How To Earn Money Playing Games? Video games that is!

We are always in search of a way to make money while doing the things we love and just think of how better life could be if you could earn money playing games if that’s your thing of course? Well if you’re here on Reviews By This you either love tech or you love playing videos games and now you are interested in finding out how to earn money playing games. A while back I wrote an article entitled “GET RID OF THE ALARM CLOCK AND GET THE FREEDOM YOU SEEK!” and someone commented that the post didn’t belong and was not related to the website’s niche. For the most part, he might have been right but I meant to gear the article toward people who were looking to make money at home to have more freedom for playing video games and this article will be geared toward those looking to make money playing games.

So How Can You Make Money Playing Games?

There are several ways to make money playing video games but I would like to look at three of the top ways to earn money playing games and how you can get started now. The three ways we are going to take a look at today are Starting a Youtube Channel like the We Deem Channel, Starting a Blog such as Reviews by This and the last would be live streaming on services such as Twitch or Mixer.

How To Make Money With Youtube?

The first way to earn money playing games is to start a Youtube Channel with a gaming niche and just play your favorite games or express your opinion of gaming accessories or hardware. There is a lot of potentials for Youtube content creators to make money on and off Youtube.

Get Your Video Monetized!

Getting your video monetized would be the first obvious step to making money with youtube but it’s not as easier as one might think and sometimes it might even seem impossible. Youtube requires your channel to reach 1000 subscribers before you can request monetization for your videos and even then I have heard of people being denied at 5,000 subscribers so there is quite a bit more they are looking at. Your channel must be popular, viewers must be watching most if not all of the video and you probably have to get a certain amount of views a day, week or month. Even after all your ducks are in a row and youtube accepts you into the partnership program I think you only get a $1 for every 1000 views so there isn’t a ton of money here.

Make Money In Youtube Other Then Youtube Ads

Most of your revenue from Youtube with come from outside sources and you almost need these methods to make any real money from a Youtube Channel. The first method will be Affiliate Marketing and this will also be an option for running a gaming blog but we will go into that further at the end of this article. The second option will be selling custom Channel merchandise such as keychains, T-shirts and gaming accessories branded with your channel logo or name. The last is to get sponsored by gaming creators which makes video creation easier when you are getting promotional items to review and test. Now being sponsored will take a very influential channel and this would probably hold true for selling merchandise as well. If you keep a consistent video upload schedule which is very important as a Youtuber the followers will come and will start to earn money playing games on your Youtube Channel.

Start Streaming to Twitch or Mixer

Another way to earn money playing games is to start streaming to Twitch and Mixer. Twitch and Mixer are two services that allow you to stream gameplay live. There are different ways to make money on both these platforms and the best thing about it is all you have to do is have a passion for playing video games.

How To Start Streaming on Twitch?

This is actually pretty simple and doesn’t take much time or skill. The first obvious step is to head over to Twitch and create an Account. Once you have created an account you have to set up the stream on your platform of choice and all platforms will be different with PC being a little more in depth.

Streaming On PS4 and Xbox to Twitch

PlayStation 4 and Xbox are going to be the easiest way to start streaming on Twitch. On the PlayStation 4 press the “Share” button, select “Broadcast Gameplay“, select “Twitch.Tv“, “Link” your Twitch account, “Title” your broadcast, set your “Preferences” for streaming and lastly click “Start Broadcasting“.

Now to start streaming on the Xbox One it is a little different but pretty simple as well and can be done in a matter of seconds. In the Xbox Store, you want to download the free Twitch app, select Log In, it will ask you to Activate your device (, and after the account is activated you will want to open the game you want to stream on your Xbox One. Now Double-tap the home button, select the Snap menu from the bottom and select Twitch.

Start Streaming To Twitch From PC

So you want to know how to stream on twitch from pc! This method is a little more involved than the previous platforms but it’s not difficult and anyone can start streaming to twitch from a PC. There are two pieces of software you can get to start streaming to twitch from PC and those are xSplit and OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). I want to focus on OBS because it is open source free software and I want to maximize profits.

