Bulletstorm Duke of Switch Edition

Most of us have probably played Bulletstorm on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, and the Xbox 360. However, just recently I purchase two handful of games from the Nintendo eShop and one of them was Bulletstorm Duke of Switch Edition.

In the above video I stated I was going to review each game I purchased from the eShop and the first one I got into was Bulletstorm Duke of Switch Edition. So let’s get into it…

I first played Bulletstorm for the Xbox 360 and immediately I was hooked by the mechanics which is far different from most first person shooters of the time. The game was aggressive, a little faster pace, more violent and a stylistic killing mechanics. Overall I remember the game being extremely fun and entertaining.

Bulletstorm Gameplay

Bulletstorm’s main objective is to kill as many enemies as you can in many different ways and using many different methods while trying to take out General Sarrano. Through out the game you are rewarded points for how bad-ass you kill is such as impaling your enemies on the surround sharp structures, Cool kills with the Energy Leash (get to in a little bit) and even shooting enemies in the unmentionables!

Energy Leash used to throw enemy into electrical field!

Those points gained from your styled kills can be used to purchase more ammo, new weapons and upgrades.

Points gained for Headshot and One Hit Kill

General Victor Sarrano

Just wanted to give a micro back story of Victor Sarrano the main antagonist in the game and the general of Dead Echo the elite group of assassins. Sarrano manipulates Grayson Hunt the protagonist’s team to kill innocent people by telling them they were criminals and at the same time tricked the Final Echo team into thinking Grayson’s team betrayed his cause by killing the same innocent people.


Now that we know the plot, the protagonist and the main objective of the game I’d like to briefly go over the weapons within the game:

  • PeaceMaker Carbine – The first weapon you are given in the game, an assault rifle and a pretty decent weapon to get at the start.
  • Boneduster – Four-barreled Shotgun
  • Flail Gun – fires chain-linked grenades which is extremely satifying to fire
  • Bouncer – Shoot Bouncing Cannonballs
  • Energy Leash – saved the best for last… This is an energy whip that grab enemies and brings them closer to you in mid air slow motion. You can then kick or shoot the enemies out of the air or toss them towards a sharp object.

For a more in depth Weapon guide check out Segmentnext.com ‘s “Bulletstorm Weapon Guide

Nintendo Switch Special Edition

Playing through the game again on the Nintendo Switch and I am left a little stump with why they call it the Bulletstorm Duke of Switch Edition. The Switch version has everything from version before including being able to play through the game with Duke Nukem which was on both the Xbox One and PS4 version.

However, I personally haven’t played through the game as Duke Nukem before so it was a new experience for me and you got to emit the name “Duke of Switch Edition” is catchy.

Playing through the game as Duke brings back fowl mouth macho memories from my past PC gaming as a child and it added some vocal commentary entertain through the game. Duke does focus on what is going on around him but obviously the computer does refer to him as the main protagonist Grayson Hunt, which this does through you off and make you feel like he isn’t a real character in the game. Now Duke feels like a skin and his dialogue with other characters comes off as they are having separate conversations.

How does the port run on the Nintendo Switch?

The game runs mostly at a constant 30 frames per second which is totally fine for a handheld and it doesn’t take away from the gameplay. Most of these first person shooters such as Doom,Wolfenstien are being well ported to the Nintendo Switch and Bulletstorm is no different.


For the most part the controls are pretty good, now crouching by clicking the left analog stick instead of this being running which is A was a little weird but I personally got use to this and I am not the only one that found this a little off putting.

Finally Thoughts

Whether you are playing Bulletstorm for the first time or revisiting the game, Bulletstorm Duke of Switch Edition is a great place to experience it and the plus like most Switch games it can be played on the go. The game has pretty good graphics, commentary and cool trick kills. The fact that you can play as Duke Nukem is a selling point and I had a blast listening to his fowl mouth during game-play which left me wanting a new Duke Nukem game. Obviously, something better then Duke Nukem Forever which wasn’t bad in my opinion but it definitely lack something and didn’t feel like a proper Duke game. I look forward to seeing more first person shooters ported to the Nintendo Switch or even an exclusive would be nice.

let me know below how you felt about Bulletstorm Duke of Switch Edition below… Was it worth picking up? Did you think it was a good port? Likes? Dislikes?

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