Geek FuelGeek Fuel Exp Box Subscription what a bold statement? Even though I can’t stand here and say it’s the best monthly subscription boxes for geeks because I haven’t tried any other subscription box other than Think Geek Capsule. However, I can say that their new EXP box which is a quarterly box is amazing but I couldn’t always say that. For those who have never heard of Geek Fuel, it is a quarterly subscription box that packed with about five geek related collectibles and a steam download code.

Now Geek Fuel started out as a monthly subscription box but two boxes into my subscription they decided to go every three months and the items within increased in size. The box always contains a themed T-Shirt, Theme canvas, Bobblehead character, Comic Character Pop figure, some geeky household items such as a Chef apian or salt shaker and a downloadable steam code.

Past Subscription Boxes

In the past, the boxes where much smaller and you got one every month. This is normal for subscription boxes such as Indie box or loot crate and I myself was ok with this. The items Within The Box would range in themes but I remember getting geek fuel magazine which they have done away with, there was a ready player one crystal keychain and there was a Dana Skully Pin from X-files. The box has items that are movie, tv, comic, and game related. There was a t-shirt, small vinyl figure, a collectible pin, keychain, and a downloadable steam code. Don’t forget to check out the video above to see what else I got in my first Free Geek Fuel box, take a look at some of the other videos on the We Deem Channel and Don’t forget to subscribe to keep informed of future videos.

Geek Fuel EXP

Deadpool Statue Preview

View the Whole #unicornselfies statue by checking out the WeDeemChannel on Youtube

Geek Fuel has evolved and now it is calling itself Geek Fuel Exp. Instead, it being every month, it is not every three months and the items With The Box are now larger. The monthly version of the box you got about five smaller items and now in EXP, you are getting six items. You still get the T-Shirt, the downloadable steam code, and the vinyl figure but some things have changed. In the August Exp box, Geek Fuel gave us a large Predator Vinyl bobblehead figure and a large Vinyl figure from Q-Fig they dubbed #unicornselfie which you’ll have to head over to the channel and check that video it was hands down the best thing in the box.

Thoughts on Geek Fuel Exp?

At first, I was too impressed with the first edition of Geek Fuel Exp, don’t get me wrong the items Within The Box we cool but they just didn’t excite me and ultimately I end up selling them. At the time I just felt like I got a better deal with the monthly boxes than with Exp but then the August edition of Exp came out and I had a change of heart. The items contained within were far better, more impressive and made me feel like Geek Fuel gave me my monies worth. Two large vinyl figures, a t-shirt, an art canvas, video game themed salt/pepper shakers and a downloadable steam code. Now I’m starting to think Exp is far better, the way to go and far more exciting.

Geek Fuel Finally Thoughts

I think the question now is what do I think of Geek Fuel overall? Is it worth it? Is it better than other options out there such a Loot Crate? Overall, I think Geek Fuel steps their game up for the August box and I was impressed. The items contained in that box was amazing, I knew when I first saw them I would be able to part with them and this box made me feel I got my monies worth. For about $64 every three months I do think it is worth every penny if they keep up what they did with the August version of the Geek Fuel and I believe the Exp was the right move for all of us. Now do I think it is the better option then Loot Crate? Well I can answer that honestly, Loot Crate has been at this for a while, then have several different options varying in themes which is something for everyone and I have yet to subscribe to any of it. This is definitely a question I will have to revisit in the near future!


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I think this is something my Son would love, he loves comic, tv and to see that the box comes with some goodies inside would blow his mind.

I am also interested in knowing about the box and how much is the subscription fee? And how do I do it, I want both for me and my Son, What are the advantages of the New Change?

Hope to get all the information so I can subscribe and get all the goodies inside the box.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

If your looking to subscribe to a monthly box or your just a geek at heart and love the element of surprise Geek Fuel is definitely a great choice. As I mentioned, they went from one month to every three month and us the subscriber benefited in a few ways. 

I think the monthly price was about $23 a month and the three-month price comes to about $66 with shipping so your saving a little bit of money. The items in the box have increased in size and your getting two different collectible figures which makes the box worth it alone.

If you are interested in more information or seeing it for yourself check out some of my videos on the we deem channel such as the one below or head over to their website:

Geek Fuel Exp Vol Two
Geek Fuel EXP Vol One
Geek Fuel April 2018
Geek Fuel March 2018

Tebby Tjakata

Thanks for the new updates on the geek box. I am definitely giving my brother your website so he can check out for himself.

Just out of interest, is the box only available on monthly subscriptions or once off buyers also do have access on it.
Goodies in the box are great!
I am looking forward to getting one for my brother.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

It available in a three month subscription but can be cancelled at any time for any reason. You can order your brother one and then cancel later on, if he likes it he can signup for it! You are not obligated to sign up for any time period or required to continue your subscription for any length of time!

Geek Fuel is definitely a great box full of cool collectibles and I think it has only become better over time!


I was too impressed by now than the first edition of Geek Fuel Exp, dont profit me wrong the items Within The Box we chilly but they just didnt disquiet me and ultimately I halt going on selling them. At the time I just felt behind I got a enlarged merger bearing in mind the monthly boxes than as soon as Exp but then the August edition of Exp came out and I had a adjust of heart. The items contained within were in the distance and wide-off augmented, more impressive and made me setting with Geek Fuel gave me my monies worth. Two large vinyl figures, a t-shirt, an art canvas, video game themed salt/pepper shakers and a downloadable steam code. Now Im starting to think Exp is far greater than before, the habit to go and far more daring.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

The Geek Fuel Exp gives you more bang for your buck and the items contained in Exp are far cooler! The original monthly box had a small wolverine bobble head and when I got Geek Fuel Exp there was a 6″ Predator Bobble head. CHECK IT OUT HERE!


Hi Salvatore. I was nearly going to call you “This Guy” until I noticed your name on one of the other comment boxes. WOW!! I love this, and I have to admit I never knew anything like this ever existed. I’m a bit of an old Geek, I can still remember getting free animals in the corn flake boxes as a kid. Mind you I had to fight my brother for them. But this is wonderful, I love receiving surprises in the mail. The “Geek Fuel Exp” sounds like my sort of thing. The only issue I’d have is waiting for three months to receive an other box. I can’t wait to start this. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. All the best.  Jim 

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I too remember a day when toys were in the cereal boxes but that day has unfortunately come and gone! The three week wait is kind of a pain but for whatever reason Geek Fuel has decided this is what their subscribers want and I guess that is what they will get. I’m glad you found the information useful and I have no doubt you will be happy with your Geek Fuel Subscription!

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