How to Stream to Twitch With OBS

  • In Open Broadcaster Software click the settings button in the lower right corner
  • Select Broadcast Settings in the left panel
  • Next select Twitch in the Streaming Services
  • Next, on Play Path / Stream Key enter the key you will need to acquire from your Twitch Dashboard
  • At this point to may be prompted to change some video settings on the first setup.
  • Open the game you want to stream
  • In the OBS Software right-click the sources box
  • Go up to the Add menu, choose Window Capture or Desktop Capture (this option is for sharing more than just your game window) Now name the source and click enter.
  • Choose the Window of your game in the next dialog box located in the dropdown menu.
  • Now you are ready to click the Start Streaming button

Start Streaming to Mixer

Mixer is a similar platform to Twitch and allows users to stream gameplay. Mixer was created by Microsoft so it is mainly for use with Xbox One or Windows 10 and allows users to stream gameplay from their Xbox or Gaming PC. The service works similar to Youtube where the streaming has an account and viewers can subscribe to their streaming channel.

How to Stream to Mixer

  • From your Xbox press the Xbox button on your controller
  • Scroll down to the broadcast icon
  • Now select the broadcast your game option
  • Your game will automatically be recognized but you should still enter a custom title for your stream
  • If you wish to use chat, the camera and microphone don’t forget to turn those options on.
  • Now select the start broadcast buttons and your streaming.

How to Make Money with Mixer

Now that you know how to stream gameplay with Mixer you might be curious how you can earn money playing games on Mixer and there are a couple of ways to earn money with mixer. The first method is promoting the games you play with Direct Purchase and you receive a small cut which is a sort of Affiliate Marketing that Microsoft provides to streamers. Keep in mind that Twitch has something similar called Twitch Games Commerce which is available for Partner and Affiliate Level Streamers.

Anyone can use Direct Purchase on Mixer which means you don’t have to be at a certain level, have a certain amount of followers (obviously this will help) or become an affiliate partner of Microsoft.

Another form of currency in Mixer is called Sparks… As viewers watch, they passively accrue Sparks which can be spent to attain skills and then those Sparks fo back to the streamer. When the Steamer hits a certain level of Sparks they are presents with a present amount of money for the level at the end of the week.

Start A Gaming Blog

This is probably the most profitable and the most popular way to make money playing games. An affiliate gaming blog can be a good source of income from the internet and can be really profitable with the right SEO technics. With a gaming blog, you can offer your opinions or expert gaming advice to others and video game hardware or accessories reviews. Revenue from a Blog can be generated through affiliate links to online retailers such as Amazon or eBay and if a viewer purchases something that you suggested through that link you make a percentage of the sale. This can be challenging at first and almost impossible without the right training or support. If you’re new to SEO and affiliate marketing let discuss briefly what these both are.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a really simple concept and a proven system for making money via a gaming blog. Simply put Affiliate Marketing is where an online retailer such as Amazon or eBay pays a commission to an external website for traffic and in most cases for sale generated through an affiliate link specific to that website.

What is SEO Marketing

Seo stands for search engine optimization and it is one of the most important tools for internet marketing. SEO is a process of getting traffic to a website through organic search in a search engine such as Google or Bing. Search engines such a Google use a complex algorithm to sort through the most relevant websites for the words you like a viewer type into the search bar and these words are referred to as keywords. The more views, comments and time users spend on your website the more Google considered your page relevant to the search. As you become more popular Google will move your website or content up the ladder or top of the page for that keyword and this is considered ranking.

SEO is a very important tool and if done right it can mean plenty of success for your gaming blog but if done wrong it can mean getting no eyes on your blog. There is plenty of competitions on the internet, many people competing for viewers eyes in the gaming niche so you have to stand out and SEO is not something you can dive into with proper training. There are many sources on the internet for learning SEO such as different blogs or Youtube but I highly suggest the Wealthy Affiliate Community. Wealthy Affiliate is a large source of SEO training with a large community of successful Affiliate Marketings at your fingertips and always willing to help. If your looking to start earning money playing games then this is where your education must start and the only place you will ever need for the right answers.

