Kotion Each 2200 Gaming Headset Header

PRODUCT: Kotion Each G2200

PRICE: $39.99

DIMENSIONS: 7.9 x 3.9 x 8.3 inches

WEIGHT: 14.7 pounds



Kotion Each 2200 gaming headset has an eye-catching and bold look. If your someone who likes the flashiness of LEDs then the Kotion Each 2200 gaming headset will impress with red or blue techy looking LEDs around the outside of the ear muffs, LEDs on the controls and LEDS on the tip of the MIC.

Kotion Each G2200 LED COLORS

The Earmuffs have soft leather material and comfortable soft ear pads which allows for long game play without discomfort. The gaming headset has a braided wire and velcro cable tie to prevent the line from tangling. The headset felt extremely stable thanks to the hinge being constructed of tungsten alloy and because the use of engineering level ABS material the headset can be rotated without damage.

Features & Specs

The Kotion Each G2200 gaming headset has advance 7.1 surround sound and when you first use the headset you will notice the sound quality is pretty good. The headset has a built in vibration chip which immerses you within the game and give you the feeling of actually being within the game.

Kotion Each G2200 Remote Control

The headset includes an in-line remote control for the vibration, led lights, volume control, microphone and headphone sound mute. The gaming headset has a 50mm speaker unit that produced a more pure sound and accurate positioning which are more commonly used in the HIFI units.

Kotion Each G2200 Gaming

If you play League of Legends or Dota 2 the Kotion Each G2200’s 7.1 surround sound gave a crisp clear sound and the vibration help give fear warning of approaching enemy for quicker reaction times.


The Kotion Each G2200 gaming headset is made of high quality material and built with top of the line technology but still remains at an affordable $39.99 price tag. The visual design is appealing and eye-catching. The headset has 7.1 surround sound so the sound quality is clear and the vibration technology makes it easier to detect approaching enemies with the game. The gaming headset is comfortable, durable and ready of extreme gaming violence. If your looking for the best gaming headset with an affordable price tag that doesn’t sacrifice quality and makes your a better gamer then look no further then the Kotion Each G2200 gaming headset.