I don’t know about you but I grew up in a time that we now call retro, a time when video games were much simpler and a time when video games were a true new adventure. To this day I still enjoy playing 8 bit games even the ones I have beat and for me they never get old. 8 bit games bring me back to a time of pure enjoyment and give me a much needed feel of Nostalgia!

We all have grown to love the old hardware but as retro gaming continues to become popular and moved to other platforms other then the retro gaming consoles we have found a need for new hardware. One company who is answering the call and designing Nostalgic retro Nintendo controller as well as modern gaming controllers is 8Bitdo.

8Bitdo LogoWho is 8Bitdo

8Bitdo is a company that designs and manufactures the highest quality retro Nintendo style Bluetooth controllers. The company launched on July 15,2013 in Hong Kong China and is a leader in the current market. There isn’t much more information on the company I could find on the internet or the companies website and I personally would love to learn more but I guess I will have to wait till some surfaces. For now I will just have to be satisfied with their amazing controllers such as the NES30 Pro,NES30,SNES30,Zero,N64 controllers and much much more. The company also manufactures accessories such as the Retro Receiver NES and SNES which allow you to use 8Bitdo controllers on retro Nintendo consoles. Let’s take a look at what 8Bitdo has to offer!

8Bitdo NES30 wireless controller


The 8Bitdo NES30 controller is designed to look just like the original Nintendo controller with modern controls and bluetooth technology. The original controller has the d-pad, start, select, A and B buttons. 8Bitdo tried to follow the original design but added two extra action button, left and right bumper buttons. The controller is compatible with several different platforms and even comes in a FC30 model which resembles the original Famicon controller. LEARN MORE…

8Bitdo Nes 30 Pro Wireless ControllerNES30 Pro

The 8Bitdo Nes30 pro controller has a modern design, while still resembling the original Nintendo controller but it has a more rounded design and led lights around the left and right sides of the controller. The Nes30 pro has the same button layout as the NES30 but with the addition of two clickable analog sticks, side mounted L1,l2,R1, and R2 buttons. This controller was not only meant for Mobile game but console style gaming on your PC and MAC. This controller also comes in the FC30 Pro which as the FC30 has a Famicon design for those who favor the Famicon over the NES. LEARN MORE…

8Bitdo SNES 30 Wireless ControllerSNES30

The 8Bitdo Snes30 will make all fans of the Snes feel a sense of Nastalgia due to the 8Bitdo Snes30 looking exactly the same as the original Super Nintendo controller except for there being no wire. The button layout is the same with the L1 and R1. The controller has a d-pad, start, select and four action buttons. The controller is the same color scheme as the original and even comes in a Super Famicon design which I have always likes with the different color action buttons (red,yellow,green & blue). The controller function similar to the original SNES controller and the NES30. Learn More…

8Bitdo Zero Wireless ControllerZERO

For those of us looking for a super portable controller to experience gaming on the go 8bitdo introduced the Zero and it’s a rather small device with a big controller gaming experience. The Zero is compatible with Android 4.0, Windows 7 and Mac Os. It has all the controls needed to play retro and mobile games. The Zero has your standard D-pad, four action buttons, L1,R1, a start, a controller mode button for X-input,D-input and Mac Mode. It’s a blast to play with but for someone with big hands it might awkward to play with and somewhat annoying. Learn More…

N64 8Bitdo Wireless ControllerN64 Controller

When the Nintendo 64 debut I couldn’t wait to get my hand on the console and when it did it was one of the most exciting days in my life. I enjoyed hours and hours of N64 gameplay from Mario 64 to Golden Eye 64. After years when by I sold all the console I own including the Nintedo 64 and I regretted it for a while. There were other options to enjoy the N64 again and indeed I did. I could play Nintendo 64 games on my computer via roms and emulators. However anyone who has tried to play N64 roms in the past knows for awhile there was no options for the original Nintendo 64 controller and this left no option for the old N64 experience until a few years ago when a USB N64 controller was introduced. 8Bitdo introduced the wireless n64 controller which it’s identical in design and button layout. The gaming experience is now what I remember, what I enjoy from my child hood and best of all the center analog stick works as it did from the original N64 controller. Learn More…

8Bitdo Retro ReceiversRetro Receivers

If using these controllers on Android, Mac, & Pc wasn’t enough 8Bitdo makes what they call retro receivers which allow you to enjoy these retro Bluetooth controllers on their original hardware. 8bitdo manufactures a receiver for NES, SNES and the new NES classic which you can’t even purchase anymore without paying over $300. I haven’t tested it but I’m sure they will be compatible with the Retron 5 and that would be pretty Amazing. Unfortunately 8bitdo hasn’t designed a retro receiver for the N64 yet but hopefully that is in the cards and we can enjoy the 8bitdo Nintendo 64 controller with the infamous N64.

Final Thoughts

For those of us who miss the days of old and still live in retro, 8Bitdo is one of a handful of companies making it possible to relive the good old days in present time. Nintendo has been around for a long time and I have always been a big fan of Nintendo products. I as well as others across the world still enjoy playing retro Nintendo games and now we can do so with newly design controllers resembling the old hardware. For the most part the 8bitdo controllers work right out of the box but with some hardware or software such as pc and steam there is a little tweaking involved but when you finally get it working the controllers are a blast. The best this about 8bitdo controllers is they now are compatible and can be used as a Nintendo Switch Controller!

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Shawn F.

I though this was a very awesome article to read. I am definitely a fan of the older gaming consoles and definitely enjoy playing them sometimes over the newer stuff on the market. I will definitely be a returning reader to this awesome site. I will also definitely be telling my friends all about this site. Keep up the good work and keep gaming buddy!


Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Thank you and I’m glad you enjoyed the article. I will definitely keep the articles coming, others opinions have helped me make a educated purchase in the past and I started Reviews By This Guy and the We Deem Channel to do the same!


Holy moly! I had no idea that there were people so nostalgic that have brought up a new line of the good’ ol times! I loved the article, is very informative and it has brought to my attention this cool new toys that I can’t wait to get my hands on.
Thank you

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them as well… For someone like myself who loves retro video games and their consoles having a controller with a retro look but modern technology is amazing!


Great article, I did not know there was a market for the old retro games. I remember getting the old nintendo system when I was in my 20’s, but when my kids got older I got them the Nintendo 64 and we would play for hours. Alot of good memories. I will definitely visit your site again and I can’t wait to tell my sons.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Retro gaming market is huge… Only down fall is it go so popular that the prices have sky rocketed and retro collecting has got quite expensive!


This is an absolutely great article. I didnt even know anything like this existed but now I surely do.

I remember those days of playing Mario bros and Duck hunter. Something like this brings a lot of memories flooding back.

I am going to take a much closer look at this.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

8bitdo’s controllers bring back plenty of great memories from my childhood… Mario and Duck hunt not only bring back great memories they are still creating memories today. 8bitdo is one of few companies who are making it easy for use who enjoy the retro gaming scene to still enjoy these games that bring back the best memories from our childhood even after the original accessories have cease to work.

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