End Note

There are plenty of ways to earn money playing games but the three tops ways I believe are what we have discuss in this article and if you devote the time can be very lucrative. If I had to recommend one method of the three I thought was the best method to make money playing games I would have to go with an Affiliate Marketing Blog and Wealthy Affiliate is a great resource for learning everything needed to know about affiliate marketing and running an affiliate website for gaming or anything you might be passionate or knowledgeable about. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments down below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. If you have methods you feel are important and I left out please feel free to add those to the comments down below as well.

Don’t forget to check out my Wealthy Affiliate review for more information on the platform and how I know it will help you learn everything you need to know to turn your passion into a successful Affiliate Marketing business.

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Thank you for this informative article. It is just what I needed. I am really into gaming but still have not made a decision about my potential career as a professional gamer. I am interested, which kind of way do you recommend? What is the best way to earn money by playing games?

I saw so many gamers using Twitch as their number 1 platform. Do you think it’s good for someone liike me, who is completely new?

Thank you.


Salvatore Jenkins Jr

There are many options, twitch, mixer, and youtube. I think it all depends on your situation… If your planning on doing a lot of streaming of gameplay then twitch would be the easiest for a beginner. Twitch works across many platforms but if you play solely on Xbox One I would check out Mixer which is Microsoft’s version of twitch. There are plenty of ways to monetize your streams and earn money.


I remembered when Kingdom Hearts 3 came out I went to check on it on youtube right away and the chanel that I watched he has more than 2 millions viewers! Man I wish I have that many views on my channel. This is the first that I heard if twitch, Will sign up and check it out. Thanks for all these tips, might not be for me but wait until I share your post with my little brother, he will be in heaven. Cheers!

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I appreciate the share and I think the article is worth sharing to the masses. I myself wish the We Deem Channel would get half that or even a quarter of those views but I am struggling to get views. It is definitely not easy but I still enjoy making content here and on youtube. Hopefully, the future will be great growth for my channel!


Hi Sal,

As someone who loves gaming, this is a great article! Besides Twitch, Youtube, and Mixer, how viable do you think it is to game professionally? I.E. join competitions/tournaments. 

What are your thoughts on combining this with streaming for even an even higher income?

Anyways, thanks again for your post; it is super interesting.



Salvatore Jenkins Jr

With professional competitions, you are going to have to bring your A game because after all it is considered a sport and players in a league are extremely good at what they do. If you considered yourself to be a really good player then it is worth a try and can definitely be very lucrative. At the end of the day, you don’t know if you don’t try…

As for me not that good of a player, wish I was but I have to be honest with myself!


I did not that you could stream on twitch or other platforms with so many different ways to produce your content. I play on the playstation 4 a lot and am very skilled, I have tried streaming but the main hurdle is getting the reach and word out to people that you stream regularly. Have you tried streaming and do you think that it is doable to get into the space nowadays?

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

With all content creation, youtube, personal blog and stream it can be a challenge at first to get the word out. There are several different ways to get the word out for streaming and if you search google you will find several blog posts or videos on the subject.                                                                                                                   


I am a blogger and an affiliate marketer at the same time. Your blog post has encouraged me to start a blog about gaming, but then I realized that I already have too many blogs, one about Multi Level Marketing and the other one about building muscles at home. So, starting a new blog on gaming may be out of my league or I will end up being overworked. With this realization, I have this idea of sharing this blog post of yours to my nephews so they’ll have an idea that there’s indeed an opportunity to make money running a blog or a video blog on gaming.

Thanks, keep on blogging, I am here following your every post.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I have two blogs and there are times where I can’t seem to find the time to write for both. Another would be a huge mistake so I understand where you are coming from… I appreciate the share and I am always willing to teach and learn from others. That is why I always encourage people to join Wealthy Affiliate because the best way to learn is from your others who are doing and it all about the community helping the community to succeed!


Hello Salvatore. This article you’ve written describes quite well what i wanted to do. But because i know YouTube needs 10k subs to enter the partner program, i thought that i would be best to start with a website.

Then if i get any better ranks at the game i play (LoL), i would start making YouTube videos. And then i might consider streaming.

