Every once and a while it’s nice to get something for cheap that doesn’t suck and does what it’s supposed to do. The holds true for the gaming world and us gamers want to get a good deal on gaming accessories but we also want it to work. We don’t want to hear ” You get what you paid for”, instead we want to feel like we got a good quality product that does what it is intended to do and we didn’t have to break the bank to obtain it! I have put together a list of controllers under $30 that in my opinion does suck, function the way they should and are not so bad in the quality department. If you have used any of these controllers or have any question please feel free to leave them down in the comments below.

Logitech F310 Gamepad

Logitech F310 Gaming ControllerThe Logitech F310 is both affordable and a function gaming controller. Logitech has brought console quality gaming to the pc and the Logitech F310 does a fairly good job at it. The controller’s design reminds me of the Sony PlayStation controller from the button layouts to the overall feel of the controller and the way the controller functions. I’m extremely surprised however Logitech decided to go with the Xbox A, B, X and Y action buttons. During gameplay, the controller is responsive and easy to use. The only issue I found was the housing in the back around the trigger buttons felt uncomfortable and a little painful on the middle finger after long gaming sessions. Read Full Review…

Xbox 360 Wired Controller

Xbox 360 Wired Gaming ControllerI included the Xbox 360 wired controller as an honorable mention on my post “TOP FIVE AFFORDABLE GAMING CONTROLLERS UNDER $60” and naturally it deserves to be on this list. The Xbox 360 controller still remains one of the best if not the best gaming controllers on the market and its design are copied by others. The Xbox 360 controller is ergonomically design and very comfortable to hold in your hands even after pulling a who nighter. The controller is obviously compatible with Xbox and windows but I have seen people get it to work on other platforms. The gaming controller comes in many different colors and can be further customize threw replacing the housing to fit your gaming personality. But the most important part is it is cheap, the best gaming controller on the list and it doesn’t suck. Read Full Review…

8Bitdo NES 30 Pro

8Bitdo NES 30 Pro Wireless Gaming Controller on logosandsimplicity.comNow here is a controller with a retro style look and modern style controls. I personally love the look of this controller, it has the Nostalgic Nintendo look and brings back plenty of fond memories that I wish I could relive. At first glance, you will realize the controller has a pretty similar control layout to the Playstation controller with the two analog sticks at the bottom but adapts the Xbox action buttons with A, B, X, and Y. The controller is easier to use, fun to play with and lightweight. There is software to remap the controls which is a must for certain games on steam and it, unfortunately, can become a headache to get it to connect to the Bluetooth on some PCs as I discuss on an Episode of We Deem’s Reviews By This Guy but I have seen people get it done!  The controller can be found for under $ 30 but most places it’s going for a little over $40 for a bundle. Read Full Review

Retro Fighters Jab

Retro Fighter Nes Gaming ControllerI first seen this controller on Think Geek and when I first seen it I knew I wanted it. Unfortunately, the controller was OUT OF STOCK but I was intrigued by the look and its dual purpose. So naturally, I did a google search and found the Retro Fighters site which claimed it was for sale on all the major online retailers but that didn’t help! I then found it and yes I purchased it. The gaming controller has everything the original NES controller had plus turbo, a clear button, bumper buttons and dual analog sticks all encased in a modern housing.  Everything about this controller spells out retro, from the color to the button layout and the traditional D-pad. What set’s this apart from retro gaming controllers? Well besides the controller’s housing, the addition of the two analog sticks keeps it from a world we once knew and loved. Full review soon…


Here are four controllers that function well despite there cheap price and I can even go as far to say they work better than some of the more expensive gaming controllers. The controllers above are all a must have for any gamer’s game room! I am hoping to make this a series, as I discover other controllers that don’t suck I will either add it to this list or create an entirely new post so don’t forget to bookmark or join one of the social media above to keep up-to-date.

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Hi Sal! I was actually looking for a controller lower than $40 for my xbox 360 and somehow and someway I came into this page.
I was wondering what are my alternatives to getting that? Do I need an actual xbox controller or can I get one of those computer controllers?
Really looking forward to your reply!

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

There are plenty of Microsoft Xbox controller alternatives but you have to make sure they are 3d party xbox 360 controllers branded with the xbox logo. There are makers such as afterglow which designs the Afterglow xbox 360 controller which comes in a variety of led light colors but if I was you I would just stick with the Microsoft Xbox 360 wireless or wired controllers because you can get then for under $25 now a days.

However, if your asking me whether you can use a cheap pc controller meant for the pc with your xbox I’m going to go with no! I’m sure there is a mod for that but I would stay away from that because soft mods modify the software which can potential brick your xbox.

Thanks for the comment hopefully that helps… I think I might comes up with a list of alternative xbox 360 controllers and Xbox controllers from 3rd party designers. So follow me on one of the social medias above and keep an eye out for those posts!


Good post for game lovers to check out. I had one of the Logitech controllers and they actually work very well. Though the controllers shared here are below $30 but their look isn’t too bad. I would vote for the 8Bitdo NES 30 Pro too if it is for look wise. They are classic!

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

They are all pretty good controllers for being under $30 and they functional well during gameplay! The 8Bitdo Nes 30 functioned well when I got it connected to my girlfriend’s Samsung Galaxy Tab A but I had difficulties connecting it to my laptop but a part of me thinks it was my laptop’s bluetooth and not the controller itself!


Nice article!

I have been looking at getting a new conroller for my younger son, who is 4, because he is stating to play some games on occasion and I’d like to get something that is of decent quality, fairly durable (to survive the occasional drop…) and most of all, not too expensive. I really didn’t want to dish out more than $50 buck again.

What would you recommend for smaller hands? And which of these (if any) do you think would endure the occasional, moderate impact?

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I would probably stay away the 8bitdo Nes 30 I not quite sure it was build with a child’s abuse in mind but if I was getting some for a 4 year old I would most likely stick to the Xbox 360 controller. However I would go with the Xbox 360 wireless controller instead of the wired because my nephew broke plenty of the wired once getting way to excite during gameplay! Now the only problem with the wireless is the need for a Microsoft Windows 360 receiver which will run about $22.99 on top of the $30 price tag for the controller…

If you can tame your son’s urge to jump while playing then you can stick with the wired controller above it would be much cheaper or I would even suggest going with the Logitech f310, it’s made of pretty durable plastic and functions pretty well.


These are some amazing gamepad choices and yes, i do agree that there are gamepads under $30 that do not suck! How about the GameSir G3s, I have heard a lot about that gaming controller and it does seem like a pretty good one!
Moga controllers are famous as well, what are your thoughts on that?

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I have heard of GameSir and Moga controllers but I have yet to get my hands on one but I have heard they are pretty decent. I will definitely be checking these controllers out in the near future, most likely will write a review and it will be features on an episode of “Reviews By This Guy” on the We Deem Youtube channel!

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