Chances are you came here looking for more information on Moga gaming controllers or just looking for an all around amazing mobile bluetooth gaming controller for your android device and/or PC. Moga Mobile Gaming Systems manufactures many amazing bluetooth controllers for tablets, smart phones and Android Tv. If you have followed Reviews By This Guy either via this website or on the We Deem Channel on Youtube you have come to realize that I review quite a few bluetooth gaming controllers or gaming controllers in general. I have been gaming since a young boy, over the years I have played with some great controllers, some not so great controllers and some that would have been gold if it wasn’t for one thing such as a failed D-pad or discomfort during a long or even a short gaming session.

Per the suggestion of Shrey on my post “GAMING CONTROLLERS UNDER $30 THAT DON’T SUCK!” I decided to purchase four different Moga gaming controllers and see how they fair. Let’s take a look at each gaming controller and don’t forget to check out my full review on all four controllers.

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Moga Power A Bluetooth ControllerMoga Pocket

If you’re looking for a great mobile lightweight controller for your android phone or tablet then the Moga  Power A is a great way to go and comes in at a very affordable price tag. It’s made of a pretty sturdy plastic and has a rubber backing for grip. The Bluetooth controller has everything you would need to enjoy hours of mobile gaming except for your tradition D-pad which has been around since the original NES but the D-pad concept was started an early as the 1976 and was made popular by the 8-bit era which is still employed in current gaming. Unfortunately the Moga Power A doesn’t have a built-in Lithium Ion battery, instead, it uses two triple A batteries and doesn’t allow for micro USB power. Read Full Review…

Moga Hero PowerMoga Hero Power

The Moga Hero Power is a step up from the Moga Pocket with a slightly larger form factor, the addition of a tradition D-pad and dual analog sticks instead of the Nintendo Ds style. The controller keeps Moga’s sleek matte and gloss black with the orange accent color scheme. The Hero Power is made of a very sturdy plastic, has all the buttons needed to play current gen games, they feel well made and very responsive. Unlike the Moga Pocket, it has a rechargeable internal Lithium-Ion Battery which is charged via a micro USB cable and a battery life of 18 hours. Read Full Review…

Moga Pro PowerMoga Pro Power

With the Moga Pro Power, it just keeps getting better, with its larger scale and a step closer to being a full-size gaming controller. The Moga Pro power has everything the Hero Power has to offer but is a scaled up version, the controller has a larger d-pad, full-size analog sticks with a concave shape to conform to your thumbs and larger pill shaped actions buttons. The controller’s extended handle on the right and left allow for better grip. The Moga Pro Power take about four to five hours to charge and can last up to about 24 hours if Moga boost is turned off. Moga boost technology allows for charging your phone during gameplay and can add about 50% battery life to your device which is 10% higher than the Moga Hero Power. Read Full Review…

Moga Pro Wireless ControllerMoga Pro

Looking for a full-size Bluetooth wireless gaming controller? Moga introduced the Moga pro which is the most expensive controller on here and in my opinion doesn’t feel as well made as the Moga Pro Power. The Pro is made of a hard plastic but feels really lightweight which could be a good or bad thing and isn’t as striking as the Pro Power or Hero Power in the design department. However, it does feel the most natural in your hands and does have the best grip amongst the four controllers. It has all the controls for console-style gaming such as two analog sticks, d-pad, four action buttons, start, select, R1, L1, R2, and L2. The controller will make a perfect fit for Android Tv gaming and because of the included tablet stand it will make a perfect controller for your Android Tablet. Read Full Review…

Final Thoughts

The Moga Power A wireless Bluetooth controllers offer a variety of options for every occasion and for all types of gaming personalities.  The Moga Pocket is perfect for those gamers looking for something that fits in perfectly in your pocket along with your cell phone but still offers a great functional gaming experience. For mobile gamers looking for more console tradition controllers including proper analog sticks then Moga Hero Power, Moga Pro Power and the Moga Pro offers you just that.

All the Moga controllers except the Moga pocket offer an internalLithium-Ionn battery which is a little let down for the pocket since you will have to replace Two AAA batteries from time to time instead of being able to charge the controller via a USB wire. The Bluetooth connectivity process was extremely easy and the only controller out of the four that gave me issues was the Moga Pocket.

