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Well, I sure you clicked on this link because you were curious as to what a GameSir is and when I first had one suggested that I check the GameSir out I was curious as well. I have never been fond of the name but their wireless gaming controllers and other gaming accessories are great products. GameSir makes a line of Bluetooth controllers that work across a variety of platforms and they also make the controllers wired but I have heard the wired controllers are not as good!

GameSir 2018 Main ImageWho Is GameSir?

GameSir is a leading brand of high-tech gaming controllers and accessories. Their gaming controllers are more marketed towards mobile gaming but can be used on others platforms such as PlayStation 3, PC, Macintosh and the Raspberry Pi.

GameSir has built a solid reputation for its performance and quality of their product. The company has more than 3.5 million people using their product worldwide in 60 countries and continues to grow with the help of the Youtube Gaming community.

GameSir Technology

All GameSir Controllers use a 32 bit microcontroller chip with a high performance of 48Mhz which ensures a fast and precise reaction of every single control input. The microcontroller has an ultra- reduced processing time, fast wake up times, low temperature and energy efficient to keep you in the game longer.

GameSir gamepads have led lit action and GameSir buttons which give it a signature touch. Their controllers use SignalSharing Technology which allows for cross-platform compatibility which could replace the need for multiple controllers for different platforms.

GameSir Is Committed to Quality!

GameSir has high-quality control standards for Materials and Technology processing to ensure that their customs get the highest level of quality product. Their parts have passed numerous test which ensures the life cycle of certain parts such as the buttons to last of a spaned of five years and all gamepads are certified with RoHS,CE,FCC standards.

GameSir Products

That was a little bit about GameSir but let’s dive into their amazing products that have given the reputation they have in present 2018 and find out what products they have to offer. GameSir has many different gaming controllers and even accessories for your PS4 or Xbox One. From GameSir Gamepads to battery pack and even battery chargers they have plenty to offer the gaming community. GameSir even produces a Nintendo Switch carrying case that holds the switch, the charging adapter, and 10 game cartridges.

GameSir T2 Bluetooth ControllerGameSir T1s

The T1s which is probably one of their more affordable Bluetooth controllers which are supported by Android 4.0, Windows 7 and later version. The controller compatible with steam, the PlayStation 3 and there are a large number of games that are supported. The controller has the 32-bit MCU chip, Realtek Bluetooth 4.0, 2.4GHz module and a built-in 600maH polymer Lithium battery which should last for 18 hours with automatic sleep mode. Read Full Review…

GameSir T2a Bluetooth ControllerGameSir T2a

The GameSir T2a has a high accuracy and sensitivity. The controller can identify various devices automatically and there are no drivers to install. It is compatible with Android, PC and Steam OS. The controller can be connected via Bluetooth, wireless with the 2.4Ghz dongle and also through the provided micro USB wire. Due to the Ergonomic Design, the controller is very comfortable and the control is very precise in giving accurate positioning which is important for your modern FPS. Read Full Review…

GameSir 3Gs Green Bluetooth ControllerGameSir G3s

This is one of my personal favorites and I used it during my raspberry pi retro console build and still continue to retro game with it. The controller comes in three different color schemes, black, orange and the one I had green. The GameSir G3s has the same 32 bit MCU chip as the GameSir T1s, it has Realtek Bluetooth 4.0 and a 2.4GHz dongle. A 600mAh lithium battery that lasts up to 18 hours but no option for charging your phone via the controller like the Moga line of controllers. The controller is compatible with Android, PC and even the PlayStation 3. The controller also comes wired but I have heard they are not as good as the wireless controllers which is definitely something I will have to see for myself! Read Full Review…

GameSir 4Gs Bluetooth ControllerGameSir g4s / M2

For the most part, there is not much different when you compare it to the GameSir G3s except for battery life and design. Same 32-bit MCU Chip, same Realtek Bluetooth 4.0 and compatible with the same platforms. The battery has been bumped up to an 800mAH polymer Lithium battery that lasts up to 30 hours and it my opinion they did an amazing job on the design. The design is very eye-catching, striking and if your holding this in your hand it will most definitely look like you mean business! I only wish it was compatible with the Ps4 but as of writing this I haven’t tested it or done any research on the matter. There is also a Mac compatible version called the GameSir M2 which has the same design as the G4s but has Apple Certified MFi Bluetooth and works on various Apple products. Read Full Review…

