Over the last half a year there has been a lot of talks of Google Stadia and how it brings reality to an all-digital future. Google Stadia is not the first of its kind in the gaming industry and most likely will not be the last. There are a lot of gaming organizations starting to push digital game downloads and streaming. Microsoft has its GamePass service which I have tried and it’s a great game streaming service with a large new as well as Xbox legacy library. Nvidia has Geforce Now which I had on my Nvidia Shield but it ran kind of crapy on my internet connection and is one of my concerns for Google Stadia. Last but not least there is the OG Digital download service Steam from the valve which I have used this service for PC game downloads and it overall is a great service. Now Google Stadia is the new Steaming service on the block and Google is making a ton of promises. Let’s take a look at “WHAT IS A GOOGLE STADIA?” and what it means for the future of gaming.

What Is A Google Stadia?

Google Stadia Logo
Google Stadia Logo – All Rights Reserved to Google 2019

No that’s not a typo and I realize that’s not proper grammar but this is the question that popped in my head when I first heard the Google Stadia name and I feel I’m not the only one to ask themselves “What is a Google Stadia?”. Well, in a nutshell, it’s Google’s new online gaming streaming service which promises to be the fastest, more reliable than the competition and the most versatile gaming service out there. The Google Stadia streaming service can be used over multiple platforms that have browser support such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and even a Google Stadia so if your playing on your pc you can pick the game up on your cell phone when you venture into the outside world.

One of the major benefits of having Google Stadia is the service doesn’t need the latest hardware to play some of the latest hardware intensive games and that is a plus for some of us gamers who just can’t afford a high-end gaming PC or top of the line new-gen console. However, there has to be some catch, there has to be some sort of requirements or limitations that will keep some gamers from experiencing the Google Stadia service, right?

Google Stadia Specs

As we seen the gamer doesn’t need a high-performance PC or console but there are still some requirements that the user must meet to experience the Stadia service and one is obviously an internet connection. Google Stadia runs off the cloud(google’s servers) so natural you would assume you need a good internet connection and you would be right. Stadia resolution ranges from 4k to 720p to match your network speed and works across various connections from 35 Mbps down to a recommended minimum of 10 Mbps. According to google’s diagram at 10 Mbps, you will get 720p at 60 FPS stereo, 20 Mbps connection will get you 1080p at 60 FPS 5.1 Surround and 4K HDR Video at 60 FPS 5.1 Surround Sound with a 35 Mbps connection. You can run an internet connection test over at Stadia Website if needed and I did just that to find that I am running a 11.162 Mbps so I will be ok for the 720p. However, in my experience trying to stream Tomb Raider over the Nvidia Gforce Now on my current internet connect I had a lot of disconnects and artifacting. Now Google claims their Stadia service is optimized and promises to run better than other streaming services out there but we shall see.

What’s Within the Box?

Within the founder’s Edition box which you can pre-order now is the Night Blue Stadia Controller, USB-C to A Cable, Power Adapter, Google Chromecast Ultra (black) and Power adapter with integrated cable.

The Founder’s Edition can be Pre-ordered for $129 and Google is giving away three months of Stadia Service.

Let’s Talk About the Google Stadia Controller!

Overall I like the Google Stadia Controller, it has taken cues from not only the Xbox controller design but also the PlayStation 4 controller and some of our Chinese manufacturers out there such as the GameSir 3GS. The controller has the analogs positioned where the PlayStation 4 controller does and the L2 and R2 are extended out like the PS4 controller as well which I’m not a big fan of. Every time I lay my PlayStation Controller down on it’s back it always happens to press the two trigger buttons in the back and maybe that just happens to me but it is quite annoying. Let’s take about that D-pad, what were they thinking it reminds me of the D-pad on the GB Boy Color that Gameboy Color clone I did a review of on the We Deem Channel and I hated it on there now it’s on the Google Stadia Controller.

The Issues with Google Stadia and Why I’m Out!

Well, what are the issues with Google Stadia or should I say what are the issues for me when it comes to Google Stadia and why more than likely it will not work for me? Since Google Stadia streams from Google’s servers all that high-end gaming data will be downloading and sucking up all your bandwidth on your phone or home network. As we discuss Google Stadia at 4k gaming uses 35 Mbps of data per second which is equals about 15.75GB per hour and at the 10 Mbps which is Google’s recommended minimum speed/quality is will use about 4.5GB.