The Moga line has a very striking design with the black and orange color scheme. All the Moga controllers are affordable but I felt the Moga Pro was a little pricey and in my opinion, I didn’t feel like the build quality met the price point. Overall all four Moga controller offer a great gaming experience and felt like pretty solid controllers compared to other similar controllers on the market.

Don’t forget to check out the full reviews of each controller, look forward to the Top Five Gaming Laptops and Gamesir controller reviews which are both coming soon to Also check out the We Deem Channel for other Reviews just like these.

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Oooh I have never seen the Moga controllers, so this is something awesome to look into.

I love the idea of portability, as finding the time/space to game can be difficult at times, so this may be the perfect solution!! Going to spend alittle time looking into these later, thank you!!

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

No problem, the Moga Power A line are great choices when looking at mobile gaming bluetooth controllers. Don’t forget to bookmark because I am currently working on the full reviews of all four controllers and should be up soon.

Jennifer B

Thanks for a great post! Mobile gaming has definitely grown in popularity, especially since it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t have a cell phone nowadays. The biggest problem with any gaming controller, whether for mobile devices or consoles is how comfortably it fits in your hand. My husband doesn’t use the generic ones for his Xbox for this specific reason. Your post offers some great options for every budget and gaming preference. Great work!

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Comfort is definitely important and while using all four of the mobile controllers on this including the pocket I felt they were very comfortable after extended gaming use.

Thank you for opinion, it is always valued here at


The Moga Pocket looks pretty cool and light. I don’t like controllers that are too heavy so I think I will go for this one. I am going to get this soon for my soccer game!

Does this have more than one color or just black itself?

Can it function without batteries?

So which one do you prefer the most?

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

The Moga Pocket is light weight and portable! The only downfall is it can only be powered with triple A batteries and there is no usb… If you like light weight and not two heavy I would go with the Moga Hero Power, it is light weight, has a traditional d-pad, doesn’t require any special software to functional with your Android games and emulators. Other two controllers are pretty good but the Moga Hero Power is still small enough to fit in your pocket.


This looks like a cool gaming controller. I have had a few controllers and still prefer the feel of my PlayStation one. These look pretty similar from what I can see from the pictures you have. And look way better than a phone or keyboard.

Which of the 4 would you recommend for PC gaming?

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

The Moga bluetooth controllers all have their strong point, but If I had to recommend one of the four it would be the Moga Pro Power! The Moga Pro Power has a solid design and construction. It feels like a full size controller, it comfortable and has all the controls needed to play modern games.The Moga Pro Power will transition well between phone, tablet and android tv. Overall the Pro Power gives you that best bang for your buck!

One other recommendation I would suggest is to stay away from the Moga Pocket, even though I was able to get it to work, it is an absolute chore to get the controller connected every time it is power down and you will be heavy frustrated by the time you get to game!


I havent seen this type of controller before and it looks great and the features sound great. However, this sounded like a great product until I read that you cannot power it by USB. This is rather annoying as I never have spare batteries lying around and would never end up using it

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Yea Unfortunately the Moga Pocket can only be powered by two AAA batteries but the other controllers in the list are powered by a Lithium Ion battery and charge via USB. I won’t suggest the Moga Pocket anyway, it is almost impossible to get connected… I got the controller connect once with a third party app and since then I haven’t been able to reconnected! I highly suggest the Moga Pro Power


Hi! I see there is many options when it comes to Bluetooth mobile controllers….

It’s hard to choose so I might just ask you straight on…

I just bought a Samsung Galaxy S8 (I’m so happy) and I love to Game on it.

I’m looking for a controller, which one will you recommend I buy? and Can you point me where Can I get it?


Salvatore Jenkins Jr

First I like to say sorry for the long delay…

If I had to recommend one from the four Moga controllers above it would be the Moga Hero Power because it has all the modern controls you would need from a controller to play modern games on Android and it is still pretty portable. 

However if you are not too concern with portability and have some room for a full size controller on your travels I would suggest the GameSir g4. The GameSir G4 has a really striking design, has all the modern controls need to play current gen games and is very versatile. If you are looking for a gaming controller that you can game on your Android, your PC and even your PS3 or PS4 then I suggest the GameSir G4.

There will be a review on several GameSir gaming controller real soon so do consider bookmarking and joining my google plus or subscribing to the We Deem Channel for updates!

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