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The PlayStation Classic was just announced and went up for pre-order on Amazon September 19, 2018. This came as a surprise to me, I knew nothing about it and don’t remember there being any announcement or hints that we were even getting a PlayStation Classic. Now as of today those pre-orders are sold-out but I’m sure there will be several runs of the console to compete with the Nintendo 64 Classic.

What Do We Know About The PlayStation Classic?

Well to be truthful, nothing! Or very little… At first, I thought someone jump the gun on Amazon or it was a hoax because there is nothing on the first page of Playstation.com but then I did find a small picture of its announcement on the Sony.com page right under the huge picture of the Sony Dog Aibo on Unbox Therapy! Sony’s post of the PlayStation shared a small bit of information, one being it is 45% smaller than the original model, and it’s designed to look like an exact replica of the original console. Sony has announced there will be 20 pre-loaded games on the system and revealed five. The five games that we know of so far are, Final Fantasy VIIJumping FlashRidge Racer Type 4Tekken 3, and Wild Arms.

First Five PlayStation Games Announced

PlayStation Classic First five games announced


PlayStation Classic

Picture from https://blog.us.playstation.com/2018/09/18/introducing-playstation-classic-with-20-pre-loaded-games/?smcid=sony:us:

What Comes Packaged In The Box?

As with most of these classic systems or any plug and play there isn’t much to what’s in the box. The PlayStation classic comes with the console, HDMI cord, a USB cable for powering the device but no wall adapter and two USB controllers so you won’t be able to use your original controllers which I think is a bummer. However, I’m sure a USB to PlayStation adapter should work, who knows something that might be featured on We Test and we will get to the bottom of it!

Come Out, Come Out Where Ever You Are Nintendo?

Now the PlayStation Classic went up for pre-order at a couple of retailers and one of them was Amazon which is all sold-out as of today. However, since it’s announcement we have been hearing more about the Nintendo 64 classic edition, for a while there has just been speculation due to the success of Nintendo’s Nes Classic edition and the Snes Classic edition. Some of the Youtubers I watch, RGT 85, Metal Jesus Rocks and a handful of others have talked about it and made their predictions on what games would be on the N64 classic but we haven’t heard anything official from Nintendo.

Even though, we still haven’t heard anything official there has been talks of Nintendo filing for a trademark application that covers both the controllers and software for the Nintendo 64 console that came out in 1996 when I was just twelve years old. This would be the second trademark Nintendo has filed so far and the first would be a graphic trademark of a symbol resembling the Nintendo 64 controller.

Did Nintendo Come Out From Underneath the Bed Yet?

No, technically the Nintendo Classic Edition is still in hiding, yes Nintendo has filed for a couple of trademarks that are directly related to the Nintendo 64 but they have made no such announcements of the N64 classic edition’s release date or talks of the console going up for pre-order as Sony has done with the PlayStation Classic. What is Nintendo waiting for? Why is it a secret? Sony is calling you out with their announcement of the PlayStation Classic, Crash is taunting you once again just as he did in 1996 but wait just maybe this was done on purpose to raise the hype and bring back the ever-popular console wars!

Nintendo Classic Hiding!

Just think how much we all loved the console wars when we were children and how that had to of helped both sides in selling more consoles. Maybe Nintendo and PlayStation are working together, maybe they enjoy the competition being showcased to the public and maybe it is just as fun to them as it entertaining to us. Crash Vs Mario all over again. Only thing is Crash has infiltrated the competition and ended up on the Nintendo Switch. Who Knows, what do you think? Let me know in the comments down below!

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Riaz Shah

Omg the PlayStation classic is out!

Been waiting for this, it’s all over on the news I’m super stoked! It’s so notalgic, I still have my old one and it’s barely working, I remember I used to play Final Fantasy , that was my first game and after that, I became a gamer and played all the other games.

Can the new PS classic play my old CDs still?

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

O man I wish it could play my original PlayStation games but sadly I don’t think this will be a feature although it would be a nice incentive!


The PlayStation brings back a lot of my childhood memories. I love playing the original Medal of Honor series, crash bandicoot and Road Rash 3D. Token original and mortal Combat is popular during my schooling days. Today we can have this Little cute version of the original PlayStation machine. Maybe I should get one to relive my old memories back again.

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Those are all good games and hopefully they will be on the PlayStation classic. As of now the five games they have revealed are not that impressive but hopefully that list starts to include some real gems!


Wow, talk about memories… I remember when the Nintendo 64 came out! And the Playstation! (shoot, I remember when the first Nintendo came out even! and Atari (now I’m aging myself))  …as well as every subsequent version… It seems like so many years ago… 🙂  boy have times changed… and games have come a long way… I’ll still have a heart for sonic, Mario brothers, Donkey Kong, and Zelda though! Awesome games! 🙂

Salvatore Jenkins Jr

Still to this day Nintendo and Sega bring great joy to my life. It’s the very love that I have for retro gaming that finally pushed me to start the We Deem Channel, where I can express my love for videos games and hear the love that others have for retro gaming! Just yesterday I here the Analogue Mega SG is coming out and man was  extremely excited.

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