Finally The Analogue Mega Sg!

I  know I’m late to the game, I’m always late to the game and I in my heart knew this was coming. For a while now I have been tweeting @Analogue wishing and hoping for a Sega Genesis. There were a couple of videos I pleaded for a Sega Genesis from Analogue in my videos on the We Deem Channel. Well I woke up today and I was surprised by Mad Little Pixel on Youtube with a message that read:

There we go… those Sega controller from 8Bitdo were announced for a reason! announces the Mega SG… FPGA Sega Genesis/Megadrive with tons of compatibility! You can use your Sega CD with it as well! Amazeballs~

It is finally a reality Analogue has brought us a new Mega Drive console or for those of us in North American we are getting a new Sega Genesis and I am left feeling like dreams do come true. Analogue is calling it the Mega SG… Let’s discuss who Analogue is and find out if the Mega SG will live up to the legend that is the Mega Drive.

Who is Analogue?


analogue's logo

Analogue is a company that makes new versions of our beloved retro consoles but they do things a little different from other companies that design clone consoles of our favorite retro game console and how you might ask? Analogue designs replica consoles with FPGA technology, their consoles are the closest emulation to the original console from our childhood and they play retro games directly from the cartridge vs clone consoles that dop the rom from the cartridge to play the game.

FPGA is Field Programmable Gate Array. It is a type of device that is widely usedin electronic circuits. FPGAs are semiconductor devices which contain programmable logic blocks and interconnection circuits. It can be programmed or reprogrammed to the required functionality after manufacturing.

Analogue started their mission to reimage our beloved retro gaming consoles with the Analogue Nt which was a new Nintendo NES and unfortunately, I didn’t own nor did most people because it was $500 on release. Analogue decided to continue their journey because of the success of the Analogue Nt and brought us the Analogue Super Nt. The Super Nt was a new Super Nintendo which is one of Nintendo’s best systems in my opinion and at this point, Analogue found a way to bring their price down to a more affordable $190. Now they are bringing the retro gaming community the Mega Sg which has answered my prays and brought me a type of joy I haven’t felt since I got my Sega Genesis on Christmas day.

What is the Mega SG?

Mega SG Console

If you haven’t gathered by now the Analogue Mega SG is a new Mega Drive / Sega Genesis and it is freaking awesome. I must be excited I never use the word awesome and I can even go as far as saying the word is like nails on a chalkboard to me! Either way, the Analogue Mega SG plays all your Mega Drive, Sega Genesis, and Master System games. The Mega SG even connects to the Mega CD / Sega CD, that you Analogue this definitely sweetens the pot and gives the rest of us a reason to hunt down a Mega CD! The Analogue Mega SG comes in four different colors, US, EU, JPN, and a special edition white. Let’s go over the features, colors, and Price in more detail in the video below:

Finally Expression Of Excitement!

Mega Sg ColorsJust in case you haven’t realized I am extremely excited to hear about the Analogue Mega SG and can’t wait to get my hands on one of these amazing redesigned Mega Drives. I have already ordered the white version of it and now will sit at home wait day in and day out for its arrival. The Analogue Mega SG is definitely going to be a great addition to my collection and the retro gaming community. The Mega SG is more then I hope for, it plays Mega Drive games, it plays Sega Genesis games but it also plays Master System games and also Sega CD games which is not something I had even imagine from an Analogue Mega Drive console. Analogue also made a good move and teamed up with 8bitdo again to design an amazing looking six buttons mega drive controller and I have no doubt the 8bitdo M30 controller will function flawlessly. Now the question is will I be able to keep my sanity while waiting for the Analogue Mega Drive to arrive at my doorstep?

Share a love for Retro Gaming? Please share your thoughts on the new Mega SG below, check us out on InstaGram, Twitter and Tumblr @wedeemchannel and did you here the PlayStation Classic Brought the N64 classic out of hiding?

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ah man, this looks super interesting. I’m not a big gamer, but this seems like it is a fun one to get your hands on. In fact, I used to have a roommate, who breaths, eats and sleeps on games. So, I’m sure this is a haven for him. Will recommend and give you his feedback! Thanks!

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Anyone who loves retro gaming is going to be excited to hear about the Mega SG, especially if your are a huge Sega Genesis / Mega Drive fan! It will start to get harder and harder to find a Old working CRT TV in the future and having a system that plays retro games such as Sega Genesis on your HDTV is going to be valuable part of a retro gamer’s collection. I’m sure your friend will enjoy the news and I will be excite to hear his opinion!

Stratos K

How many memories this brought back to me. It’s good to see old consoles revived in one way or another but even 190 dollars for a console that lived 30 years ago is a bit too much for my taste. I get how this will find success among retro collectors and fanatics but I don’t see this becoming any more mainstream than this. But for those interested, or better say crazy about this, they will be definitely thrilled.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I agree the price is a little rich and I would have rather not spend that much but in the end for me it will all be worth it. Being able to play my favorite retro genesis games in HD and having hardware emulation instead of software bring near perfect gameplay to the original genesis is what made me pry the money from my wallet.

I guess it all depends on how much use you will get out of it… I think this is going to be more popular with the retro collecting and gaming community then the gaming market as a whole!


we sure love retro game, I hate when i need to download emulator to play those game .It doesn’t feel the same way i play with those big box tv with the console slacking on couch years back.I wish i could still able to find time and gather my long lost friend and play again.Just like old times.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I know the feeling, it does get hard to find time to play videos games and relive your childhood. Being an adult sometimes takes all the fun out of life!

I started this website and the We Deem Channel to try getting back into gaming and relive some of my favorite childhood memories which was gaming on my Sega Genesis or NES.

If you want to relive some of those gaming memories,  suggest checking out the channel, check We Deem on Tumblr and also @wedeemchannel on Instagram!

The Mega SG will definitely be featured on the channel as soon as it lands on my doorstep!


HI, I’m not a gamer or a techy by any means but i did learn a few things by reading this. Firstly the difference between a cloned version and a replica and secondly your’e very excited about it! Love your enthusiasm and the way you are so invested in your topic.


Well i must say that although I am not a gamer i learned two things from reading your post. firstly the difference between a cloned console and a replica. Secondly you are really excited about it. love your enthusiasm  and your energy, great technical information and creative content demonstrating that you have researched your products.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Not a gamer, that’s a shame! 

There has to be some type of gaming you engage in, mobile, board, something?

Either way I am exciting… Modding an original Sega Genesis to HDMI output to your HDTV is expensive and not easy to do yourself. There are plenty of clone consoles out there but they have issues with sound or frame rate. With the Mega SG it emulated the hardware vs emulating the software in most clone consoles which gives you a near perfect experience!

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