8Bitdo Snes 30 vs Snes ControllerJust like the Nes 30 controller, the 8bitdo Snes 30 wireless controller looks just like the original Super Nintendo controller from every angle and anyone who enjoyed retro gaming needs this controller in their life. From the button layout to the color scheme this controller brings back fond memories and allowed me to relive my childhood. Retro video gaming is definitely a big part of my life and with the original hardware being over thirty years old it will start to get harder to find them working.


The 8Bitdo Snes 30 has the same rounded design as the original controller with the concave D-pad, 4 action buttons, bumper buttons, the select and start buttons. The Snes 30 comes in two different color scheme which resemble the original North American version of the8Bitdo Snes 30 Different Color Scheme Super Nintendo controller and the European version of the controller with the four different colored action buttons.

Looking for more information on the Snes30 & SFC30 (European style)?

The controller is made of a sturdy plastic and everytime I hold the controller in my hands I feel a sense of nostalgia. The buttons all feel like the original, the action buttons have the same pill shaped design, a similar tactile feel as well as the same rubberize buttons for start and select. The 8BITDO GAMEPAD font on the controller is even similar to the Super Nintendo writing on the original Snes controller which further gives the retro feel we are all looking for in new hardware and I feel that proves how dedicated 8bitdo is to giving you the whole retro experience.


There is not much to say about the specs besides wireless bluetooth technology, micro usb, 480mAh Li-io rechargeable battery which produces about 18 hours of gameplay and 1 to 2 hours of charge time. The 8Bitdo Snes30 controller has four modes which are X-input,D-input, Mac mode and now Nintendo Switch mode just like the Nes30 model from 8bitdo.

I found the buttons on the Snes3o to function exactly like the original and didn’t feel any noticeable lag. The d-pad has the same feel as the original but feel like it had a shorter throw and the actions buttons are slightly more concave making it easy to press.

Compatibility & Game Support

The 8bitdo Snes30 controller makes for a great android Bluetooth controller but it’s compatible with so much more and you will find it is very versatile.  The controller is compatible with android,PC,mac, original Nintendo consoles with the purchase of an 8bitdo Nes or Snes receiver and now it can also be used as a Nintendo Switch controller. Now the only issue I came across was getting it to work with my laptop via Bluetooth or usb but I have had problems getting other Bluetooth controllers to connect to my pc so it might be an issue with the Bluetooth in my PC.

Now you might have noticed in the past that not all bluetooth controllers are compatible with the games you love to play and that can ultimately be a down fall to any controller as well as frustrating to you. The Snes30 functions just like a generic HID controller for android when in default mode and works right out the box just like the Nes30 or any of the other 8bitdo bluetooth controllers, so any game that supports API should work.

I found that the controller was more at home when it came to retro gaming and made for a great retro Nintendo controller. It performed flawless with more retro android emulators due to most emulators have the button mapping function and made for a great retro gaming experience.

8Bitdo Snes 30 What's In The BoxWhat’s In The Box

Contain within the box is well the controller of course but there is also a cool metal key chain, the flat micro usb cord and the manual. So keep in mind if you are planning on using this controller for android gaming you will need to purchase the 8bitdo Xstander which is sold separably and not provided in the box.

Final Thoughts

I am still in love with what 8bitdo is doing here, manufacturing retro gaming controllers that resemble the old beloved console controllers and in my opinion they are doing a amazing job. They are not only collectible but functional as well and with original hardware being over 30 years old it gives the retro gamer an alternative. The 8bitdo Snes30 has a nostalgia design, sturdy construction and is wireless. It works not only on bluetooth enable current devices but it is also compatible with the original hard via the Snes30 Retro Receiver and that is what makes it so versatile.