GameSir C2 FightstickGameSir C2 Fightstick

Who doesn’t like the arcade experience and a tradition arcade stick? I myself enjoyed playing arcade games as a child and still do. GameSir has brought that experience to your home with the GameSir C2 Fightstick which is compatible with Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Android. I couldn’t help but be curious if this arcade stick would work on the Retro-Bit Super Retro-Cade. It has a simple black design with a striking white graphic of two fists hitting each other and it looks amazing. The C2 Fightstick has 8 arcade buttons and an 8-direction Joystick. It has a menu lock, turbo mode, and the C2 Fightstick can be customized. Read Full Review…

GameSir X1 BattleDock

Image from the GameSir Website –

Other GameSir Products

GameSir doesn’t only make controllers, they make other gaming accessories for Xbox, PlayStation, Android phones and even storage cases for the Nintendo Switch. They make products such as the GameSir GM100 gaming Mouse, GameSir Z1 Gaming Keyboard, the GameSir X1 BattleDock which allows you to hook a full-size keyboard and gaming mouse to your cell phone for the PC Gaming Experience.

If you have been looking forward to playing some of your favorite Android games with a GamePad but the game doesn’t support Bluetooth controllers then GameSir has you covered with the GameSir Remapper A2! The GameSir Remapper A2 maps your controller buttons to the onscreen controls and before you know it you are playing Android games with a Bluetooth GamePad even if it doesn’t support that option.

Xbox One S Accessories from GameSirGameSir has you covered in the console market with a couple of Xbox One accessories, Nintendo Switch accessories and PlayStation 4 accessories. For the Xbox one GameSir has the Xbox One S Vertical Console Stand which has a cooling fan to keep your console from overheating and a charging station. GameSir also has a stand-alone controller charger, battery pack, USB cables and grips for your Xbox One controller.

GameSir also has some options for Nintendo Switch owners, Nintendo Switch Racing Wheel and three different traveling cases. I like to see GameSir design some GamePads for the Nintendo Switch, something new and unique. It would be nice to see the GameSir 3Gs, G4s, and the New G5s be compatible with the Switch but I’d like to see a unique design for the Switch!

As you see for the Xbox One, GameSir has a Vertical Console Stand for the PlayStation 4 which both cool the console and charges your controllers. GameSir also has the PlayStation 4 gamer covered with a USB charging cable, thumb stick grips, a battery pack which will keep your PlayStation controller charged a lot longer between plug-ins and also a stand-alone charging station for your controllers if your not looking to have the console stand.

So, What Do I Think Of GameSir in 2018?

GameSir produces high-quality gaming accessories that work across multiple platforms such as PlayStation 3, Android, PC and they even cover Mac. Their controllers have a striking design, they are very unique and set themselves aside from any other brand.  Their controllers have a modern full-set button layout including four action buttons, D-pad, two analog sticks, two bumper buttons, two trigger buttons, start, select and a home button.

The controllers perform really well on your modern games as you can see from the above post I made on Instagram where I was playing Resistance 2 with the GameSir 3Gs and I didn’t experience anything that left me craving the official Ps3 controller. If you’re looking for a quality third-party controller that works across several different platforms and other gaming accessories I highly suggest checking out GameSir


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Oh god…. look at those beautiful controllers!

I haven’t had a “Perfect Controller” in a long time. I really think that these controllers by GameSir just might grant me that.

The seemingly entry level GameSir T1 looks already quite impressive as the first in the array of their controllers.

The following got better and better until I saw the final controller for me. The GameSir G4’s.

With a large battery, along with its powerful internals, I need to add this to my collection. I can only imagine how amazing playing Super Meat Boy with that controller! I need it now.

Thank you so much for this information!!!! 😀

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

GameSir does make some amazing controllers… GameSir G4s is by far the best controller to date until you can get your hands on the GameSir G5 which looks amazing and I hope it has Nintendo Switch support because that would make it the best in the GameSir arsenal!


Thanks for an informative article on the GameSir controllers. My son is into gaming and I’ve helped him on occasion with controllers for his XBox, but I have not heard about this vendor before. These units sure do look nice. Now that we have recently built a new gaming PC, we might check some of these out.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

GameSir definitely makes quality controllers but don’t forget the Xbox 306 and One controllers are compatible with PC, so if you already have one there might not be a need for a new controller for PC gaming. However, with the introduction of the GameSir G5 which is shaping out to be what they would like to call the ultimate gamepad the xbox or any other gamepad just won’t cut it for gaming on a pc, android and any other platform the G5 will be compatible with in the future!

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