Now if your internet has a data cap which most will, you might not even be aware that you are already using a big chunk of it watching Netflix, Hulu or youtube and don’t forget any downloads that you might do during the month. Let’s say you’re using about 800GB of data of a data cap of 1TB that would leave 200GB for Google Stadia and time-wise you’re looking at about 13 hours of game time a month. Even if your cell phone provider or home ISP states you have unlimited we all know it is not unlimited at the speed you pay for and after you hit the cap your internet will run at a slower speed. If your a user running at the minimum 10Mbps, hit your internets cap you have now dipped under and Google Stadia will potentially be unplayable. There are plenty of other factors that go into how Google Stadia will run such as are your wire in or running off the wifi, how far away from the servers you are and how good the routers or switches in your area are. All this will determine how Google Stadia will run and how much lag you will experience.

The last thing I want to talk about is there being a monthly fee and still having to purchase the games instead of it being one monthly fee to access the Google Stadia Library. Now Google is offering three months free I guess to entice people to try the service and this might be good for the start of the service. Most streaming services you pay for the service and have access to all its content but thats, not the case here. Now image your pay full price for the game, google and the developers decide the game will no longer be offered on the Google Stadia service do you now lose a game you paid for? This is the very thought that leads to the second topic of this post and that is an all-digital future.

An All-Digital Future

As we all know there has been plenty of discussions of late on the future of video games and the possibility of an all-digital future or better know as the death of physical media. Now it has happened yet but let be real it’s not a possibility it will be a reality and companies are starting to push the idea i.e. Google Stadia. If you remember correctly Microsoft just recently released the Xbox One S All Digital Edition which obviously had no hard drive and promoted the All Digital Future. In 2018 a record 83% of games were sold digital and only 17% were physical which means physical is going out the door :(.

For a detailed breakdown of how physical games sales have shifted toward digital check out the article ” Breakdown of U.S. computer and video game sales from 2009 to 2017, by delivery format ” on Statista.

The Issues for me with an All-Digital Future!

For some, an All-Digital Future doesn’t seem that bad and most of going that route anyway. There are many gamers especially some of the younger gamers that just want to play the game and don’t care about owning it physically. Being able to download the game first day of release and not have to wait in line to purchase the game or wait for it to be delivered is appealing to most. However, if you are subscribed to the We Deem Channel you are well aware that I enjoy the retro gaming community and collecting physical media. I grew up with the NES, SNES, GENESIS, N64, Saturn, Dreamcast, PlayStation, Xbox, and the list goes on. I love collecting video games for all these systems because it brings me back to a time where I believe new video games and the thought of a new console was exciting. There is something about having a physical copy of a game in my collection, being able to pull it from a shelf, place the cartridge into a console and just play the game. An all-digital future attacks that way of life but this isn’t the only issue with digital game downloads and no more physicals.

Once we move into the All-Digital future let’s not forget the risk of the game being removed from digital services like Steam, Xbox Store or the Playstation store and if you didn’t get to download it you will never get to experience those games again. We have seen this happen over and over again in the last few years. Let’s take Scott Pilgram Vs. the World a game I never had the pleasure of playing and now I will never experience the hype because it was taken down. Ducktales remastered which is a game that came out physically but is getting harder and harder to find not to mention the prices have been rising was taken down as well. This is the harsh reality of an all-digital future, one moment that game is there and the next it could cease to exist. Keep Google Stadia in mind when you think of all-digital because this is a digital gaming streaming service which you pay for the individual game but if it is taken down you know have now lost your money as well as the game.

Finally Thoughts

Google Stadia is a great concept and even as a collector of physical media it is a service I could enjoy if I knew it was going to run well on my internet connection. Unfortunately, there are many variables that could potentially make Stadia unplayable or a service that is limiting. I don’t want to be limited to how long I can play a certain game. If my connection isn’t up to the standards that Stadia requires I don’t want to deal with lag or artifacting when I won’t experience that from a physical or even a download game for the matter. I also don’t want an internet connection that has gone down to keep me from enjoying a good gaming session or it interrupting me in the middle of a hard boss fight. As far as an all-digital future is concern I personally am not looking forward to it because there are so many cons for me. I have several storage bins of physical video games that are sealed, games I haven’t played yet but they are there and at any moment I can play them if I want. There is no fear that the game will no longer be available or I will lose the opportunity to experience them because they a sitting there waiting for me. There is no rush to purchase physical games because there will always be an opportunity, for the most part, to purchase it down the road and I don’t feel rushed into the purchase because the games might disappear like Scott Pilgrim. Personally, an all-digital future just scares me and makes the future look dull.

Let me know below what your think of Google Stadia? Is it something your looking forward to? Are you on the fense? Are your ready for an All-Digital Future? You you purchase physical or digital games more?

Also don’t forget to check out some of the other posts of and if your into videos games, hareware and tech reviews don’t forget to check out the We Deem Channel.

