Merdia Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo Header

PRODUCT: Merdia Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo

PRICE: $49.98

DIMENSIONS: 18.1 x 7.5 x 1.2 inches

WEIGHT: 2.4 pounds



The Merdia gaming keyboard is another well design highly appealing gaming keyboard constructed out of quality durable plastic and yes you said it’s water resistant. The Merdia gaming mouse is just as stunning if not more with it’s cracked pattern and stunning curves. The gaming mouse has a matte black finish with rainbow color accents and the always important ergonomic design which feels rather comfortable in the hand.

Merdia Gaming Keyboard Mouse Combo


The Merdia gaming keyboard has 7 backlight changeable colors which are red,purple,blue,green,yellow,lake blue and white. I could easily change the LED lighs by pressing Fn and the tab key. In addition to the LED color options there is also an option to adjust the brightness by using the key combination Fn and ESC.

Merdia Gaming Keyboard LED Colors

The Merdia gaming keyboard has 104 keys, 19 anti-ghosting keys, 6 multi-media keys which made it easy to control music or movies and function keys. The keyboard is plug and play so I need no software to start gaming. After a short period of time in idle the keyboard would go to sleep thanks to the intelligent sleep technology and could be woken up by clicking any key.

Merdia Gaming Mouse

The merdia gaming mouse has 4 dpi setting which can be changed on the fly via the button near the scroll wheel, 6 buttons and just like the keyboard 7 LED backlights. During game play the mouse felt very comfortable in my right hand, responsive and slid well across the mouse pad without hesitation.


The Merdia gaming keyboard and mouse combo makes for a complete package.  At $50 it’s an affordable buy but if the combo is a little pricey for you or your looking just for a new gaming keyboard there is an option to pick this great gaming keyboard up solo. The keyboard  is not only stunning but functional and gives the gamer all the features need to play at their best. The mouse may not deserve to be on the “Top Ten Affordable Gaming Mice” list but I still feel it was a great gaming mouse and has all the basic features as well as a ergonomic design the allows for long gaming sessions without fatigue.