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BlueFinger Gaming Keyboard Header


PRICE: $26.99

DIMENSIONS: 26 x 24 x 3 inches

WEIGHT: 2 ounces



At first glance the BlueFinger looks amazing with it’s lightning pattern design led lights  and it’s sleek stylish lines which reminds me of the Liger gaming mouse I reviewed. The keyboard is built of abs plastic which means it’s can stand minor gaming abuse and it has a comfortable soft touch. BlueFinger is spill resistant so you don’t have to sweat if you drop your mountain dew and it falls on your new gaming keyboard.

BlueFinger Gaming Keyboard Front


Let’s first talk about the Bluefinger’s amazing LED setup, the keyboard has a lightning storm design and looks likes it ready for a long night of power gaming. It has three different colors, red, blue and purple which can be changed or brightness by a key combination (FN + SL – Change | Fn + UP/DOWN – Brightness).

Bluefinger Gaming Keyboard Leds

The Bluefinger has all your multimedia keys on the top which makes it easy to play through your favorite play list or control the volume with a click of a button and some basic window function keys. There are 105 kets plus the media / fuction buttons and 19 non conflict keys.

Bluefinger Gaming Keyboard Key Layout


The bluefinger gaming keyboard made the “Top Five Affordable Gaming Keyboards” list for a reason, it has a outstanding design with a lightning LED pattern and it’s made of sturdy ABS plastic. The keyboard is packed with all the basic functions a gamer needs and all for an affordable price. If your someone who likes to kill two birds with one stone Bluefinger also provides a gaming keyboard and mouse combination.



  1. RobinRobin

    Is this keyboard compatible with the xbox one?

    • SalSal

      Personally, I never tested the Bluefinger Gaming Keyboard on the Xbox One but Xbox one supports all Bluetooth and USB Keyboards. I know a few years back Xbox One had problems with entering text with a USB Keyboard.

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