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Is there any word from the makers of this Google Stadia about plans of modifying the gadget to consume a lesser amount of data? This can be okay in countries like the United States or Europe where the internet is so fast and cheap, but in countries like us here in the Philippines, I think this won’t sell much. We have data cap here plus most of the internet providers here allow only up to 5 mbps in speed especially in postpaid internet plans. There are few exceptions, like me I’m using prepaid internet and my speed is up to 40mbps.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Google is always trying to optimize the system and when it releases it might consume less data but for now it is what it is. Some internet providers here in the states have data caps and even the ones that don’t slowdown your connection after it hits a certain cap which would make gameplay less then ideal!


Google is always very good at creating anything and they always come up with probably the best ideas ever and when I heard personally that they were going into gaming,I thought it was the best idea ever until I found out that it was kind of limiting and the issue of getting my internet speed all laggy. Like you have mentioned here, nobody will love to have their games slowed down at the middle of a heated duel. Nice review on the google stadia. They have a good console though. Very nice to use.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Hopefully they will optimize it to down grade the video quality of your internet connection slows to keep you from lagging or maybe optimize it to run well even on a slow connection. I think Google getting into the gaming market with Stadia is a great idea but I guess only time will tell how successful it will be and if it’s worth getting!


Nice and thorough review of Google Stadia concept I would say! I have been considering to buy it but I have heard pretty similar rumors as your review points out. I have been playing pc and console games since the early ’90s and I would like to start stream more. My 5G downloads (regarding speedtest net and other tests) about 1200-1280 Mbps and upload is between 250 and 350, I have heard that in some 3rd world countries they don’t have 5G coverage outside of big cities at all or it’s very fragile but mine would be good enough I guess. Do you think Google Stadia will be working without problems any time soon? I will take a further look at your website, curious to read more.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I think if anyone can pull it off it’s Google but I think Google Stadia will be a service for a certain type of crowd. There will be put out there with really good internet connection who just want to play the game and have no interest in a physical copy but  sure these are the same people who are hardcore PC Gaming fans with really powerful rigs! Not sure it will be for everyone and there is plenty of competition out there.


It is really the first time for me hearing about this google stadia but i have to confess, it is truly very good. The futures make the gaming experience looks cool. Unfortunately, google’s stuff always has to come with a little loophole. I guess some people still make use of it and they pretty much enjoy using it a whole lot. I am not sure i will be getting this due to the obvious reasons that you have stated in this article. I already get easily frustrated when playing, i wouldn’t want any further frustrations.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I here you… I think this is just the beginning of an all digital future and we’re as it might not be for everyone now it will become the norm in the future. Google will definitely keep working on the system, optimizing it and it will eventually work well even on slower connection. It will definitely be interesting to see were Google Stadia goes in the future!


This is awesome to be honest especially for people who can afford to run on higher connection than the standard 10mbp/s. I’m not sure this is for someone like me who is still just getting started in setting myself up. Thanks for sharing this review about google stadia. But then, I’m pulling out of it for now. Maybe later on. But surely, it is a great concept overall. Thanks

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

It definitely is a great concept and hopefully, it runs as good as Google claims but I think for some of us waiting is the smartest thing to do.


Being an avid gamer, I see this as a move higher than just the ordinary gaming experience we have been having especially in the internet connection part. Well, as great as google stadia is seeming right now, I guess I will still ve having my fingers crossed on it for now till I am sure it fulfills all expectations after the official release. But then, I have learnt more than enough on it already.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I am in the same boat… I guess maybe as time goes and I get some feedback from the game community I will determine if it’s worth experiencing myself but for now I’m staying on the fence.


Hi! Thank you very much for discussing the features in Google Stadia. I like the concept, but I agree with you, I may have problems using it because my internet provider has a cap. I foresee me spending all my MB before the end of the month.

Corncerning All-Digital Future, I welcome the idea. I don’t see any problem not owning the physical product 

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

i love the concept of Google Stadia as well but I think connection speed will be an issues for me because at time Nvidia GeForce now has lag issues at my house.

Personally I love collecting physical media as you may notice if you check out the We Deem Channel on YouTube and for me an all digital Future is a little nerve racking due to games no longer being offer on the different gaming services such as Scott Pilgrim verses the world. I never got to play the game and I want to bad but can’t because there is nowhere you can get your hands on it. Maybe limited run games can get the right to release it again!


I have always been buying the games physically and even the fact that make buy and download online was not really comfortable for me. Although I have it downloaded to my console but It doesn’t give you the same feeling like owning it physically.

Where I’m right now make it completely difficult to think about Google Stadia. The Internet services are not to the level that can tolerate playing digitally and I think a lot of countries have the same issues with Internet services. 

In my openion the only chance for Google Stadia to servive is to have something which we will not find anywhere else like new games that only played on Stadia, otherwise it is going to live for long. 

