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Combaterwing Gaming Mouse Review Head Image


PRICE: $22.49

DIMENSIONS: 5.3 x 4 x 1.8 inches

WEIGHT: 6.4 ounces



The Combaterwing gaming mouse is a extremely appealing mouse, out of the 10 mice I reviewed on My Tiny Point of View this is by far the best design and has that cool factor. The mouse looks like something straight out of a Sci Fi movie and looks as though it would cost far more then the $22.49 price tag. The mouse has a light-weight aluminum chassis and it shows during use. The mouse felt comfortable in the palm of my hand during game play and for gamers who endure long hours of gaming this is very important.

Combatering Wing Gaming Mouse Quality

The mouse has a strong metal frame but is nimble and light weight. During gaming the mouse slid across my mouse pad effortlessly and made moving through the game a sinch. The cable is 5ft which gives more then enough play room and braided for durability.



The Combaterwing has 10 programmable buttons and four DPI settings up to 4800 DPI that you as the user can define using the included software. The DPI buttons let me easy change the DPI settings during game play and the LED lights allows me to associate which DPI setting was currently active.

Combaterwing Gaming Mouse Software

There are 3 mode light effects which are standard, respiration and neon. There are multiple color LEDS to choose from such as blue, green, red and purple. The user can choose to turn off or keep the lights on via an on and off switch.

Combaterwing Gaming Mouse LED colors

The Combaterwing gaming mouse felt stable and fast during game play. The mouse is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, ME, 2000 and later.  The gaming mouse is also compatible with Mac OS X but the buttons can’t be programmed through the software and in my opinion that makes the mouse worthless to mac users unless you have a friend with a computer running one of the windows systems above.


The Combaterwing is an amazing looking mouse and has a well built aluminum chassis. There are a total of ten programmable buttons, several different dpi settings and multiple LEDS light profiles which proves the Combaterwing gaming mouse caters to the gamer.  During game play the mouse is fast and stable which makes for a enjoyable gaming session. If your looking for a gaming mouse that offers a hand full of features for an affordable price check out the Combaterwing!

If you have any questions about Combaterwing gaming mouse feel free to leave a comment on the “TOP TEN AFFORDABLE GAMING MICE” post and don’t forget to CHECK IT OUT OF AMAZON

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