Clambo Power Bank


IM-807 7800mAh Portable High-Capacity External Battery Pack

PRICE: 18.99 – 22.99


COLORS: 4 different


Clambo Power Bank is a light weight and portable solution to deliver power to your mobile devices when an outlet is unavailable. Clambo comes in handy during traveling, work, school and camping thanks to the high capacity lithium rechargeable battery which make charging your devices a synch. The battery is protect from overheating and overcharging by it’s smart integrated circuit. The Clambo comes in four different colors which are Champagne Gold, Electric Pink, Ocean Blue and Space Gray.

Clambo Power BankPink Clambo Power BankGray Clambo Power BankClambo Power Bank


The Clambo Power Bank has a 11200 mAH Samsung Lithium-ion battery which charges my Samsung Note 4 about three and a half times. The device has two usb ports, a 5v / 2.1 A and a 5v / 1A which allow the charging of two devices simultaneously at high speed. There is a large back lit LCD display which shows the charging process and the charge percentage of the power bank.

Clambo Power Bank Charging


Four different connectors are included to adapt the IM-807 to most devices that have a 5V charge input. Rest assured that your IM-807 is covered with our 12-month warranty as well as our topnotch customer service. The four connector included are micro USB, mini USB, IPhone charger and a 5v prong I believe can be used to charge your psp or possible some tablets.

Clambo Power Bank Accessories


The Clambo is constructed of brushed metal with nickel finish which provides optimum protection, the device feels well designed and built of quality material. The device has a rubber finish on the sides to protect the usb ports in the event the device is dropped


The power bank has a 11200 mAH battery, the Samsung Note 4 has a 3220 mAH battery so in theory the Clambo should charge the device about three and a half times. I didn’t get a chance to test whether the power bank would charge my note 4 three times from a dead battery but I have collected some data during charge time and the result where pretty impressive. I connected my phone with 36 percent at 0950 and disconnect the phone from the clambo at 1147 with 74 percent battery life on the note 4 which drained only 19% from the power bank.


The Clambo Power Bank has a large capacity Samsung lithium-ion battery which will charge some devices multiple times, lcd screen to keep track of how much power is left for charging and is built of brushed metal with nickel finish for durability through constant use. The power bank allows for charging two devices at a time with four different connectors and comes in four different colors to choose from. I have been using it for about two months now, it’s keeps my gadgets going where there is no outlets and I high recommend due to it’s low cost but I’m not the only one who feels it is a great product.

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