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The GTo8 is designed to resemble an Apple smart watch and produce by several different manufactures but for this review I am using the Pandaoo Universal GT08 Bluetooth Smart Watch with HD LCD. The watch is thicker as well as lacks the capabilities of the apple watch but for someone who just wants the basic features this might be the answer to the hefty price tag on a more expensive smart watch and was just what I was looking for!

It has a very sturdy rubber band but very stiff and at times can be difficult to get tight if you have a skinny wrist such as mine. The fastener on the band is a double pin which hold well enough when it is fasten and I have yet to have it pop off. The LCD touch screen is very responsive and the housing is made of a hard plastic. The chrome plastic cover on the rubber micro usb charging port dust cover has a tendency to come loose and fall off.

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Pandaoo smart watch can work through a Bluetooth connection to your cell phone and with a sim card it can be used as unlocked gsm stand alone phone. Hardware consist of a 1.54″ HD LCD 2.5d Capacitive Touch screen with high resolution, supports 32gb external MicroSD and is powered by a 350 mAH battery. Clock has three different faces which can be switch by a flip of a finger and has a built in microphone for recording voice as well a hands-free mic for answering phone calls. Pandaoo GT08 smart watch notifies you of new text messages and is capable of answering the sms directly from the watch itself. It syncs with your phone to display your contacts, incoming calls, outgoing calls and missed call logs. Supports 14 different languages which are English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Italian, German, Indonesian, Finnish, Thai, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Swedish.


The watch has built in apps such as stopwatch, sleep monitor, sedentary reminder, music player, alarm clock, camera, remote camera control, anti-lost, internet, TwitterFacebook, contacts, phone and messaging.


The watch supports bluetooth calling with the iphone but it doesn’t support notification push, remote camera capture and Anti-lost which is pretty much all the features the watch has to offer. Needless to say if you have an iphone and are looking to purchase a Chinese smart watch this is not the one. Android user can take advantage of Twitter and Facebook notifications but I couldn’t seem to get the apps on the watch to work The watch has a small amount of built in apps, doesn’t support downloading or adding apps and you can’t remove any of the pre-installed apps. Most people when purchase a smart watch might be looking for one feature in particular and that is a heart rate monitor which is not including in this version of the watch but can be found on the GT88 smart watch. Last but not least if you are going to take pictures with the watch for some reason you are going to need a microSD because the storage on the device is next to none.


Overall the GT08 smart watch is an impressive watch capable of the basic functions such as receiving phone calls, answering phone calls, reading text messages, responding to text messages, receiving social media notifications, email notifications and for someone such as myself who was only looking for these very basic features at an affordable price this watch was the right choice.

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$15 – $30


GT88 Smart Watch with Heart Rate Monitor: