We all need to feel a little Nostalgia every once and a while. There is no better Nostalgia then reliving the days of 8 bit gaming and the console controllers that brought us on an imaginary adventure of great proportions. There are many of us who still love the retro video game experience on the original hardware with the original controllers but lets face it as time goes on it will get harder to find the original controllers in working condition. But 8Bitdo is making it possible with the NES30 to still experience the retro gaming with the original controller design and some modern tweaks to keep up with the times.

8Bitdo NES30 wireless controllerWhat is the NES30?

What is the NES30 you ask, well it’s a modern bluetooth controller with a retro Nintendo Feel for the PC,MAC, IOS and Android. The NES30 was designed to look like the original Nintendo controller with modern technology and some added features.

Design & Build Quality

8bitdo Nes 30 Action & Shoulder Buttons

When you first see the Nes30 a feeling of complete nostalgia rushes

over you and you remember all the fond child Nintendo memories. The Nes30 looks exactly like the retro Nintendo controller except for the added action buttons and the bumper (shoulder) buttons. The housing is a copy, the art work on the housing is a copy, it has the same d-pad, the select and start buttons are in the same place with the same font above the buttons.

The Nes30 has the same dimensions (122 x 53 x 16mm) as the Nintendo controller we remember from the 80s, the color of the plastic is grey and the color of the buttons as well as the font is the same red featured on the original. Despite the add on of two buttons the controller is now more ergonomic designed by putting the a and b buttons diagonal instead of side by side like the original nes controller.

The shoulder buttons resemble those on the Nintendo DS Lite which are small but still very functional and easy to reach. The  Micro usb port has be placed at the top which is ideal for charging while playing and using the controller via usb on a pc.

Specs & Functions

There is not much to say about the specs besides wireless bluetooth technology, micro usb, 480mAh Li-io rechargeable battery which produces about 18 hours of gameplay and 1 to 2 hours of charge time. The 8Bitdo Nes30 controller has four modes which are X-input,D-input, Mac mode and now Nintendo Switch mode which is Amazing.

During gameplay I fond the Nes3o buttons to be excellent and you can tell 8bitdo was set out to make a controller that matched Nintendo’s timeless design with modern function and I’d say they hit the mark. The d-pad has the same feel as the original but feel like it had a shorter throw and the actions buttons have a slightly more concave making it easy to press.

As I said the shoulder buttons are quite small but functional and responsive. However, unlike other bluetooth gaming controllers on a larger scale they are impractical as far as using for extended periods of time as a gas petal or trigger button.

The Nes30 has a a set of Led lights to determine battery life and pairing modes.

Compatibility & Game Support

The 8bitdo Nes30 controller makes for a great android Bluetooth controller but it compatible with so much more and you will find it is very versatile. The controller is compatible with android,PC,mac, original Nintendo consoles with the purchase of an 8bitdo Nes or Snes receiver and now it can also be used as a Nintendo Switch controller. Now the only issue I came across was getting it to work with my laptop via Bluetooth or usb but I have has problems getting the other Bluetooth controllers to connect to my pc so it might be an issue with the Bluetooth in my PC.

Now you might have noticed in the past that not all bluetooth controllers are compatible with the games you love to play and that can altimately be a down fall to any controller as well as frustrating to you. The Nes30 functions just like a generic HID controller for android when in default mode and works right out the box, so any game that supports API should work. As you may have suspect some games that require more controls such as shooters and other games that require moving while looking were an issue.

I found that the controller was more at home when it came to retro gaming and made for a great retro Nintendo controller. It performed flawless with more retro android emulators due to most emulators have the button mapping function and made for a great retro gaming experience.

8bitdo Nes30 Bluetooth Controller BoxWhat’s In The Box

There are very few items in the box but we are all interested in what comes within the box and what we are getting for the money. Contain in the box is obviously the Nes30 controller, the micro usb charging cable, the manual and a cool metal key chain.

Final Thoughts

It is great to see a company designing and manufacturing Nastolgic hardware that brings me back to a time I remember all to well. Now as time goes by and hardware as well as controllers start to fail the retro gaming world finds themselves look for alternatives. The 8bitdo is definitely a modern replacement to the timeless Nintendo controller and all retro gamers to game on. The Nes30 looks just like the original retro Nintendo controller but has modern controls that are both function and responsive. The Nes3o gets rid of the attachments by going wireless and is compatible with a a variety of operating systems including the original retro Nintendo consoles. Overall the 8bitdo Nes30 is a great replacement to the original Nintendo controller and despite the controller not being function with moderm 3d gaming it still makes for a excellent bluetooth controller. I will end this with one question, Who’s going to use the Nes30 for 3d gaming anyway?