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I agree there will have to be some exclusive games to Google Stadia to intrigue people’s interest but also a service that charges one monthly fee and gives the game access to a large title of games! Is this something that can be possible, who knows!


I really love the way you wrote this article.  I have never heard of Google Stadia but i am excited to see how it develops and morphs.  What kind of gaming are you into at the present moment?  My son and I are all into Xbox 1x and PS4.  But my step kids are all into PC gaming.  How would this compare to those type of games?  Thank you for sharing and I cant wait to read more.



Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Personally, nowadays I play more console games but that is only because I just haven’t been able to let go of the cash that a high-end gaming PC cost but I prefer PC gaming over console because of the upgradability and the different add-ons or mods. However, even with that said I enjoy my console gaming, especially the Nintendo Switch because of obviously the portability aspect!


Hi, personally I don’t favor the outlook on an all-digital gaming industry exactly because of the cons you mentioned: what if I don’t have a big data flat rate, and what if the game is taken down? I enjoy playing a game on my notebook and being able to exceed a gaming session as long as I want… Also, buying a game I like would be much cheaper than having to purchase Goggle Stadia AND each game too, wouldn’t it? Can you recommend any alternative which only costs a monthly fee or the single games? Thank you for this thorough review!

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Personally, right now I think the best option for a service similar to Google Stadia is Xbox Game Pass… There is a monthly fee, some games are free to play and others have a really good discount. As far as I know, there isn’t a service that you pay a monthly fee and have unlimited Streaming of games such as Netflix for video!


Well, I did not hear about Google Stadia before. From reading your article, it is obvious that Google is ready to be the new gaming/streaming leader. They are now covering almost every section of online market. It is going to be interesting to see how Google Stadia will compete with Twitch and similar platforms.

Awesome website by the way.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

They kind of already are competing with twitch with Youtube live stream, only now it will be integrated into the Google Stadia platform and I’m sure game streaming for Youtube Gaming Channels will be easier than ever!


The thing I like about the Google stadia is that you can continue playing your game on a different device and wherever you may be. I like games but the data required is a total turn off for me, maybe I might consider it when I’m sure I will be having access to WiFi when away from home. And I like the fact that I can have free access for 3 months after that will see if its really worth the payment. Thanks for this review  its  so eye opening

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I agree I like the fact that you can access the game on multiple devices… if I’m playing at home I can take the game with me on any mobile device such as a cell phone or laptop and this is one of the reasons why the Nintendo Switch is so popular. The 3-month free access is enticing and more than likely I will give it a try as well!  Who knows, in the long run, it just might be worth its’s weight in gold or at least have a purpose!

Sonia Karel

I really appreciate this in depth review. More often than I’d like to admit, I hear about the new products from Google and decide to go all in without any real perspective from people who have actually used it or have useful information about it’s do’s and don’ts. I definitely have a data cap and you’re so right that the cost is insane because it’s not an all-acess fee, but a cost per game. Thanks for the heads-up!

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

No problem! Just like I said it is a great concept but I think it is just not there for me and I was sure that others might agree when looking at it from a certain perspective. Let’s cross our fingers and hope the service evolves over time!


I must admit Google has never disappointed me when it comes to new inventories. So many times in the past I have tried some of their stuff and it makes so much sense. The Google stadia is one I have been anticipating for some time now and although I not dissatisfied with what I have seen here about it, but there are a few thing I’m a but uncomfortable with which is first the issue of bandwidth which is too much. One can hardly keep up a long time using the service and it wouldn’t make sense slowing down my game. Great idea they have though.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

It is a good idea but I think it has a long way to come before it is worth me using the system… I don’t want to be limited to how long I can play a game and I don’t want my connection to be throttled down!


Just like the obvious when it comes to google’s products, thee loopholes are always obvious to see. these are just very obvious than to be overlooked here. Though google stadia seems to me like a very a great product when it comes to gaming but then, I feel it is strictly for people with more than enough data budget and also faster access going by the rate at which it runs.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

On the surface, it is a good product but it has its limitations and for some of us it is almost not worth it. Maybe over time, Google will address this and the data it requires will decrease without losing quality.


Like I will always re-iterate, google is making the changes to all our world and I’m predicting that soon enough, they will constitute more than 40% of the totality of things that we do. This is very great to see here. Though I really like the initiative of the google stadia and all, but I do not really fancy the fact that it has that much demands before the game could be well enjoyed. I hate being frustrated while gaming and I sense that I will be if I get this.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I agree Google has their hand in most of our daily routines, they control our phones, shopping, browser and now gaming, what is next? We are all looking for a one-stop-shop and Google is happy to provide that. The same thing goes for Facebook who is trying to control our every move… I’ sure Google Stadia will provide more than just gaming and the price will steadily increase while it paves the way for an all-digital-world!

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