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The end of YouTube might be near? Well maybe that is jumping the gun or over exaggerating but Youtube is having a crisis which will affect each and every YouTube creator. Apparently all the major players in our economy and around the world are pulling their ads. Why you might ask? Well  after learning their ads were showcased on videos promoting extremism, terrorism as well as other offensive material companies such as Verizon, ATT&T, Johnson & Johnson, GSK, HSBC,Royal bank of Scottland and L’Oreal all pulled their ads from Youtube. Big companies such as these backing out cause the Google-owned company hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue and there are talks of a potential billion if not billions of dollars loss.

Google LogoGoogle promised to work hard to block ads on “hateful, offensive and derogatory” videos. Their chief business officer Philipp Schindler stated they would be hiring individuals to review YouTube videos uploads and brand them as not ad worthy. Google is also making advancements in their AI software to catch and flag offensive videos to further prevents ads from being showcased along side such material.

It’s great Google is taking measures to make insure this doesn’t happen again because I’m sure just like the rest of the us who either create or watch Youtube for educational and entertainment purposes Google doesn’t want to see this service go away. However the issue with the new measures to flag inappropriate or offensive material is that plenty of content creators are getting a massive amount of their videos flag because the new AI is finding the videos are not ad worthy. These are creators we all watch and have grown to love. As humans we wouldn’t find the material to be offensive and this is where ads most certainly will be watched not on offensive content.

Financially this hasn’t only affected Youtube but also the many channels that rely on the ad revenue as a source of income and even some of the bigger more popular channels that have employees might have to down size putting many individuals out of work. With a lost of millions of dollars could Google keep Youtube servers going, with the lost of ad revenue could some of the popular channels we look to for entertainment and knowledge keep producing content and will there be room to grow for someone like me,a channel in it’s infancy?


Most likely you haven’t seen the last of Youtube but this is reason for concern and hopefully Google can correct the issue thus convincing companies that Youtube is not only the safest place for their ads but the best place. A AT&T rep said “Until Google can ensure this won’t happen again, we are removing our ads from Google’s non-search platforms.” which means there is an opportunity for Youtube to gain their trust again and correct this for not only the companies pulling their ads but for all the content creators that rely on this as a source of income.


If your like me and want to do something to ensure the continued success of youtube because who wants to the see what I believe to be the best source of entertainment on the internet there are some obvious actions you can make. Well duh watch more Youtube, watch more videos from the channels you subscribe to, hit the like button and comment. If you can afford a dollar a month some of the channels you watch have a patreon which can help support them and ensure they are able to continue to produce content. You can also purchase merchandise from some of your favorite channels which helps with some of the expenses a Youtube creator accumulates while creating the content you have grown to love. Let’s help Google restore faith in Youtube!

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Aw man you are on point, I love your LOGO and the name of your site. It immediately pops out at me (in a good way). I just heard about this, I’m not sure exactly what’s going on, but I have been hearing some chatter. So that is why I’m glad you decided to talked about this. Great advice I’ve been a viewer and a Youtuber for a long time so this was pretty concerning. Thanks for talking about this, can’t wait to see what you talk about next.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Thanks for reading… I had heard about the events a little late myself but it is concerning to me… Last thing I want to see is this continue and Google decides they have to pull the plug because they can’t afford to keep the service going. I enjoy creating content, watching others content and hope to become a better content creator in the future! Let’s hope Google can fix the damage and advertisers decides it is safe to showcase thier ads on Youtube again.


This is quite interesting. I actually hadn’t heard about this. I’ve been avoiding the news of late…

I think it’s great that advertisers are taking a stand and choosing not to be associated with some of the more extreme videos that can be found out there.

I am a firm believer in the freedom of speech, but I don’t think we need to have people profiting from hate and terrorism.

It’s always tricky, however, to judge what is “appropriate” for the masses. Some people will watch videos of extreme violence and be fine with it but become offended at the sight of a woman breastfeeding.

Facebook had a similar problem with determining what was acceptable. I have seen them ban photos of women showing their scars after a mastectomy, but I once flagged a video as inappropriate and had Facebook contact me to say it didn’t violate their community standards. That video, incidentally, was an actual porn, with full, visible penetration. Like, what?

It will be interesting to see how they proceed with this. With such a diverse viewership from so many different countries, cultures, and religions, there is no simple answer.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I agree I don’t think we need people profiting from hate and terrorism.

Hopefully google will find away to filter such content as not advertiser friendly without the system being sensitive and block content that isn’t offensive. The only issue is something that offends one person might not offend another.