Good to see another gamer try to do the same as me. I think Twitch has a prerequisite too for joining the partner program.

Wealthy affiliate is a beginner friendly platform that can help you grow your website. I joined two months ago and still trying to go forward.

Hope you get traffic and open a YouTube, Twitch channel (and whatever else you are planning). Cheers.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Thank you sir,

It is a long journey but I know it will be worth it in the end.


This is just what my Grandson needs to read- He is a gamer and he is clever so he needs to up his game and get marketing on youtube

I am going to send him your link so he can come read this post as it will help him so much and he will learn some great tips from this read so thank you so much and all the best

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I appreciate you passing my post onto your grandson and I hope the article helps him turn his passion for video games into a side gig or a full-time income. If he needs any help or advice I am here and willing to help!

Pronay Pappu

Hey there!
I really enjoyed reading your article. Actually, I’m a member of WA but I’m also a gamer.
I love to play PUBG. I saw many gamers stream their PUBG gameplay and post in youtube channel. And they income a good amount by playing the game.
You share 3 shared ways how to earn money by playing vedio games!
I don’t think it’s easy to earn money by playing video games.
I think for me, WA is the best way to make. But thank you for sharing this article with us.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Making money online isn’t easy no matter what the niche is, it takes hard work but as long as your content is interesting and you have a following it can become a reality!

Edwin Bernard

Although I do not play video games, I found your article very intriguing. It was very technical for me. But I learned several ways one can earn money through gaming. Can the OBS also be used to create video tutorials using the PC? Is there a MacOS version as well as an iOS version available? 

When you started talking about ways to make money with gaming using YouTube, my interest peaked. I have a YouTube channel dedicated to teen and preteen musicians. Currently it has 13,787 subscribers and 7,902,897 views. If I learned how to play video games and did what you suggested, do you think those vast numbers of young music fans would be interested in games too? Let’s say if I was able to get a large number of them to watch, would they need to pay for stuff in order for me to earn any money? 

The most I’ve earned from my channel so far is just over $2000. That’s paltry considering the subs and views I’ve got. 

I hope you read this and able to respond. 


Edwin Bernard

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

The OBS Software is used to capture your PC and Mac’s Screen so the answer is yes it can be used to make tutorial videos on any subject. 

In my opinion, if you want to make a living or earn a decent wage from making Youtube videos Affiliate Marketing must be brought into the mix and coincide with Youtube Ads. If a content creator just realizes on Youtube Ad revenue they will not make a good enough living to make it a full-time career!

I am sure gaming will attract the young musicians that watch your music channel! 

Thanks for the checking out my post, I’m glad the article piqued your interest and I look forward to checking out your channel!

Sam Msaaf

Thank you for this informative topic! I love gaming but I haven’t tried streaming and earning money.  Reading your article helped me realize that I should put my passion out there and share it with others. Gaming is a very popular career choice nowadays, so it’s great that you are offering advice!

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Gaming is a passion of mine as well especially retro gaming! No matter what your passion is the goal in life and real success is earning a living doing what you love. I just want to help others succeed and learn from them. This is why I speak so highly of Wealthy Affiliate because it is a large community learning from each other and helping one another to succeed in turning their passions into a career!


Hi Sal!
Great post and this confirmed that gaming actually can earn you money! My brother plays a lot of games and I have been telling him to start his own Youtube channel, or at least try streaming to Twitch, or any of the other platforms, so I will show him your article and I hope it changes his mind. Any advice for beginners who want to earn money playing video games?



Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I think my only advise to someone trying to turn their passion for video games into an income is to take the time to create something new and fresh. There is room for others to break it but the niche is flooded with too much of the same thing not that this is a bad thing because I like to get the opinions of many different gamers but if you want to stand out find something within the gaming niche that is creative and something that will make you stand out from the crowd.

While creating content on the We Deem Channel I realized that it is hard to find different keywords to get yourself notices because Youtube favors the big guy and will bury the little guy in the ground. Twitch and Mixxer is definitely a good platforms to start on. I feel like it would be easier to get noticed there and then promote your Youtube Channel or a blog such as this one.

