Auawak Genius Zeus Gaming Keyboard Header


PRICE: $39.99

DIMENSIONS: 19 x 8.5 x 2.4 inches

WEIGHT: 2.4 ounces



The Auawak Genius Zeus gaming keyboard has a very eye-catching design with sharp curves and lines. The keyboard is very user friendly and the layout makes it simple to quickly access functions such as media player, home page and volume adjustment. The Auawak is spill resistant so there is no need to stress about an accident spill causing damage to your keyboard and clean-up will be easy.
Auawak Genius Zeus Gaming Keyboard Front View

Auawak claims the keyboard is a ergonomic gaming keyboard (slight at best) which is comfortable to grip but like most keyboards I believe designers have completely ignored ergonomic studies and what has been learned about the human body’s comfort zone. There are some really good ergonomic keyboards such as the Keyboardio (as displayed below) and for some of us geeks they are extremely cool looking but for others then might not be very eye pleasing but the design follows ergonomic studies. The housing is made of high strength abs plastic so it can with stand minor falls and bumps. The usb cable

Keyboardio Ergonomic Keyboard


The gaming keyboard has changeable rainbow backlight which I have always though looked amazing and gives that much need cool factor every gamer looks for when first researching gaming keyboards.  The backlight has four different settings, low light, high light, breathing light and off which was nice to have control of. Multimedia shortcut and operation system functions keys give quick access to more commonly used computer functions.

Auawak Genius Zeus Gaming Keyboard Media Buttons

There are 114 keys in total, 26 Anti-Ghosting keys and 6 multimedia buttons. The keys are etched with laser engraving technology which gave them a durable feel and should stand the test of time. During game play the AUAWAK GENIUS ZEUS felt very responsive thanks to the real-time quick response and actions seam to happen almost instantaneously due to the 3.2mm trigger stroke.


The Auawak Genius Zeus gaming keyboard is an affordable option that doesn’t lack features or feels cheap. It has all the features a gamer would want in a gaming keyboard, cool backlights that enhance the gaming experience, multimedia keys and has real-time quick response technology. One downside for me and it isn’t a really big deal was the usb wire isn’t braided. While using the Auawak Genius I felt like I got a keyboard worth far more then the $40 price tag and overall it was a great gaming experience.

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