How to Make a Money Blogging Gaming Website with Wealthy Affiliate!

Don’t know about you but I have always been curious how to make money with the internet and during my search, the top option has always been internet affiliate marketing through a blogging website. However, creating a successful blogging website that makes money isn’t as simple as just creating a website and hoping traffic will just show up. In order to make a website that generates income, you need traffic and a good source of traffic is through proven SEO strategies. Let’s find out why I think Wealthy Affiliate is the best place on the internet to learn how to create a gaming website that generates income through Affiliate Marketing, a passion for gaming and the willingness to learn.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a unique service like no other that provides members with easy to comprehend training on online affiliate marketing and how to make a money blogging website. There is a large community of experienced affiliate marketers that are willing to help you every step of the way and share their experiences. Wealthy Affiliate lets you register a domain name with free privacy protection, Premium DNS and WordPress Website hosting. There is free and Premium membership to choose from. The service provides unlimited email accounts, plenty of tools such a Jaaxy a keyword research tool and the ability to get comments from the community which helps with website ranking. Wealthy Affiliate is hands down the best Affiliate marketing program on the internet and I am excited to explain why.

Wealthy Affiliate Website

The Wealthy Affiliate Website is where all the magic happens, it has been upgraded over the years and its current form puts all the resources an affiliate marketer would need right on your dashboard. From the Dashboard, you can access the training (which will dive into later), the website manager, live events calendar for upcoming training from highly experienced members, Jaaxy keyword research tool lite, and help center all from the left menu. On top of the website, you can access the content creation tool, credit dashboard, affiliate referral tools, Super Affiliate Conference Stats, notification, and messages. On the Dashboard, you can also see the latest training and blogs from other members that are within your network but we will dive into this further.

Main Navigation

As you can already see when you first sign-in you’re faced with Wealthy Affiliate dashboard which has plenty of options, the navigation is easier to use and it gives you everything you need to start learning how to make money with the internet through a gaming blog. Let’s take a closer look at the main menu on the left side of the page, this is the menu you will be using most and this is where the most important tools are.


The training menu contains all your basic training such as Getting started, Building your own Traffic Producing Website and what we are all here for “How to make money with a website“. In this menu, you will also find the Affiliate Bootcamp which if you have no niche in mind you can learn to promote wealthy affiliate but we are all here to learn how to make a money blogging website inspired by your gaming passion so this is something we can put on the back burner. You can also see your recent training activity and pick up where you left off. There is also the Training HQ and Classrooms which is an organized archive of training.

Websites Tab

In the website tab of the left navigation, you will find the site manager which will take you to your WordPress account and here is where all the magic happens. WordPress is where you create content and layout your website. The next section is Site builder and if your looking to start a new website / domain this is where it happens. Now the next section of the menu is pretty similar to Site builder and that is Site Domain. Site Domain is where you find, register and manage your blog’s domain. The next section is a tool in Wealthy Affiliate that I don’t use and that is Site Content. Site Content allows you to create all your site content within the Wealthy Affiliate website and the reason I don’t use this tool is simply because I do all this in WordPress.

The next couple of sections with the website tab are just as important as your site manager and your training. First, we have Site Comments and this is where you can earn comments for your website. When you first start you most likely will not be getting organic traffic from search engines so Wealthy Affiliate allows you to provide comments for comments. Similar to the Site Comments section we have the Site Feedback section where you will offer feedback on other Wealthy Affiliate’s websites and in return you will earn credits that you can use to get valuable feedback on your blog from other members. The last section is Site Support and this is where you can get domain related help with any technical difficulties you might be having with your blog.

The Site Comments is important to SEO (Traffic)… Google and other Search Engines use engagement and views of your blog (website) to determine your ranking in the Search Engine.

Live Events

This tab is where you will find different live training set in the calendar or a live training you might have sign-up for. Training is extremely important in affiliate marketing and it is one of Wealthy Affiliate‘s strong points.