Just don’t want to see Youtube effected by this to the point where google must pull the plug on what I believe is one of best video sharing sites on the internet full of creative and informative individuals!


I like the fact that you talked about something that you are passionate about. I seen your videos, very consistent. That is a really important factor that content creators have to have. I like that your tech savvy. I’m curious, did you create your own logos both on your website and youtube?

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I like to apologize for the delay in response and thank you for the positive words. I did indeed create my own logos… I went to school for multimedia which consist of graphic design and other forms of media such as video production as well as motion graphics.

I just started to push my passion onto Youtube and it’s been a long time coming. I just hope Google get’s a hold of this Youtube crisis and convinces the advertisers that Youtube is safe for their product advertisement so I can continue to express myself on one of the best if not the best video platform on the internet!


Omg! When I saw the title of the post I almost lost my marbles! Haha! I don’t know what I would do if YouTube ever seized to exist.

YouTube is my source for so many things, like how I got introduced to parkour and freerunning.

It’s really a pity that those major advertisers pulled their ads from the platform, but like you said, I hope Google gets their stuff together so that they can regain trust from the advertisers.

Really don’t want to see YouTube disappear anytime soon.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I’d like to first apologize for the delay in response… I also don’t know what I would do if Youtube seize to exist and would be very upset. I have been educated, entertained and motivate by plenty of the content of Youtube!

Thanks for the comment and let’s hope Google fixes the issues!


Thanks for the interesting article, I didn’t even know that these companies pulled their ads from YouTube. That’s crazy! I can’t imagine the internet without YouTube, though. I imagine they will figure out a solution. It sounds like they have already come up with some but even with the smartest AI intelligence and with people watching over, it is inevitable that some garbage will still get through the cracks.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I agree even with some of the smartest AI Intelligence and individuals watching bad content always finds it’s way in. Similar problems will come with Facebook’s fight against violent content being uploaded to their site, they hired new employees to monitor the content uploaded but there will still be content that will finds it’s way through the cracks and unfortunately someone will be offended causing Facebook issues. In the end all we can do is try and continue to fight!


Hello there,
I’ve heard so much on this topic myself and have been watching a lot of youtubers point out what’s happening currently. I think that youtube can not and will not end. Plain and simple because it’s too big and there’s simply no other big enough platform that could replace it. Even if youtube channels are losing revenue because of the ads, what other choice do they have apart from youtube?
My 2 cents I guess. Nice article by the way!

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I agree youtube is too big and it’s the biggest of it kind.I do believe we are going to enjoy everything youtube has to offer for years to come…

Thanks for the comment!


Yeah, a lot of the YouTubers that I regularly watch were hit pretty hard by this thing. I mean, I understand that YouTube had to use bots and AI programs since there is such an insane amount of videos on YouTube, but if they accidentally hurt their big content creators in the process, then there will be a lot less good stuff coming out when people can’t make enough money to live off of anymore.

I’ve never made money off of YouTube myself, but it’s got to be kind of scary to be making a decent income and then out of nowhere have it all gone! It kind of scares me away from trying to make money from videos when something like this can happen at anytime with no warning.

Hopefully it all gets worked out in the end so that we all can continue to enjoy great videos.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I hope it all get’s worked out in the end as well because there is never a day I don’t watch videos on youtube and I just started making videos last year!


I hadn’t heard about this and is quite worrying if true. It is great that you are drawing attention to this issue as it could become much worse before it gets better.

I don’t want anyone to benefit that persecutes others, however like you say an AI cannot always tell the difference. Take satire for example, it is often filled with sarcasm and juxtaposition which can seem hateful but is making fun of the situation.

I just hope this doesn’t drag on for too long.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I as well hope it doesn’t drag to far… Ever since I first came across youtube I have been using it for entertainment and for educational purpose. It’s a useful tool and great service.

Thanks for checking out Reviews By This Guy!


I can totally understand these big brands wanting to pull their ads from YouTube after reading your article. It’s not good for business to be associated with the content mentioned, and it also makes it look like that brand is endorsing the content or affiliated with it in some way.

I don’t think YouTube will disappear. It’s just way too popular. But they’ll need to go into damage control and find ways to block ads running on this sort of content, or try and prevent the offensive content being available in the first place.

Thanks for sharing this. I was unaware of what was going down on YouTube recently.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I don’t think it was end either and I’m sure Google has it all under control! I myself wouldn’t want my business associated with offensive material but I do think youtube has to make sure the plans they put into action doesn’t hurt honest great content!

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