Retro Fighters who was behind the NES Jab Controller, the N64 brawler and even the Gen Brawler which is up for pre-order on their website are now working on something new. Retro Fighters is now bringing us the next-gen Dreamcast controller, a modern designed Sega Dreamcast controller for the Sega Dreamcast Console and it just went live on Kickstarter Today!

But Why a New Dreamcast Controller?

Well if you grew up with a Dreamcast you might remember it was a little bulky, don’t get me wrong I love the design but it just was a little much to hold in the hands and there were plenty of third-party controllers that were just plain weird. Now the original design was ergonomic in my opinion with really deep grooves on the handles for your finger and all controllers within reach to lesson any fatigue or muscle cramp! Let’s not forget the really cool VMU which were memory cards that had a little screen on them and allow you to play mini-games from just the VMU.

Personally, I don’t see any real reason for a new Dreamcast controller other then the fact that a lot of the original accessories are starting to fail and as retro collectors or gamers we need new accessories to continue to enjoy our beloved retro games. Another reason I can see for a New Dreamcast controller is a smaller more ergonomic modern design because the original was pretty bulky and awkward.

The New Retro Fighters New-Gen Dreamcast Controller

Retro Fighters have design really good modern design remakes of past controller designs such as the NES Jab controller, the Brawler 64 and their recent Gen Brawler which you can learn more from the video “Why RetroFighters Gen Brawler over Retro-Bit?” on the We Deem Channel.

Retro Fighters Dreamcast Controller Draft

Retro Fighters wanted to design a controller with a modern design and next gen features as you can see it in the draft to the side.

They wanted to design the Retro Fighters Dreamcast controller to have a more ergonomic design and more comfortable in the hands but I think the original was pretty comfortable!

Added Features

Retro fighter says they added some features to the New-Gen Dreamcast controller such as bumper and trigger buttons but the original Dreamcast controller had trigger. New larger comfortable D-pad and also a turbo button which will definitely come in handy for Shmups. Retro Fighters has also updated the analog stick to something more modern, less sensitive and they claim it’s just right.

Now the feature I am most excited for is the placement of the wire… If you remember the original cord would get in the way because for some reason sega placed it at the bottom of the controller and its now placed at the top on the Retro Fighters controller with a ten feet cord.

The best feature of the controller is VMU compatibility and according to Retro Fighters it didn’t come easy. Retro Fighters could find any existing memory ports in any factories so these had to be constructed from the ground up and took about 18 months to prefect. I am glad they were able to get these feature added to the controller because without this feature the controller would just be pointless and lacking the original Dreamcast signature feature.

Final Thoughts

The Retro Fighters New-Gen Dreamcast controller has a lot of features the original controller didn’t have, its not as bulky and has a more modern design. Retro Fighters has also better the original design with a modern less sensitive analog stick and placed the cord at the top of the controller where it should be. However, with all the said the question “Do We Need a New Dreamcast Controller must still be answered and I think we can all agree the answer must be answer with another question “Why Not?”.

Let me know in the comments down below what you think about a new Dreamcast controller from Retro Fighters? Also for more information don’t forget to check out their Kickstarted and more video gaming content check out the We Deem Channel on Youtube. Thanks for Stopping by don’t forget to check out the new Dragon Sword Game being release for the N64…