This tab is vital to your gaming blog’s SEO and Traffic to your online affiliate marketing website. Within this tab, you will find your site ranking, your keyword list, Search Analysis, Alphabet Soup, Brainstorm HQ, Affiliate Programs, and Niche Keyword List. The most important section to highlight in this tab is my keyword list and keyword search. Keywords are terms viewers will search within the search engine such as “how to make a money blogging” and the search engine will use these keywords to direct viewers to your website. Wealthy Affiliate allows you to search for keywords within the website through Jaaxy Lite or you can head over to the Jaaxy Dashboard on the full Jaaxy Website.

To learn more about the research tab in the main menu of Wealthy Affiliate or Jaaxy one of the best keyword research tools on the internet head over to the Wealthy Affiliate website and connect with me or any of the other helpful community members by clicking here.

Live Chat and Help Center

The last two tabs of the main menu on Wealthy Affiliate is “Live Chat” and “Help Center”. Both these sections are used to seek support from the community and the Administration team of Wealthy Affiliate. You can get support for your website, WordPress or any other questions you might have.

Top Navigation

The top navigation is much simpler with a search bar, content creation, credits dashboard, affiliate tool, Wealthy Affiliate Vegas Super Affiliate Conference, notifications and message tabs.

Content Creation Tab

In the content creation tab you can write success blogs, create training and write articles you might find helpful to the community or just express your success or methods you found not to work. Here you can also find a quick way to the website builder and find a domain if you’re looking to start a new internet affiliate marketing website.

Credit Dashboard

Next is the Credit Dashboard and this is where you will find credits you have earned that can be used towards comments, feedback or starting a new domain. At the Credit Dashboard you can also purchase credits for purchasing comments or feedback and also see your affiliate money earned.

Affiliate Tools

There are plenty of Affiliate tools on the Wealthy Affiliate website to help you be successful with your online affiliate marketing gaming website but if you have decided you want to spread the word about Wealthy Affiliate to others there are a set of tools in the Affiliate Tools tab on the top menu. The three most important tools here are the “My Stats”, “My Referral” and “Links & Tracking”. The My Stats sections you will find reports for how many clicks your referral link as received over a certain time period and the revenue you have earned. My Referrals sections allows you to view all your referrals that you have invited to the Wealthy Affiliate community. The third important tool here is the Links and tracking. Links and tracking is where, well you get your referral links as well as reports for how well those links are performing.

WA LV Conference, Notifications and Messages

I just want to briefly explain these tabs but not go too far into because this is something you can dive further into when you join Wealthy Affiliate and take the very important training. WA Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference tab is where you can see your progress for “Achieving 300 Premium Referrals and earn an invitation to hang out with Kyle, Carson, and others on this all-paid private conference! At this conference, you will get to know Kyle and Carson a little close. The conference will also have bonus training material and allow you to learn from other successful Wealthy Affiliate members. The other two tabs Notifications and Messages are pretty self-explanatory.

Wealthy Affiliate Feed

The last section I want to take a look at on the Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard is the Feed which is pretty similar to most of your major Social Media platforms and this is where you will see blogs or training from the community that your networking with. Here you can find recent success stories, announcements of new members you can network with, training such as a ranking 1st place on Google in 15 hours and sometimes members within your network will blog about there inspiration success story.

Wealthy Affiliate is the Best Affiliate Marketing Training?

Training does just cater to learning how to start an affiliate website but also expands into other platforms such as Youtube which we all know to be a powerful viral video content website. Check this training out on “Promoting Your Youtube Videos” from MagiStudios!

In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is the best source for learning “how to make a money blogging gaming website” but why do I feel that way and why do I speak so highly of it? As you may have seen above Wealth Affiliate is a large community of experience and like-minded individuals that want to see others succeed in the online affiliate marketing industry. There is a large archive of training on “how to make money with the internet” not just through online affiliate marketing website but also youtube, eBay and Amazon. There are plenty of inspiring success stories, a large set of tools such as Jaaxy Keyword tool to help you successfully create content, website and bring traffic to your gaming blog. There is a free and premium service but you will never be forced to join the paid service which means you can remain a free member for as long as you would like. My only question to you is “Are you ready to join the rest of us in the Wealthy Affiliate community and live life free?

If you have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate or on “How to make a money blogging website” feel free to ask in the comments down below or on the Wealthy Affiliate website after becoming a member.

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