Hyperkin has been hard at work trying to keep retro gaming alive and providing gamers as well as collectors with alternative hardware for their failing original counterparts. First, they brought us the Retron 5 which was an HD console that played 9 different retro gaming consoles and three others with an adapter. The Hyperkin brought a standalone NES HD clone console called the Retron HD which played all your NTSC NES cartridges and at the flick of a switch is also played PAL region NES cartridges making it very versatile. Now Hyperkin has announced they will be releasing a new HD clone that plays Supernintendo games and they are calling it the Supa Retron HD.

Who Is Hyperkin?

For those who haven’t heard of Hyperkin, I have one question for you, What have you been hiding under a rock? No, No, all joking aside Hyperkin is a gaming hardware developer who designs high-quality hardware as well as accessories for retro and new age gaming. The company was founded in LA and has brought us the Retron Console series as well as the SupaBoy.

What is Hyperkin Up To?

As I said Hyperkin developed the Retron 5 and the Retron HD but what have they in store for us gamers now? Well, Hyperkin has announced they will continue the Retron console series line with the all-new Supa Retron HD which is essential a Retron HD that plays Super Nintendo games. From What I have seen the design of the console is as amazing as the Retron HD was and its looks alone have got me excited. It has all the same features the Retron HD had and if you’re looking for a standalone HD Snes clone to add to your gaming collection that you will definitely need to check out the Supa Retron HD.

Hyperkin Supa Retron HDSupa Retron HD Features

Now as I said the Supa Retron HD has the same features as the Retron HD which were a 720p Video, aspect ratio switch (16:9 , 4:3) and NTSC / PAL switch. The Hyperkin Supa Retron HD will have two controller ports, HDMI Out, composite out if you’re looking to play on a CRT TV, micro USB power adapter, power, reset and o yes an eject button just like the original Super Nintendo! The console has a similar gray and purple color scheme that resembles US version of the original Super Nintendo. It seems like Hyperkin will be packaging the Supa Retron HD with two controllers instead on one like the Retron HD and the controllers are modeled after the original SNES controllers with a modern updated design.

Release Date

When I first announced the introduction to the Hyperkin Supa Retron HD on an episode of My Tiny Point Of View on the We Deem Channel I had no release date but I have since learned that the console will launch January 8,2018 which is just around the corner and I can’t help be feel inpatient.

Final Thoughts

The Hyperkin Supa Retron HD definitely looks amazing and has all the features from the Retron HD I was impressed with. Its design brings back plenty of memories and gives me that nostalgic feeling which is the reason why I love retro gaming. The Supa Retron HD will be a great option for gamers looking to play their favorite SNES games in HD or captures your SNES game footage in HD. It comes with two controllers in the box which is a step up from the Retron HD and allows you to play SNES cartridges from multiple regions. The best part is you get to play your SNES games in HD via a redesigned set of pins on an amazing console at an affordable price of $69.99 which is fairly cheap and it will look amazing sitting side by side with the Retron HD.


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Wow, what? This stuff exists?! That’s an eye opener for me. I didn’t know it was possible to play old school games in HD at all on consoles like these. Awesome stuff, I’m seriously considering getting this one. Would bring back some nostalgic moments for sure.

I have one question though. Sorry for my ignorance, but does this mean that I get to play my old games on these consoles or do I have to buy new, ported games that are suitable for these consoles?

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

The Supa Retron HD or Retron HD from Hyperkin dumps the rom from your original game cartridge, so if you have the original game cartridge you can play the game on these HD clone consoles!


What?!?! This is wonderful. I have lost some interest in the new games but my husband loves the newer games so we don’t really play together. I loved the old school games and now I can bring them back in HD? This may get my husband and I in for a nostalgic night with some old school gaming in Modern day form!

I love technology and in turn gaming technology, where it is headed and is! This really has me excited!

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I am excited as well, I just got the Supa Retron HD yesterday and I can’t wait to get it out the box! I am itching to experience my favorite Super Nintendo games in HD…

Andrew Bromley

Now this is one area that really interests me, because i used to love playing with the old SNES consoles. The Hyperkin super Retron looks like a similar style with cartridge loading. I will definitely be keeping an eye open for the release.I used to love some of the old games from the SNES days maybe they will have similar varieties for the Super Retron.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I just got my yesterday and I can’t wait to get my Super Nintendo Cartridges out so I can experience all my favorite retro games in HD. Hyperkin has been doing a great job redesigning retro consoles such as NES and SNES! The Hyperkin Retron HD both looked amazing and function really well so hopefully the Supa Retron HD will hold up as well.

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