I think my last bit of advice would be to start, everyone has to start somewhere and it will never happen if you just keep putting it off. I wanted to start back in 2006 and I kept prolonging it because I thought I didn’t have the right equipment or I just wouldn’t be good enough. Just take notice of all the bigger channels and watch some of their earlier videos to see how a lot has changed. You never know if you don’t try and things will gradually get better over time.

Thanks for checking out!


This is a great post. I like the fact that you are sharing something so personal and I am sure this will help many people. I found your article very intriguing. It was very technical for me. When you started talking about ways to make money with gaming using YouTube, my interest peaked. I love to play PUBG. I saw many gamers stream their PUBG gameplay and post on YouTube channel. And they income a good amount by playing the game.

What is the best way to earn money by playing games? Any advice for beginners who want to earn money playing video games?

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Personally, I think the best way to earn an income playing video games is an affiliate website but my advice is to be creative and look for something unique because the online gaming community is flooded with the same thing. It is great to get multiple opinions on a subject but I think the gaming community is in need of something different!

Personally, I have found it had to find good keywords or get my content out there on the We Deem Channel with all the bigger channels and I am currently trying to contemplate a way to be unique, stand out from the rest!


A couple of years ago, I met this kid (a teenage boy aged 14) inside Wealthy Affiliate community. He was also blogging about making money playing video games or computer games, and we got a friendship. Since I operate an Internet cafe which the large part of our service includes gaming, LAN games, etc., we exchanged ideas. He’s making with his site, and it impressed me to see a teenage boy subsidizing his school tuition fees by making money for himself.

I am quite familiar with the ideas you shared here, like hosting ads in your Youtube channel or making money as an affiliate marketer of the game software you are promoting. Earlier before I meet the kid that I’m saying, I heard about the idea of making money playing games by testing the newly created games of the producers. I’d like to ask, are you familiar of that money making opportunity? Or, do you know of any company or software developer that lets you test their new games by playing them?

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

There are a lot of opportunities out there to make money in the gaming industry… The real challenge is going out there and finding them. In our present time because of our beloved Youtube platform in most cases, you have to have a large following for any of these companies to approach you. At this point, it becomes cheap or in some cases free advertisement for the developers.

Thanks for stopping by, your opinion is valuable and sorry for the delay in response!


There is nothing that would be more fun than making money doing something you love to do. I don’t really think I can make videos and create a YouTube channel for games, doesn’t sound like my thing but definitely would enjoy streaming on mixer or twitch, sounds like really playing games and earning money. Thank you I’m going to check out these sites and see if I came make some extra money playing games.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

No problem, glad to shed some light on the subject and you can turn any passion into a youtube channel!

Sonia Karel

This is some really great information on how to make money playing video games… people always have this idea that turns out to be more of an imaginary concept, that we can get paid doing things we actually enjoy, but you go out of your way to give us some great info on how to make it possible in reality. You offered some how-to’s as well, instad of just a vague open-ended idea, thanks so much for the useful info 🙂

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

There is the old saying “Where there is a will, there is a way”… Instead of saying you can’t, try asking yourself the simple question ” How can I?”, then motivate yourself to learn and put into action.


My son would love to do this! Is there an age limit to these ideas? He is already always playing video games anyways he might as well make some money while he is at it. I wish this was around when I was younger and playing games myself, I could have definitely had a stream of my playing TecmoBowl on the original Nintendo. Thank you for the great idea, I will talk to him about this.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

There is no age limit… Anyone with the right motivation and creativity can definitely learn how to earn money playing games!

Anthony Hu

Thank you for your post. It is a very interesting article for me. I am a game-lover and play games almost every day, but never think about making money out of it.

Here comes your article. It is going to have much more fun for me, since I can play and earn in the same time. What a great idea!

I like your description “How Can You Make Money Playing Games”. All three of them, Youtube, blog, and live streaming, seem easy to follow. I am learning how to make videos now. Make money with youtube should be my first one.

It is so nice that I could inform officially to wife that I am making money and not playing videos, since she is not so happy while I play video games.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

It would definitely through your wife a little curve ball… Somehow I think the complaints might still arise even if you are making money, lol!

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