Player Led IndicatorsBesides controls, the Moga Hero Power has a battery indicator light, it has four player indicator Led lights in case your using more than one Moga controller, a micro USB port at the button for charging the controller which would have been more convenient at the top for charging during gameplay, a USB port on the back for Moga Boost and A/B mode switch.

Unlike the Moga Pocket, this controller includes something Moga calls Moga Boost which will be included on most controllers from here on out and Moga Boost allows you to charge your cell phone while playing. Moga Boost can add up to 40% battery life to your smartphone on the Moga Hero Power and has a 1800mAH battery which lasts about 18 hours if the Moga Boost is turned off.

The Bluetooth controller is HID enable, it works right out the box with most of your Android games and most retro emulators. Moga encourages you to download the Moga Pivot app but in my opinion, it is not needed and almost useless.


Now I want to go more into depth on game testing then I did with the Moga Pocket and really express what my gaming experience was with the Moga Hero Power. The Moga Hero Power connected to my Lg V20 via Bluetooth without any need for the Moga Pivot software or any software for that matter and work right out the box.

The first game I tried was Dead Trigger 2 which is the sequel to a very popular android zombie shooter, the game automatically detected the pair Bluetooth controller and brought me to the mapping options for a wireless gamepad. After going through all the setting and properly mapping all the buttons it works flawlessly. Gameplay was amazing and I felt like I was playing a console-style game I could take on the go. At first, I did notice the game would not fire with the Moga Hero Power attached, but when I got closer to the zombie it fire itself and then I knew I had forgotten autofire was on by default. After going into the setting, turning off autofire and turning down the sensitivity, the controller would flawlessly with Dead Trigger 2.

Next game I played was the 2D platformer Rayman Adventures which worked with the controller without the need for mapping and I was able to jump into the game right away. I have always been a big fan of platformers, well I did grow up in the 80’s and 90’s so I guess it is instilled in me. Both the D-pad and left analog sticks was very responsive when moving Rayman in any direction. The actions buttons were very responsive and Rayman’s actions where instantaneous! Overall playing Rayman with the Moga Hero Pocket was a fun experience and the controller performs very well.

Last but not least I tried it on three different Android retro emulators, cool genesis,FreeNAS and PCE.emu Free. The Moga Hero Power worked flawlessly with both the Cool Genesis and FreeNes but when it came to the PCE.emu Free (PC Engine or Turbo Grafx emulator) there were issues. The Hero power’s left analog stick navigator through the emulator’s menu but once the rom was loaded that is when the controller becomes unresponsive and I not sure why. Maybe there is something within the load of options and setting for the PCE.emu emulator but I haven’t located it yet. I will leave an update as soon I figure it out.

What’s In The Box

Not much is including in the box but everything you need to start gaming is and all are packaged in a pretty attractive box. Moga includes an 8″ Moga Boost cable, 3″ Micro-B USB charging cable and manual. Unfortunately for users like myself who have a Lg V20 or any smart phone with a USB-C port your going to have to use your own charging cable or get a Micro USB to C connector which I got one on the Wish app.

If your interested in purchasing a Micro USB to C connector adapter, Download the Wish app on your smart phone and use the code “hfnpdmq” and get 50% off!

Final Thoughts

Well what do I think of the Moga Hero Power? The Moga Hero Power in my opinion is well design, has an eye-catching color scheme and feels very solid. During gameplay the controller was very responsive and a blast to game with. It has a lithium Ion battery unlike the Moga Pocket and has Moga Boost for charging your smart phone while gaming. It has all the controls that a full size controller has in a small mobile design and bring console style gaming to your android smart phone or tablet. To answer the question what do I think of the Moga Hero Power, it’s freaky amazing and the better option then Moga’s Pocket controller. It can only get better with the Moga Pro Power and the Moga Pro!